JOE: All right CCT, let’s try this again. How is everybody? I apologize for that a second ago. Let’s see if we can get some viewers on. All right. Okay, so can everybody hear me? No issues, huh? All right. Let me get Bryan on. Now I hate that I messed up that great
introduction because I had a great one. I’m going to do this real
quick, Bryan, bear with me. Since we’re starting this
video completely over. What we’ve got today is
we’ve got two superstars in the space as I put
in the initial post. We have Bryan Doreian and Tom Bradshaw. These guys, better known as “Snappy”
and “Presstab” for you PIVX folks. These guys are just absolute
rockstars in the space and I couldn’t be more excited
about having them on. I’m, as you guys have heard me say,
big on these privacy coins for 2018. And PIVX is one of the up
and coming privacy coins. They’ve been around for some time. I’m gonna get him on and
get the show on the road. I’m sorry about everybody that
had to rejoin, so let’s try it. All right. So I’ve got
him adding on right now. But anyways, I hope everyone’s
having a Hapy New Year. This is the first live
video, well technically the second now since the
first one messed up. But the first live session
of the year for CCT. And so I look to continue these. I’m gonna go into a little bit more
detail after this interview’s over. We’re gonna have both of these
guys come on back to back. First we’ll have Bryan on who’s
one of the Community Developers for PIVX, and then we’ll
have Tom come on afterwards. So you guys will hopefully…
Hold on one second. Hey, try to join me this time, Bryan. I just tried joining you,
it didn’t say it was working. But privacy coins are gonna be big in 2018. There’s a lot of reasons why.
I’m not going to go into too much detail. You can pick your own reasons. Kind of what the backbone of
what crypto’s always been. Okay, so I got you right here. All right. And as crypto has kind of
evolved… I can hear you bro. BRYAN: Can you hear me? JOE: I can hear you. BRYAN: Hooray! JOE: Hey, man.
Welcome to CCT, bro. BRYAN: Awesome!
So Joe I wanted to also say I don’t know if you saw? Congrats to you, congrats to CCT,
you guys just crossed 70,000 in your group. – BOOM! Yes, we did.
– I don’t know if you saw that – that is huge, dude.
– I did. I did. – Congrats.
– I did. JOE: Thank you for bringing
that up, by the way, you’re one of the first
people to acknowledge even just our membership level, let alone
the fact that it is a milestone for us. As we head toward 100,000, which I
can’t even begin to conceptualize at the moment, we’re so happy to
have you guys are members now, man. You guys contributed to that 70,000. BRYAN: Thank you, thank you.
We’re glad to be here. JOE: For sure, man. I want to give a big
shout out to my boy Mike, who connected us. Mike has been somebody that has
been a virtual friend of mine. I consider him a good friend. I look forward to actually
meeting him and the two of y’all in Miami soon, but
Mike this goes out to you, bro. Anyways, so all right, Bryan, tell
us a little bit about yourself, man. What do you do for the PIVX community? BRYAN: Yeah, so I think I’m the… People tell me I’m a
Community Energy Sherpa. It kind of spans from marketing to
community engagement to vision casting. Basically, I mean as you
know in a lot of these projects in a decentralized movement you
wear a lot of hats, right? So a lot of the hats that I tend wear
fall in the realm of spanning from marketing, talking to Devs,
talking to the community. And then just basically becoming
a face for this project. As you mentioned, there was
a rebrand of PIVX, right? So PIVX was DNet or DarkNet
when it was first launched It was talked about in 2015,
actually, in November. And then it was launched
in 2016, in January. And when there was this
whole transition phase and there was a rebrand which
I’m sure we’ll talk about. Everything started exploding. And people were
looking around going, “Well, where do we get information?
Who do we talk to?” And one thing just led to another
and I just kept talking to people and building relationships and
talking and the next thing you know I’m making videos
and flying around the world and talking to people and having interviews
with awesome people like yourself. Yeah, it’s a humbling experience
to kind of in some ways represent a lot of what PIVX is,
but also just represent myself. – So that’s what’s fun about this.
