Wait are we… Hello everyone! And welcome to the new year! To kick things off on the right foot we’d like to give you
some insight into what some of our favorite guests are looking forward to
in 2020. We ask them to answer three quick questions: 1. What is the most
important crypto event of 2020 2. What is the most promising cryptocurrency of
2020 and 3. What is your new year’s resolution What do you guys think is
going to define crypto in 2020? Let us know in the comments below! So first off
let’s hear about what will be the most important crypto events of 2020 I think the most important crypto event of 2020 is going to be the distribution of gram
tokens. It was by far the biggest buzzkill of 2019 that they got
cock-blocked by the SEC and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I think the crypto event of the year will probably be halvening. I think
that’s going to be exciting. I think interesting things will happen there but
I think it’s just a matter of getting the technology to where it’s super easy
to use and people start using it to shop with and I think that’s gonna make a big
difference. I think a major event for 2020 is going to be is the next rally
phase, the next bullish cycle phase going to happen which I do expect is going to
and what I’m really expecting is when the majority of folks the majority
people can become extremely better that’s the one thing when I wait for I’m
waiting for the public sentiment the public opinion sentiment become
extremely negative and bearish on Bitcoin and that potentially is the next
major turning point for Bitcoin I think that could have in the first half of
2020. So that’s the major thing and then I’m expecting the next bullish phase to
occur sometime in the first half of 2020. I would say Etherum, Cosmos, Polkadot
and other similar projects can achieve a scale which makes them useful for
widespread widely used applications and that can apply for individual consumers
or for enterprises as well. So the layer two upgrade for Ethereum to proof of stake is obviously extremely important. Cosmos IBC is launching q1 of next year and then Polkadot which is you know a very hyped project that’s been mostly VC funded as yet to launch and is launching as well. So these are important
milestones because ultimately unless you think that you know this technology is
only useful in some form of digital gold as a store of value like Bitcoin. If you
think it has used in utility beyond that then you need platforms that can support
those applications so that’s that those are the three things that I’ll be looking. The most important crypto event of 2020 okay so I’m sure everyone’s gonna think it’s the having and all that good stuff
and that obviously is a major driver for Bitcoin of course. But I think an answer to
that perhaps some people are not considering right now it’s gonna be one
the U.S. elections. I do think that that actually does have some insight into Bitcoin because we’ve seen that the U.S. setting interest
rates actually does have corollaries into kind of driving Bitcoin price
action so whoever gets elected on this next you know the SEC’s go around is
essentially going to be able to you know kind of work around with the with the
Fed. Right now we have a very interesting situation with Trump and the current
head of the Fed and you do you know how that kind of all thing goes but some but
I think that’s one of the things that people are not really considering right
now that’s not an obvious one. The most significant event is privacy coins in 2020 will be outlawed in at least one significant country. Guarantee. And Monero will be the coin first banned. Will 2020 see the rise of altcoins or will
Bitcoin dominance continue to reign supreme? Which cryptocurrencies are our guests most excited about? The most promising cryptocurrency for 2020 is Bitcoin by far. The cryptocurrency that I’m most
excited about for next year other than Bitcoin is probably Tezos because they
are making huge advances, things are going very well for them and there’s
lots of interesting engineers doing interesting work to to apply to Tezos.
I think that’s going to be really exciting. I would say Neo
I’ve heard of some from some greats Bitcoin traders and also Bitcoin
investors and again it’s their opinion not mine, but they’re saying that Neo is
a Chinese-backed cryptocurrency that could potentially have some momentum in the
potentially next few years, so Neo is the one I’m watching. Well so long as people
don’t misconstrue this as investment advice the thing that I’m most
interested in are Atoms which is the native token for the cosmos network.
Cosmos is a project that was bootstrapped and did a very small funding event in 2017 and since then has scaled into one of the biggest organic communities. I think
what’s really interesting about these protocols is that some of the ones that
raise the most money have been able to spend freely on trying to attract people
to the platform but the ones that are most successful the ones that do so
organically where people are driven by the mission or they’re attracted to it
by the technology so we saw that with Etherum in 2015-16-17 and I think
you’re going to see that as well I mean you are seeing it now with Cosmos and I think you’ll see that continue to accelerate I think it’s quite clear
within this market except for a few outliers here and there. If Bitcoin
doesn’t go up no one’s going up and in fact even when Bitcoin goes up sometimes
other people still don’t go up so I’d say you know if you’re looking
for a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin it’s pretty much contingent upon
bitcoins movements to begin with If bitcoin is not healthy in 2020 which is
starting to shape up to be a little bit more of a reality has the trends are
starting to set themselves it’s pretty damn staunchly here. I’d say
you know except for maybe a few one offs nothing on my radar, nothing you know
nothing consistently really. It would be my own token: whackd. W-H-A-C-K-D. I mean, listen Whackd is the token of %^&* tokens By Whackd you’re sure
to lose eventually everything you have that’s my prediction for 2020 Finally, we’d like to understand the goals and mindsets of our guests so let’s see what
resolutions they made for the new year My new year’s resolution for 2020 is to
assist with the proliferation and adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And then my new year’s resolution for 2020 is to try to figure out how to pay,
how to raise money in Bitcoin and put it out, invest it in Bitcoin and
entrepreneurs and have them all pay their employees and suppliers
in Bitcoin. So happy holidays, Happy New Year! And I hope everybody sees with
perfect 2020 vision how important Bitcoin and the crypto community are. My resolution I would say my major resolution for 2020 is that probably I
gonna start going traveling a bit more I’m really I really wanna see Japan, so maybe I’ll go and see Japan maybe I’ll go and see China maybe I’ll
eat more chocolate cake. Great fan of a chocolate cake or something like that. My New Year’s resolution is to do more writing. I think your viewers may know that I am the co-author of a book called ‘The Blockchain Revolution’. A lot has
changed since then and I think there’s a real need for a sort of wholesale update
on what’s happened since the book came out and what people should be looking
forward to in the future and I find that writing is a way for me to you know be
very critical with myself about certain thoughts and predictions I may have had
to really test them against the reality. Yeah my 2020 New Year’s resolution is to
analyze less of shitcoins and more of legitimate things hopefully but if
I’m being serious my biggest resolution actually is to
read one book week. This past year I did one book a month and I feel like that helped a lot. So I figured I can hopefully push it this year. I only have one resolution and that is to continue to survive the day
and if I go to bed with a smile and wake up still breathing hahahaha resolution
has been met. I’ve been doing that for 74 years. From everyone here at Cointelegraph we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a
happy new year! May you live long, prosper and hodl!