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your project that I absolutely love I think it’s the best cryptocurrency
project in this space and I feel I haven’t focused honest enough so zero
one take a look at a couple of updates and some recent news announcements but
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important to get a grasp of what crypto comm is all about so first off when they
look at their recent video on their website Bitcoin the best money we’ve
ever had with a different kind of money comes a different kind of card
a metal card powered by crypto every time you spend you get 3% back instantly
want more we’ve got that too paired with a powerful and secure app that lets you
manage your digital assets in one place have an issue connect with a real person
24/7 don’t like fees neither do we oh one more thing about these perks the
future is here reserve yours now so that was a crypto calm video talking
about their NC or visa carrot he’s a debit card actually and as you can see
it is a huge part of the project it’s also one of the most exciting aspects of
crypto comm not least because it gives you the ability to spend your
cryptocurrency directly off your Visa Debit character now this is only
available in the u.s. at the moment I think currently in there available 38
states but there are plans to release this in Europe very very soon
I believe the plans are early next year hopefully around February or so now from
what I gather the people that are using these absolutely love them not least
because it is a convenient way to spend your cryptocurrency but they also have
some huge benefits like the Netflix ribbit and they Spotify ribbit so let’s
take a look at some of the news there is another announcement that was released a
couple weeks ago that I feel it’s pretty important to take a look at and so that
news is crypto calm exchange goes live in beta obviously this will be powered
by this CR or token and they are telling us that this will incorporate the lowest
fees and best execution prices so November 14th Oh weeks ago actually now
cryptochrome largest interpreter currency exchange American a significant
step forward in its mission to accelerates the world’s adoption of
cryptocurrency the co-founder and CEO of crypto calm recently said they have 1
million plus users on the crypto comm platform today if you haven’t downloaded
the app I would highly suggest you’d get it now even if you don’t have the carat
or even if you can’t get the care because the app alone is incredible it’s
so easy to send and receive your cryptocurrencies knowing that they’re on
a safe platform so just to quickly run over this
decrypted comm exchange we’ll provide deep and global liquidity very
competitive trading fees typical API trading fees at zero point zero zero
eight percent for the mirror and 0.02 percent for the ticker high-volume
accounts will trade for free there will be institutional grade
custody and secure secret or calm iso certification and level 3 compliance a
partnership would the ledger vault now if you are following these guys on
twitter you’ll notice that they’re announcing and adding more and more
pairs to the platform daily so something to be keeping an eye out for the
platform as I said is in beta testing mode you can register to test it if you
want now this is an announcement that came out yesterday and highly
significant for people that do use the app like are you saying I think it’s
very important you go and download that app it is hugely useful so now they are
offering bank transfer feet bank transfer for 21 a major currencies
yesterday crypto common ounces a new method for users to withdraw from crypto
comm a fiat wallet supporting up to 21 feed currencies users now have the
option to sell a cryptocurrencies to fit and withdraw fiat to the personal bank
account and I think that’s hugely significant now obviously this would
have been a highly requested feature and it is awesome to see that they have now
integrated this into their platform fees go comm does not charge any fee for the
fiat withdrawal yet fees may be imposed by the receiving bank something to
remember and one more thing regarding cryptic calm today is Black Friday we
also have Cyber Monday coming up soon so if you Erewhon looking ones that can use
your Visa debit card from calm you will now get double pay rewards for this
period the offer ends on the third of this
look there are some other more significant updates and developments
which cripple calm over the last couple of weeks I will do weekly or fortnightly
updates regards to crypto calm this is the best project out there in my opinion
making huge strides they’ve got over two other people working on this in Hong
Kong alone constant updates constant new developments if you aren’t following
them on Twitter link in the description I would highly recommend you head over
to the telegram group also some of the team members and the founders are in
there and they are very very approachable it is the easiest telegram
group I have seen to get answers to your questions all links for kichaka are in
the description and like I said if you haven’t downloaded the app do so now
there is a link in the description for that also that about does it for today’s
video I hope you enjoyed it like I said Coop’s calm my favourite cryptocurrency
out there it is just phenomenal what they’re doing if you like video hit the
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