Aloha youtube this is ya boy crypto roots the
blockchain hustler the real black Satoshi, Crypto Marley CryptObama dready
Nakamota you know I’m saying and by the way let me take one real quick me and my
lady we all here in Mexico we got a little nice spot on the beach so it’s
very meditative you know I’m saying it really helps me process a lot of my
stress and anxiety and as a couple we get to stay healthy you get a lot of Sun
we take several walks a day you know I’m saying
we got the full moon that night it really is a nice vibration I’m not gonna
lie and you know health is one of our biggest focus as individually and as a
couple so I was just spitting some gain some crypto game tomorrow – my lady
because she’s like my mentee as well you know cuz she’s gonna do her own crypto
brand and she’s teaching people in Spanish about cryptocurrency so she’s
spitting game from the game I spit to her so she’s always just like tell me
more and today I was just telling her about like my experience on YouTube and
just coming out of my shell because she hasn’t seen my older videos and I was
just really shy the videos were low-quality it was dark and whatnot but
I was telling her like I got in to crypto right before the big run up in
2017 and so I felt the experience that exuberant apparently the parabolic
goodness of markets for the first time and you know there was this crazy
because I had like $40 worth of like psychic Oien one day and then like it
just turned into like $400 like and I’m not of like a week and like that was
just one coin not all my like I how that much in a crypto but they
exuberance if you look at my other videos
there’s just something it was in a lotta exuberance so she hasn’t had much
experience in the markets and I was just spitting game like yo you’ve never seen
anything like this before like and I’m saying people for if you’re not involved
of the market you have no you really don’t know what’s going on but you’re
the most affected by it that’s what I was telling I was like your most
affected by it because the market is determined whether you have a job or not
whether the corporation that you work for is still gonna be there next month
because of the way the markets work you know I’m saying so I was like yo like
you and if you actually were you know I’m saying if you actually had a
nine-to-five job or whatever but you still play at the markets you have more
of a chance of getting out of that nine-to-five slavery by plank bar but by
participating in the markets you don’t say it so it’s like almost a mandatory
at this point if you’re looking for any amount of potential freedom to get
involved in the markets and I was I was telling her like like crypto was so dope
because it was so harder back then because you need to have a brokerage
account you have ten thousand dollar minimum deposit me to have a bank
driver’s license like you needed all these you call barriers to entry you
needed all these but and that’s just what made normal people like not even
fuck with in the fact that the majority of the individuals were older white
males whenever Kim trading or anything you see on TV any or it in the newspaper
has a kid like especially as you know I’m saying if you’re a white person like
you look at that not every white person but I’m general
generalizing like if you look at that you think oh that’s what I’m supposed to
do I’m supposed to go go into the market so I’m supposed to go into real estate
because that’s what you you see you know I’m saying but if you’re not white
person and you hear white people talk about markets and real estate and all
that stuff is it seems disconnect so you don’t even want to participate
because you don’t see no button really anybody like you out there talking about
this stuff you know I’m saying but crypto is a whole another game
crypto whole another game and because it’s on it’s a 24/7 global unregulated
market and like we’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s still
like still in its infancy you feel me and so in anybody of any race can spit
crypto game in it it’s more and more likely to be accepted you know I’m
saying so now we’re now we’re we’re breaking out of the old system but
there’s new systems there and it’s more available for people but people don’t
even realize it because they think everything I’ve known about markets and
stocks just seems so so far out of my concept of actually understanding it I’d
rather just go fucking get $9 an hour – you know I’m saying like and that State
of Mind keeps you a slave but I was telling her because she does meditation
and yoga and you know Sam but I was like yo the reason I love markets because
they’re the biggest test of how psychologically sound you are like
they’re the biggest test because these markets are the biggest mind fuck it
doesn’t matter which market you know I’m saying but because you have no idea
whether you really should buy or whether you really should sell and there’s so
much speculation the only reason the price is going up so fast because
somebody else thinks that it’s gonna be worth more tomorrow and somebody else
thinks is gonna be worth more tomorrow somebody you know I’m saying so you have
this huge parabolic run up off very you know I’m saying and that’s what you
really should capitalize on and then when the market crashes every guy fears
that it’s going to be worthless it’s going to be worth so now I was explained
to her this is the psychological mind state of like you know and people end up
killing themselves like people end up making the biggest smallest tiniest
mistakes and losing it all in the market or the opposite people barely did
anything and made it fucking so I’m letting I was letting her know like yo
like if you do meditation if you do yoga if you
you know so sound put it to the test bro put it to the test and start trading
currencies start trading crypto currencies and I’m saying like and then
you’re gonna realize how psychologically sound you are or how you aren’t and what
type of work you really need to duel yourself based on whether you’re making
profit and the market or not you know I’m saying and if you’re a trader and
that’s all you do is trade well you really should get into meditation you
really should get into you know I’m saying all different types of holistic
health methods because you can really step up your trading and you probably
become a more consistent trader having a more consistent psychological mind state
so I was telling you got to be like the own trader you got to be like you know a
trader who can practice own while profiting who can who can like no matter
what is happening they still understand who and what they are and what their
mission is and that they’ll always find a way to make profit and that takes a
lot of self-discipline you know saying in I’m in the act of it and what’s tough
for a lot of people especially traders is when the price just goes sideways
when there’s stability it’s almost like stability bitcoins not really going up
it’s not really going down so what do you do well you wait well some people
don’t have that type of patience what you need to do start developed in that
type of patience but what do you do for you’re just waiting for the markets to
move me personally I started learning I start teaching I started actually you
know saying I started if the mark is not really doing much I find other ways to
making crypto money or to make any type of profit from crypto whether it’s a
educating about it I utilize that time in that market until
the market moves and then I should want to shift my focus I start shifting my
portfolio you know I’m saying you stacking up the cash you’re stocking up
the big point like this there’s waste to still you know I don’t I don’t truly
believe in out always actively training you know I’m saying I understand the
importance of having the market as a general background to what you do but
still stay productive on other and if you are just a purely trader then
I commend you and I would love to see what you do and I would love to watch it
YouTube videos but being the only trader is working on your personal self working
on your personal mental health physical health and I’m saying and also working
and applying that to your trading in a way where you can make consistent profit
where you no longer have to sacrifice your time to go clock in or sacrifice
your physical body to do physical things that aren’t detrimental to your health
based on your need to provide for yourself or your loved ones so and
that’s what I’m focused on is like y’all I get a holistic nature and healthy but
I also hit up my digital world you know I’m saying I hit up the crypto markets
and that’s because I want me and my lady do always have the freedom to do the
things we want to do wake up whenever we want to wake up we’re entrepreneurs me
and my woman were entrepreneurs we’ve worked for ourselves so every day we
can’t get lazy you know I’m saying so the crypto Marcus is one of our
strategies of staying independent financially independent so focus on your
health man focus on your relationships and learn more about the markets and
start investing start investing in crypto the sooner you do the sooner you
learn about yourself and it’s okay if you lose money
you know Sam because those if you if you take them as lessons then you’re ready
because this thing that goes up and down it goes up and down and then never stop
so don’t feel like you miss enough whoo all right let me smoke this real quick
Aloha take care of