– Absolutely. Absolutely. JOE: Okay, so of course I can go back
and some of my earliest memories of PIVX were February, March-ish when
it was hovering around 8, 9 cents. Next thing you know, it’s a dollar. And one of the CCT co-founders,
his name is Justin Hart. Hopefully, he’s watching. If not, he knew this was coming
and he might be busy with work. But Justin has been a huge PIVX
supporter from the very beginning. And he’s kind of… in my smaller
group he’s been that supporter, and he’s enightened us along the way. But I’m not going to say that I was
always a huge PIVX fan, because I wasn’t even always a huge DASH fan,
and now I’m a big DASH fan. Bill Kline, who’s one of my
mentors, he’s a big DASH guy. I don’t know if you know who his is or
not, but he’s an absolute superstar. One of my heroes. But PIVX kind of they are a, did I say this
correctly, a code fork, correct, of DASH? – Yep. Yep. Yeah, so…
– Tell us a little bit about that and that correlation. BRYAN: Yeah, and so I’m sure that
Presstab, who you’ll have on later, will be great to talk more
about the tech guts of it. I mean, so in this crypto
realm, Bitcoin being sort of the nexus point
of cryptocurrencies. And then you look at all the forks and the
tentacles that come out from there, and you have forks of
Bitcoin and copies of Bitcoin, you have forks of DASH
and Litecoin, etc., etc. So right, from a codebase, right, so if
you go back in our GitHub repo which is… I would encourage anybody
in crypto to get used to going into GitHub
repos and looking. So this is a little bit of a tangent,
but let’s go on it, right? JOE: Absolutely. Do it. BRYAN: When you look in
the GitHub you can see activity. So you can see what developers
are actually doing, whether a coin’s being worked
on or not, and to what degree. So that’s just a little throw out. So when you look into the GitHub repo
of PIVX, you’ll see there is Bitcoin Core, right, and that’s actually…
one of the developers, and Press can talk to that, we’re working on updating
it to the latest core of Bitcoin which comes with a lot of special
goodies, etc., which they can talk about. And then DASH. So what DASH did was some
really cool technological advantages and upgrades like
Masternodes, treasuries, etc. Again, so we can
talk about that later, right? So that was sort of the beginning
building blocks, right? Innovation is innovation,
so you build you build you build. A patent goes out and
then you iterate on that. So in cryptos you have Bitcoin, DASH,
and then the developers said, “Okay, we’ve got these foundational
building blocks, what are we going to build on top? And how
do we make this better and how do we innovate and
push privacy and usibility?” Which I think PIVX has done extremely well. JOE: Absolutely.
And I’ve gotta agree with that. And I’ll say just from my
perspective and one of the reasons why that PIVX is one of
my 2018 Pick-and-Holds. And I gotta be really
careful with my role and my leadership and my responsibility
to this community. I’m not saying,
“Hey, everbody. Go buy PIVX.” That’s not what I’m saying. What I want to
reiterate, though, is that this coming up year is going to
be a defining year for crypto. We kind of saw the excitement
in 2017, but 2018 is really gonna be what puts crypto on
the map to the mass media. And so we’re gonna see
a lot of brand new people. A lot of people that have no
idea what cryptocurrencies, or why they started or what
they’re intention was. All they’re seeing is money.
The potential money. And I hate to bring this part up,
and I know you probably don’t wanna hear about this, but the
fact that PIVX is so cheap right now compared to what it
probably will be in the next 12 to 18 months is gonna be
really sexy to a lot of investors. And again, not really to
get into that aspect of it, but that along with the actual
product that you guys have laid on the ground for the people who are
and the users and the believers of this project, I believe that’s
really gonna make PIVX explode. There’s no reason why this
isn’t gonna hit triple figures in US Dollar value
over the long term. Now that’s not today, folks. Don’t run out and buy that,
that’s not what I’m saying. But for me as someone who wants to lead
my community into an area that is safer and more precise on what they’re doing,
PIVX kind of checks all those boxes. I know there’s some developments
coming up, and I know Presstab Tom is gonna handle a lot of
those, but go ahead and go into a little bit what
you guys have coming up, especially on the marketing angle and
maybe the approach you’re taking. BRYAN: Yeah, so I think
if you are first to PIVX, if this is the first time you’ve
heard about it of course welcome. There’s a lot of information out there. Of course go to the website,
go to our YouTube channels. There’s a lot of, whether
it’s instructional videos, education videos, updates, etc.,
there is a lot about PIVX. And thanks very much for
what you just said about PIVX. There’s so many different angles,
right, so one of the things, I think, for me from a big vision…
There was a couple threads that got thrown around on Twitter,
people were saying, “Hey, PIVX kind of feels like Apple,
just with much better technology.” -So nothing against Apple,
-That’s a good -perspective, yeah.
