Hi, guys what’s going on?
Faysal here from binaryoptionsdoctor.com.
Today we are going to do a quick analysis
about Crypto Robot 365.
Crypto Robot 365 claims that you can earn
up to $465/per day.
The minimum investment is $250 Dollars.
That is really achievable.
You see they are claiming that ”Best Robot
Of 2016”.
That means this Crypto Robot 365 is the best
software of 2016.
That means it is more than a year old.
But our survey says differently.
As you can see Cryptorobot365.com website
was registered on10th July 2017.
That is about 15 days old website.
Then how come they are claiming that it has
been in the market for more than a year!
If you scroll down a bit, you will see some
alleged testimonials.
”Our top crypto traders for July 2017”.
You see someone named ALI, GAV, Jasmine they
are earning a lot of money.
Pathetically, these all are stock photos.
As you can see, Ali is actually Sazzad Fouladi.
His picture has been used on many websites.
The girl called SARAH is not the real person
and she has nothing to do with Crypto Robot
Her picture has been used in many web promotional
sites.These are basically just stock photographs.
They are not the actual users of Crypto Robot
That is our quick review about Crypto Robot
We definitely not recommend this app.
Stay safe and don’t get scammed!