hey what’s up everybody we’re luck here
and welcome back to my channel guys in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about crypto the hidden legend and all the Easter eggs that are happening in
the rounds Kings Canyon let’s hop right into it so guys the last few days
there’s been a lot of changes happening if you haven’t noticed in Kings Canyon
in the arena that are happening and pertaining to crypto everybody thinks
that something’s going on you know what does this mean for Kings Canyon you know
what are the changes this crypto gonna come out for at towards the end of
season two is he gonna be starting out he is he gonna be the legend for season
three we don’t know so but what’s going on in the arena is actually very very
interesting okay it all began when players loaded into
matches and found screens showing a load bar as you can see on the screen now
okay I had no further context that was provided nothing
once the loading bar hit 100% the kings canyon announcers voice came on and it
was a little bit destroy it was kind of tough to understand and an odd computer
code began filling the large screens that hang from the canyons and the
hillside so what happened was after a while the announcers voice became clear
again you could actually understand him and all it said was test attempt failed
appeared to be in large letters on those very same screens which was the banners
which I’ll show on the screen right now whatever this means it wasn’t good or if
crypto was up to something he definitely failed at what he was trying to do now
as you could see you could zoom in with a scope on that those letters are the
writing right before where it says attempt fill which I’ll pop up on the
screen now I don’t know what this is gonna mean or what the text actually
represents but it looks like you have some respawn des from Twitter you have
some terminology that’s in there looks like the system crash and maybe it needs
to be rebooted or maybe he was trying to copy some files and change something
around within content Kings Canyon we don’t know there’s some cool things in
there though that’s like from change from hello tube I set up a remote server
and trying to reroute data like does this mean that we’re gonna have a new
area change something in Kings Canyon the location a vital location you know
where is it we’re in first of all where is all crypt
if he really is doing this where is he a ting in Kings Canyon performing all
these actions and nobody can find him it’s quite interesting as you guys can
see on the screen there’s the gameplay in the background this shows me finding
it you can zoom in with that scope like I said to check it out it’s really cool
this only happens when the rounds change or when the zone is going in or like
they say starting round two so I don’t know what this means for crypto I don’t
know what this means for the game nothing has been confirmed at all so
it’s kind of left up to your imagination guys so what does it mean
I’m not sure guys I can’t emphasize that enough I think it’s really cool that you
know stuff is happening to the game there’s little Easter eggs and stuff
inside the game to make us think of changes and guys don’t forget his
computer was leaked last season remember we found his computer over there by
bridges that was destroyed in season 2 so what does this all mean it’s a it’s a
pretty big build-up to crypto coming into apex legends and if he does in
season 3 he should be one hell of a legend ok all right guys that’s it for
this video I wanted to bring you everything that we know about crypto and
the stuff that we found around Kings Canyon and everything that’s been just
building up to this Legend coming at the end of season two possibly season 3 if
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