-I’m not bashing Apple. BRYAN: And what they were going
at is it’s a brand, it’s a feel, it’s something where you
begin to trust it, right? That takes time. And so this is a big, big shout
out to the entire PIVX community. To the developers,
to the marketing, etc., to have a vision of…
When you wanna build something for the long term,
when you want to build trust when you want to establish a reputation
as something that is trustworthy, that takes time. It’s easy to, as you said,
“It’s easy to fluff.” And I love what you just said about,
“Hey, I don’t wanna push and say, ‘Go buy, go buy, go buy.'” Why? Because that’s not
what we’re about at a core. And that’s the same thing with PIVX is
it’s built on something deeper-rooted about and, quite frankly, one of the
things that your group says, “Community.” So at the end of the day it’s about people. All this tech, it is just…
For me and I say this, it is just a code representation
of your core values. At the end of the day,
it’s us. It’s the people. So from our… yeah, go ahead. JOE: No, I was gonna say
what you just said to me about like how this community
right here is come together and it’s not always
rainbows and butterflies, there’s plenty of people
who cause issues, but just like in any community. Nevertheless, that right
there speaks to me so much and I can relate what the
PIVX community’s doing and that grassroots effort,
that’s how CCT started. And you guys are older than us, of course,
and your community’s probably bigger. I mean I don’t know if it’s 70,000,
but it’s kind of a focus point there. But I love the way
your community has always been grassroots,
and it’s never gotten too big. It’s not big-headed like some
of these other projects. I mean go find the
Ethereum developers and see how easy it is
to get a hold of them. I just don’t see the way that you guys do
business ever gonna be too big for somebody. And that’s what I absolutely love
about what you guys have been doing. Especially you.
That’s kind of your job. BRYAN: Thank you.
Well, and then the other thing what’s really nice about this
is that’s the core of what matters at the end of the day. What matters most is people, it’s
the relationships, it’s integrity, it’s taking the high road,
it’s solid development, etc. What’s also really incredible about
PIVX is the build-in governance, right? So this gets a little back to the tech
start is, hey, should the community ever feel things are going off kilter,
they can vote it to come back. Or should they feel we should go in
this direction, that vote can occur. And that is a community consensus vision. So back to your initial point, about what’s coming up for PIVX, so obviously
we’ll see you at BTC Miami, right? So 18th, 19th? Again, anybody who’s down
there come hang out. Let’s meet face to face. – It’s awesome.
– Absolutely. BRYAN: Grab a beer,
glass of wine, whatever. We’ve got a couple other
conferences we’ll be in. I think it’s Chainges in May we’ll be. The Blockchain in Philippines is coming
up in March we got invited to… JOE: Oh, wow. Cool. So there’s… BRYAN: Yeah, so it’s a lot of
really cool global travel that’ll be coming up, so that’s really
awesome from an event standpoint. – There’s some cool…
– Well, you know like I said JOE: at the very beginning, it’s cool that like
Mike reached out to me to get us together. Next thing you know he tells
me he’s going to Miami, and the same day I mean I figure
out I’m going to Miami, essentially. And now I find out you guys are going to
Miami which is going to be cool, man. Are y’all gonna have a booth setup? Yeah. Yep, so we will. We will have a booth set up. I don’t know the details yet. We’ll get those. But we’ll be presenting. We actually got asked and
invited to come down. – So it’s an honor. It’s a real honor.
– Awesome, man. That’s awesome. JOE: I look forward to kind of maybe
just messing with you guys a little bit. But just having the opportunity to shoot
the shit with y’all have a good time. All right. So tell me this: All right, so you go by “SnappySnap”, – all right?
– Yeah. JOE: How did that happen? BRYAN: My wife is gonna laugh her
proverbial ass off with this one. So back in the OG crypto days. So for people who remember
Crypsie, BTC, Mimi. Way, way, way back when,
which is what four, five years ago? – Six years?
– I know. BRYAN: Back then it was real steampunk. The ubernerds, which I don’t even
know how I found my way in. That’s a long story.
We’ll talk about it over beers. JOE: (laughing). I’m not the uber tech nerd dude. – I mean I play around. Exactly.
– Me neither. – We get along, bro. We get along.
– So… yeah. BRYAN: (laughing). So everybody has handles, right? Everybody had all these
handes and cool ones. And I don’t even know where it came from. I think somebody said,
“Wow. Like you’re real fast. You’re really snappy about things.” And so I was like,
“Huh. All right. I guess my nickname will be SnappySnap.” – So thus it became that…
– The places that could go. BRYAN: Yep (laughter). – So we’ll leave it at that.
– You go. And then that was me throughout
the cryptosphere, right? So when I was in the cryptosphere
people knew me as SnappySnap. So it kind of stuck all the way through. – So I’ll take it.
