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this is what you know the boards look
like no surprise everything’s in red the
CJ B’s have moved a lot of their money
out of the blockchain
where are they putting it I have no idea
maybe they want to buy some bonds at you
know a negative interest rates maybe
they’re gonna pump dow jones that thirty
five thousand maybe they’re gonna you
know go inflate the housing bubble a
little bit higher before they pull the
plug on it I have no idea I couldn’t
care less
the only thing I’m concerned about is
accumulating as much Bitcoin as fast as
possible right the market cap in
particular today is 254
four million dollars billion dollars
science billion with a beep right and
you can see that we still have a pretty
decent trendline now keep in mind this
is you know very very very rough
analytical tools right now I know a
couple people you know like the daughter
charts like this I’m not one of them but
given the limited technical capabilities
of coin market Capcom I’m just trying to
make it work but this is a basically
what we have going for us I want to jump
over you see we kind of forming that
wedge right there so it you know and it
probably another couple months we’re
gonna have to make a decision either
we’re gonna break down or break out you
never stay the same but when we look
back into the past seven days right this
is this is literally all that happened
right up here Sunday right midnight noon
Sunday at noon two hundred eighty
million dollars today we’re down to two
fifty four that’s it
right um it’s nothing crazy it’s just a
lot of money that was taken off the
table but to be honest you know a lot of
money was just put in right there right
and so the only thing that happened is
some of that money was taken back right
let’s see
and so even if we did something like
this right
more than likely once we get on top of
that line that will be the area that we
live in now again we will may have to
make a choice here because we will have
some pressure coming from the top but
once we get above 260 and we close above
260 for a few days then we’re good where
we have a better chance to see 270 then
we do 250 right because energy flows in
the direction in which it travels water
follows the path of least resistance you
know and things things of this design
just get pushed to either one side or
the other right but for now this is
definitely a top-heavy pattern right
doing something like that
is uh not not good for ya these tools
suck on this little drawn thing right so
we do have some top-down pressure on the
market right but again when we look at
let’s just do a year to date on this
thing let’s see if I could do that real
yeah so again I mean I really did like
that all I’ll just close it down some so
we could start where all this energy
came in I’m probably right about there
right this isn’t bad like this is not a
bad place especially to buy for the long
term like you have all of that support
right there that’s as much support as
you’re gonna get
once we break out you will have all of
that resistance right these are the same
things I talked about on my channel
every other day that we’re doing these
type of analysis right that’s all we
have is a top-down break out break down
flat line you know three parts to any
cycle what comes next
you guessed it break out so do not
listen to the bobbleheads on TV telling
you that beat TC is dead crypto is a
bubble it’s an onion it’s what did I
call it the tulip you know it’s it’s not
worth it it has no intrinsic value
because you know 250 billion reasons
will tell you otherwise this is the
exact chart that I drew for a video I
made two days ago so if you haven’t
checked that out go ahead and check it
but you know essentially we have these
three zones right here we we have
support long-term support at 5800 note
that’s a seven day moving average on a
343 but as long as that white line is
above 58 on a 343 we’re still moving in
the right direction once it gets above
79 then I guarantee you will have a
candle above 96 that’s it right it’s
either gonna break out break down or
flatline right now we’re in a long-term
flatline so I think we have a better
chance to break out so it’s not a matter
of if but when and on this chart here I
pin that win down to September 9th I
imagine by 9 9 18 Bitcoin will be moving
back into a positive direction don’t get
squeezed out and then
I’m thinning and get all your profit
taken away because you’re trying to run
back to the dollar if the dollar was
designed to make you rich you would
already be rich it’s not me to do that
it’s designed to keep the world in fear
it’s designed to create death death
death death death and depression right
so I don’t want any one of those for you
if you appreciate this kind of knowledge
insight intellect do me a favor jump on
over to Pope’s of Bitcoin dot-com you go
see my man and the white and blue suited
and booted looking like the American
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said I’m in the markets in the charts
every day so when I see a good trade
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that information shout out to everybody
holding me down on patreon shout out to
the money team if you’re trying to join
I’m telling you the time is now bitcoin
is sixty three hundred dollars I cannot
think of one better way to spend six
thousand three hundred and eighty cent
of them monopoly fake P Fiat private
bank owned debt paper slave labor notes
in your pocket right now
so you know just think about it and do
not let the bobbleheads bobble a way to
distract you or deter you from what is
yet to
I do believe that we have a legitimate
chance of remaining positive in this
market like I said as long as that
seven-day is above 58 then we are moving
in the right direction so with that man
said it’s that time of the date signing
out this is the boats your boy BK no
matter where you stay Brazil to Bayer
all the way back out bill jerk money
good night more than anger day thank you
for joining me thank you for your time
make sure you subscribe to YouTube this
is a new channel new videos I was a
blocked out for a little bit let me see
if we get some face time real quick
BAM I was a blocked out for a little bit
you know I couldn’t do live streams for
about three or four months kind of
killed my suppression my reach and all
that you know but I’ll be coming back
doing live streams right now I’m just
trying to make content that way if I’m
late late April jump on into a live
stream you guys can still get to this
information because I think it’s a very
important to have up to the date market
information for everybody so if you
appreciate it
you know I’m saying go ahead and uh hey
join the money team shout out the Wisco
Madtown stand up I gotta go
take it easy I’ll stay cryptic y’all