– Well, I mean I… JOE: My name’s just Joe. And I was just saying this on the
first live video that we did that kind of got messed up, which I
apologize for by the way, Bryan. I don’t know why I couldn’t hear you. – That’s why beforehand we practice.
– It’s all good. JOE: And I guess my Bluetooth, for some
reason my Bluetooth wasn’t working right and I was like, “Hmm-mm.
Let me try this again.” So anyways. But anyways, my name’s just Joe and
I don’t have any cool nicknames. I’ve had several people call me Crypto Joe. That’s just too basic and I don’t know. So I’m just going to stick with
Joe until something else happens. All right, so what else you got, man? Let’s talk before I have
to bring Tom on here. BRYAN: Yeah, so I mean
this sort of goes back to the vision of PIVX
from a whole ethos this talks about like the human component is one of the metaphors
that we use a lot of time. And I think you guys do it as well. You don’t use these specific phrases,
but within your community. So we talk about a table. So when you come over, when you’re invited
to somebody’s house for the first time or it’s a family gathering there’s a table. Everyone congregates there,
has food, talks, etc. So one of the easy ways
or ways we came up with as a feeling is you love to
be invited in for a meal. Like I’m looking forward to
sharing a beer with you. – We’re looking forward to that.
– Yeah, man. Exactly right. Yep. If the first time I meet you and I never knew you
and I come in and I kick the table over and throw
the beer in your face… “Trolls.” – Right?
– Trolls. JOE: You listening up, CCT? Listen. BRYAN: Yep. So then when you get
that feeling it’s easy to identify. Dude, you don’t do that at a dinner table. I’m inviting you into my house. You don’t just come in here
and kick the table over. Let’s sit down, have a beer, chat about it. We can get heated it’s okay. – But done that way.
– Absolutely. Yep. BRYAN: And so what happened is
from early on we created the sense and I say we. Proverbially, I think
it’s the collective “us” wanting something better,
wanting something different. To say we want to identify as people. Because what happened,
what we’re seeing in crypto is people are getting sucked into
“How much profit can I make?” There’s nothing wrong with that
except it tends to pull you out of you and into just a macine focused on profits,
profits, profits, profits, profits. Not, “Hey, is this actually
good for the world?” Is it good for me? Is it good for my community? What matters most? And then you lose that humanity component. So that got ingrained in the beginning, and I think that’s where people in
the beginning with PIVX were going “Wow. This is a crazy pump.” And then the price of course it tapers off. – And it’s held.
– It’ll retrace a bit. Yep. BRYAN: Yeah, and so people immediately went
“Oh, it’s the next pump and dump. “It’s over. It’s done,” etc. And the community,
we’re all sitting here going “Oh, no. We’re just warming up.” – Like if the Devs…
– That’s right. Absolutely. BRYAN: You’re gonna talk to Presstab. The development’s incredible, the Roadmap’s incredible for 2018.
The community’s incredible. So again I’m very honored. And it’s a shout out to and a thankfulness
to those who are PIVians around the world. – I mean there’s people in South Africa
– PIVians. BRYAN: There’s people in Cancun. Cancun’s turning purple. In Anarchapulco I mean we’re gonna go
over to Cancun and just hang out because I think there’s like seven restaurants
now and a hotel that use PIVX. – So it’s grassroots, right?
– That is amazing. JOE: Dude. Exactly.
Grassroots. That’s right. BRYAN: It’s people. JOE: And well, look and just since
me and Mike started becoming friends he taught me this hashtag term,
analogy, acronym, excuse me, JFDI. – Yep (laughter). Yep.
– So y’all may already know it. JOE: And it just spoke to me,
man, like that’s who I am. I don’t have time to sit around. And for those wondering it means
just do something, all right? Just go do the job. That’s what JFDI stands for.
You can fill in the blanks. Nevertheless, but it just spoke to me and
the way he said things it’s just who I am. So if I’ve got an idea I’m
ready to do it right then. It’s not like I need to wait. I’m prepared just because
I know me, all right? – And that’s PIVX.
– So anyway. Yeah. – And that’s…
– Exactly. BRYAN: Well I’ll say that that’s people. And that’s the thing is whether your
in PIVX or not that’s not the point. The point is what PIVX is
doing for a lot of people in the communities, in crypto,
etc., is empowerment, right? So whether it’s CCT you’re
empowering people with information to then go out
and make informed trades, to get involved in projects,
to get part of a community. It’s the same thing in
PIVX, just we’re using actual cryptocurrency and a
token in building a community. Why? Because the JFDI is
look people come into the community and go,
“Well, how can I help?” And we turn to look at them and and say, “What do you like to do?” JOE: Yeah. BRYAN: And then a lot of people go,
“Well, what do you mean? Aren’t you going to tell me what to do?”
And we go, “No. Go do it. JFDI. Whatever you love, go.” – Handle it, bro.
– So all of a sudden you see BRYAN: you see people go, “What?”
Like, “I can just do this?” Print stuff and go around?
Yeah, exactly. You can go do it. (applause) JOE: Look you just got me so fired
up I’m ready to like stand up, maybe lift some weights,
run around the block – Let’s go.
– I’m excited right now. JOE: Because that’s how I see CCT, people. And I think the people at CCT
were late to that grassroots effort. And I’m telling y’all I didn’t
bring on PIVX for no reason. They’re not one of my Top
2018 Coins for no reason. This mentality is the reason why. And so look Bryan I’m gonna go
ahead and get Tom on, but man I… We’re gonna do this again.
This won’t be the last time we have you on. I can’t wait to see you in Miami. We’ll talk after this as
well, one way or the next. But bro, I mean, thanks for your time, man. – It’s just been…
– Thank you. Thank you. JOE: It’s just been stellar. Absolutely. And look again, Mike, shout out to you.
I’ll give you another one, but… Hey Bryan, we’ll talk soon, man, and again,
dude, just from the bottom of CCT’s heart hey, everybody watching right now give
him some thumbs up and some hearts, man. – Whoo!
– Show him some love. BRYAN: Thank you guys. JOE: You know what? Look, just…
We’re gonna see you soon, man, all right? BRYAN: Awesome. – Bye, guys. Love you.
– Bye my brother. Bye. JOE: All right, Tom, are you ready? All right, here comes Part II, people. So we just had the pleasure of having
Bryan on. I’m about to bring on Tom. Okay, so what Bryan is, is one
of the Community Developers. Thank you everybody for the likes.
That’s for you, Bryan if you’re watching. We’re going to go ahead and put Tom on now. Here we go, Presstab. His name is literally
Presstab on Facebook, people. – Hey, how’s it going?
– There he is. JOE: What’s up, Tom?
How’s it going, man? TOM: It’s going pretty good. Thanks
for having me on. Happy New Year. Absolutely, dude. Same to you. We’re grateful here on CCT to have…
Hey, look. This is the first two-part live session we’ve ever done like this. So to have one of the community developer’s
side and now we get the tech side. So a lot of people who
understand the tech, not me, so I’m gonna talk to you like
a noob as I told you already. But it’s a pleasure for
us to have you guys. TOM: Yeah, thanks for having us. JOE: For sure. All right. So let’s go ahead
and start off with this: Tell the people at CCT what you
do and who you are within PIVX. And don’t say ‘just’ this time. TOM: (laughter). So I am a Core Developer for PIVX. I go by the handle you guys were talking
about the really cool handles that people go
by, mine is “Presstab.” So that’s who I go by online. I’m one of the Core Developers. I mostly focus on sort of the
very detailed blockchain code and the Zerocoin code
that we’ve done for PIVX. And a lot of the Proof of Stake code. So that’s what I focus on. And work with the other Core Developers. That’s what I like to do, I like to code.
I like to leave the rest of the marketing and everything to the team at PIVX. – And, yeah. That’s pretty much it.
– Hey, absolutely. Absolutely. JOE: Okay. You’re going to have
to explain “Presstab” a little bit later down the line today, but…
Just so go ahead and prepare for that. If you have to make up a story on the
fly that’s cool, too, but nevertheless. All right, so let’s go ahead
and start from the beginnings. And we kind of hit this with Bryan a little
bit, but as a code fork of DASH, which is a fork of Bitcoin, but moving into what you guys
were which was DarkNet, correct? I believe that’s what he said? And that birthday of that
rebrand is of today. Just take us through the development side. And what maybe inspired
the fork intitially. And then even to the point where why you
guys rebranded and the updates from there. And all the way to Zerocoin,
or zero update, excuse me. TOM: So I actually was not
part of the launch of the coin. I was sort of was doing work as a
freelance blockchain developer. And so I wasn’t part of the
decision to fork it from DASH. Or I didn’t even know that DarkNet
was a thing when it launched. S3v3nh4cks, sort of one
of the founders, came to me to help convert that DASH
code after they’d launched from Proof of Work, using all
of the mining equipment and the energy and electricity into
a Proof of Stake only coin. And he said, “This is going to be hard.
Nobody’s done this.” And I looked at the code
base and it was hard but I was able to convert
it to Proof of Stake. It took some work, but we got it done. And that’s what sort of got me
started with DarkNet at the time. And then I sort of stuck around
since then and saw the rebrand. And saw the community
really get on board with it. And once the community and a bigger team
started forming around PIVX was when I saw that it was really unique compared to a
lot of the other coins I had worked on. I mean I had never seen anything like it. I’ve worked on a lot of
coins and usually just say, “Yeah, just pay me my fee and I’ll do the
code for you, and then I’ll get out of here.” But I saw there was something very
unique about PIVX and stuck around. We were able to pick up quite a few
more very smart develpers on the team. And from there we’ve
worked on quite a few things including multi-signature transctions,
and privacy that’s based on Zerocoin. Right now I’m being able to stake Zerocoins,
which is going to be really cool. So that’s sort of how I joined on the
team and how I got to where I am now. It’s a great position to be in
and it’s an awesome community. JOE: Cool, man. Well, again, we were talking with Bryan,
I’m sure you got to watch a lot of it. He fired me up. I got real excited by it
especially towards the end. Nevertheless, the community
itself is special with PIVX. It reminds me a lot of our
own community here in CCT. Very grassroots as we spoke about. But what also I found out about PIVX,
and this is really what intrigued me is this is a very educated community. And I mean obviously that kind of comes
from the top down from you guys. I’m sure that you made a
conscious effort trying to make sure that everybody
knew what was going on. But when you go talk to PIVX and he explained it perfectly
about coming to our table you don’t get a bunch of assholes. You get a bunch of people that
just love what they’re doing and they’re not shilling PIVX. You don’t ever see the shills. You just see people who already
believe in what they’re doing. And so that’s a true testament to
what’s going on in the community. But what we don’t know a lot
about is what’s going on behind the scenes that gives the people
the trust and the belief in that. And clearly it’s there because they
are still holding on and they believe. But what is it that you
guys have done to kind of implement the community
within the development side? And kind of tie that in with how you
guys are able to use the community to make sure that whatever’s gonna be
the updates, they have a say so in it. TOM: Well, since we are a code fork of DASH,
we inherited their governance system. Which means that Masternodes
can vote yes or no on any proposal that’s
made through the network. And so we really get the community involved with any of the major decisions
on the future of the coin. And really go by the vote of
what the community decides. If they were to decide that maybe they
don’t want Proof of Stake any more and and we need to change
it back to Proof of Work then we’d listen to the
community and what they say. But on a sort of different note on that with that voting system we also have a funding system that
people vote on how funds are used. So we have a variety of different teams
that are being funded by the community’s votes which
includes a Support Team, the Development Team,
a Mobile Development Team. And so sort of behind the scenes, we’re able to as the Core Developers
meet with the Support Team once or twice a week and go
over any of their concerns, and sort of trickle down sort of
that high level developer talk into language that’s understandable
by the Support Team. And they’re able to
translate that another time into language that’s
understandable by a new user. So I think that’s something
that’s been really successful. JOE: All right, so…
And that’s an awesome explanation. I appreciate you taking
the time to explain that. Let’s talk about…
Okay, let’s keep in mind there’s a lot of people maybe
who don’t understand the tech and obviously you’re on a whole other
level than most people just in this world let alone even in crypto. Kind of take us through
what PIVX actually does and what you guys are attempting to do. Not attempting, but what you
guys are doing right now. What Zerocoin is, and the
benefits of the transaction process that PIVX has
brought on to the table. So PIVX is sort of hard to say
it just does one thing because it’s one of those coins
that really focuses on doing a lot of things but doing
it in a usable way which a lot of the other more
technical coins aren’t very usable. So one of the things that we’ve focused on is having a very usable, secure protocol for Zerocoin transactions that
anonymize what you’re doing. So we launched that about two months ago. So now you have the option of
using private transactions as well as normal transactions that you’re
used to on any other cryptocurrency. And basically, what Zerocoin is
doing is it’s allowing you to convert your regular PIVX
coins into Zerocoins, and then when you go to spend
one of those Zerocoins, it’s not related to any single
entity that you can go back and say, “Oh, this address sent me that Zerocoin.” So there’s just no linkage there and that’s one of the major benefits
of what PIVX is working on right now. And we keep making that better and better. JOE: All right, so what is
the timeframe on that? What is the process and kind of the
roadmap leading up to all this? TOM: So we started on the
Zerocoin development in May, and I think we launched
it at the end of October. So it took quite a lot of work. We had five developers working on it over the summer and did quite a bit of testing. As with any major rollout there’s some kinks here or there that
we’ve been able to improve and right now we’re in the middle of some development that will make it much quicker, easier, more user-friendly. And that should be rolling out
within the next few months, probably. JOE: As so as in crypto I mean you work out these kinds of kinks because
we’re all paving the way. Whether it’s the social media aspect
or whether it’s development side. Any leaders in this space,
and whether you’re a privacy coin or your running
CCT, whatever it might be, we’re all running into things a lot
of the time for the first time. So what has been some of the challenges? What has been some of the biggest
hurdles you guys had to overcome? TOM: I think some of the
biggest challenges are with these major updates and these kinks the challenge has been to
communicate effectively with everybody that’s
using the coin. And I think we have that system down now but with so many users and especially so many people flooding
into the digital currency space right now it’s been a little bit
of a challenge to make sure that we are utilizing all of the different
methods of communication because not everbody’s getting on Discord or – Bitcoin Talk.
– That’s right. TOM: There’s a lot of just normal
people out that just wanna be on an email list. And how do you get that communication
to them quickly and effectively to let them know that they need
to update or anything like that? JOE: Absolutely. All right, man.
So it’s a brand new year. It’s PIVX’s birthday from
the rebranding a year ago. What can the PIVX community
and CCT community expect out of PIVX coming up in 2018? TOM: Well, if you followed PIVX in 2017
you know that it was quite a crazy year. We got a lot done and turned it from a pretty standard clone of DASH
into something very unique. If you thought that 2017
was exciting then you’re in for a good one for 2018, because
our Roadmap is pretty crazy but we have a lot of people working on it
so we’ll be able to deliver a lot of that I think the first thing
coming up is going to be our application on iOS. So mobile users will be able to
use the wallet on iOS finally. – And then one of…
– That is cool. JOE: One of the things that I’m really
excited for is what we’re calling zDEX which is going to be a decentralized
exchange where you can exchange Bitcoin and maybe a few other currencies
directly into Zerocoins which we call zPIV right from your PIVX wallet without a
trusted 3rd party or anything like that. – So that’s what I’m most excited for.
– Oh yeah. TOM: But there’s a lot of other
great things on our Roadmap, too. JOE: And I hate to use the comparison I don’t know if you guys mind this or not, but because you are a code fork of
DASH there are a lot of similarities with the governance system as you said, and
even just the original layout of the code. I mean it’s a code fork. So that being said, look what DASH
has done, and I’m mainly talking to the community here, look what
DASH has done in just the year 2017. There’s no reason in my mind that you
can’t see some of the same progress on a mass scale in the acceptance
of DASH as a power coin one day. I mean it’s got everything that
I’m looking for when it comes to the obstacles we’re facing as a
community as crypto in general. So I think it’s really awesome to
have someone like you come on, Tom. I mean it’s truly incredible truly to
have someone of your knowledge base to be able to share your experiences
and what you guys have been doing. But it’s just one of those
coins and those projects that’s taking it to the next
step, and I just commend you and I’m just so proud
of the work that you guys have done, not just for PIVX
but for crypto in general. You guys are looking out
for the best interests. We have a saying here on
CCT, it’s “the Crypotoverse belongs to all of us.
Take care of it.” And that goes between individual
relationships and it goes into the projects. We need to support good projects. This is why I’ve chosen PIVX
as one of my 2018 coins. And I have a few others
but y’all are the first ones to jump on for a
reason and I couldn’t be more proud to be able to present you and
Bryan and the PIVX team to this community. TOM: for others and like all… Like ours too. I mean PIVX. The honest good people
out there that are here to make transacting and
banking and all of that into a decentralized trustless system
where one person is not ahead of the other. And so it’s just awesome seeing all
these people supporting those ideals. JOE: Absolutely, man. Absolutely. Well, you got anything else
that maybe something I missed? TOM: I guess the only other thing
that I would mention is that we’ve been talking about the governance
system which we inherited from DASH. We plan on changing that
pretty dramatically this year, later this year, which will allow for
much more active participation within the voting system from
everyday users of the coin instead of people that can
only afford a Masternode. So that’s one thing that we
didn’t touch on but that will… be a unique feature.
– And that being said, not to interrupt you. JOE: I kind of mentioned this to you,
and as everybody knows I spoke to both Bryan and Tom for 15 minutes about 20
minutes before this thing went live. And so we just touched on a few
things, main points, and I forgot I going to ask you about this was
maybe some future not necessarily partners, but things that you can
expect moving forward to be able to incorporate PIVX into maybe another
project or something or the other. And you kind of touched on a
little bit about how much the community’s involved, but maybe
you could explain that as well. And it’s just something that I think
is really cool and that the community deserves to kind of understand a little
bit coming from a developer’s mouth. TOM: Yeah. So as we get this voting
system more accessible to normal users, we’ll be able to let the
community as a whole participate in partnerships
and decisionmaking on partnerships in general, instead of
having it a top down waterfall style system that you’d maybe see at a corporation
which a lots of the time isn’t effective. We’ll be able to include
the community in decisions on who we partner with, how
we partner with people. And I know that our team behind the
scenes is working pretty hard on a few partnerships that I can’t really say
on live Facebook stream right now… – Why not, man? Just say it, bro.
– But I know there’s some… JOE: No one’s gonna say anything. Go ahead. I’m just joking. No, I… TOM: I’m in the Development Team,
not the Marketing Team. JOE: Fair enough (laughter). No, what that just says to
me is it just speaks to the core values of what crypto
started as which is it’s peer-to-peer, it’s trustless,
we can all do this together, and you can be held accountable
through that transparency. I just think that’s really cool, man. And I just really… I’ll say it again. I’m just proud of what you guys
have accomplished already, and what your shooting for. You’re shooting for the stars, man. And so I’m just excited to
see what happens for 2018. Again this is one of my 2018 holds. I will be holding this PIVX coin for
at least 12 months if not longer. TOM: Awesome. I’m glad you’re able to see the
same vision in PIVX that I do. JOE: Absolutely, man. All right. Well, look Tom and I
appreciate you and Bryan coming on. Mike thanks again Mike Plevan thank you
for setting all this up I’ll see all three of you in
Miami in what a week and a half? And so that’ll be fun. I’ll look forward to that. And look, let me know when you guys are
ready to come back on, we’ll have you. TOM: Awesome. Hey, thanks for having me,
and have a Happy New Year. JOE: Absolutely, same to you, man. And happy birthday PIVX. Later. All right, everybody. So we were very fortunate to
have both of those gentlemen on Presstab and SnappySnap. Both those dudes are people that have
accomplished a lot in this space. As you can see they’re exceptionally
humble but you also know that they are very confident and they
believe in what they’re doing. One of the reasons why, and
this was already touched on a little bit, but one of
the reasons why this was important for me to get PIVX
on was because they’re doing what I believe is at the heart
of the crypto community. You can watch and see how they operate. And you can see that they
put the community first. And they know that that’s where home is. The home is in the community. Same thing that we do here on CCT. And so I look at what they’re doing
and I can just say it like this; if I was a developer
of a coin, if I was a CEO of a coin or in charge
of a project like that, I would want to mimic the way that
PIVX is doing things in that regard. So I appreciate the opportunity
to really interview them. And why I see you on here,
Ben, thanks for calling me while I was doing this
live interview, brother. It’s only been all over Facebook that
I was doing this interview today. But Ben in the middle of this
interview called me everybody. One of the co-founders of CCT is
gonna call his boy on the phone. Well, I don’t know if that was a joke. Maybe it was. Give me a hard time. Anyways, all right, so.
I’m gonna wrap this up. Mike, again, I see you
on there right now, bro. Cheers to you, man. Look forward to seeing you in Miami. We’ll see you soon. And I’ll finish it up with this. Folks, the cryptoverse
belongs to all of us. To me, to you. It’s ours. All right? So take care of it. Invest in good projects. Believe in good projects. Push good projects that
are gonna make us proud. And if you’re pushing coins
that don’t necessarily fit into that mould, then you’re
here just for the money. And I know there’s plenty of people here
that are in here just for the money. It’s your prerogative. It’s a libertarian society. It’s take care of your own. But do it the right way, right? You can take care of this space
and recognize how special it is. People like PIVX, the PIVX Team,
they’re doing that right now. And so that’s something I truly am
endeared by and I just wanna be more like. It just inspires me. Y’all saw I got fired up. I wanna go throw things around
the room and jump up and down. Anyways, until next time. Happy New Year, CCT. Let’s make 2018 amazing. And shout out again to the PIVX. I can’t wait to get my PIVX swag. I asked for it. Couldn’t get it in time, but…
Wait. Hold on. Hold on. What is going on here? Let’s see what is going on. Hold on. What’s he doing? Oh. Okay. All right. Nevermind. I thought we had another
invitation for someone to join. All right. Until next time, CCT.
We’ll talk soon.