Aloha YouTube this your boy crypto roots so I want to have an honest talk with my audience you know I’m saying cuz I really I don’t I don’t really feel like doing this no more like I really don’t feel like posting videos like I’ve just kind of lost all a lot of motivation and a lot of it has to do with you know light drama and like I never started this channel like I started it to teach my brothers and sisters from the hood cryptocurrency because I felt like you know saying that without that’s a market that was untapped you know I’m saying so it just so happens that I got a bunch of subscribe it all happened out of nowhere and it’s all happened because I expressed myself about the brother polite drama you know I’m saying and I wasn’t aware of you know I’m saying the psychological aspects of just creating YouTube videos feeling like you need to produce videos and also like the psychological aspect of what happened to me and what I experienced and just you know I’m saying like polite just lying to me like just all the little lies every single thing was a lie like I told polite like I don’t want to doubt you bro but I’m so scared man I’m I don’t want to go back to being homeless bro like I’m giving you this money man I really hope man I really you know I’m saying and I you know I trust you man and this dude just promise me promise me promise me he would never do that I’m his brother so that really disturbs me that’s something like I don’t even know if the money could ever heal if I got that back and I’m saying and then coming out and putting myself out on YouTube like that’s there’s repercussions of that man that’s repercussion psychological you know and now I’ve got you know I kind of it’s like humiliation I got to kind of put up with her face just because like I felt like yo people needed to be aware you know I’m saying whatever man I just had to express myself so that took you know a lot of that all that combined I just don’t feel people are really interested in the crypto information you just look at the number of the on my videos like not people just ain’t really in it so either I don’t know I felt like maybe I’m just way ahead of my time or you know just wait for everybody to catch up but like people just not saying I’m not complaining but like just the court the cells for the courses I the game I’ve been spitting people just I don’t really feel appreciated and I don’t I just feel like people just want more drama and having to work on the case against him and his wives like figuring all that out getting all the legal paperwork and it’s a lot bro and I still want to teach I still want to produce I’m in another country I got I got I got you know I’m saying got a woman now and all her health issues so it’s a lot but it’s a lot and so I’m pretty much just ready to give up and then and I was gonna make crypto Ruth University I don’t want you to that have all my data like I didn’t want any centralized platform so I’ll you know working on getting encrypted I’ll routes universities still teaching like that’s just a me do that’s just a me that’s being a teacher and following all these metaphysical teachers I ended up kind of being a teacher myself and a topic you know I’m passionate about so I was you know and I didn’t feel like I should go on YouTube even complain like I just was gonna just stop you know like sometimes I still feel like it but I just want to be honest with you guys so last night I was in the community online community I’ve been around for a while crypto community and I had an idea and I was just motivated and I dropped my idea in the in the community forum I dropped my idea and before you man it blew up the idea blew up people were like yo that’s dope that’s sick yo i apprec– I even offered you know I’m saying I’ll lay down the whole game plan I’m not gonna tell you everything I said word you know saying because that’s to experience roll it took experience so people like yo we down like y’all imma just build a startup like yo fuck it like I got my decentralized applications ideas and all that but I still a little too early so imma just builder or I’m gonna build a startup I’m a bill uber on my own Airbnb crypto booth is gonna do it so I won in the community I split some game to the people and they’re like yo so now I got my own community and is growing and I got developed this is the second time I’ve done this so now I got developers front-end developers back-end developer software engineers I got people joining left and right for videos graphics down like you know I’m saying down for this my and my startup idea and like yo this is just and I got the experience the the app idea is everything I’ve worked worked for I’ve worked in the restaurant industry I worked in the pharma industry I know software development I know crypto I just combined all that shit and people like yo that shit is sick I think that could work on I think that could work out and she may blow up and so now that’s my that’s my duty I am motivated to do it’s like to build this startup crypto Lutz’s university is gonna be for the education because like I said educational development you should really be focused on so you know I’m producing a new course every month or you know I’m saying crypto classes every month I’m always gonna but that’s not really going be on YouTube you know I’m saying I may drop a little videos on YouTube every now and then but still like I’m moving on to like bigger better shit like I’m not gonna be slowing down and trying to convince you guys that bitcoins you know like nah man like I dropped enough game you got you look through all my old videos man purchase my courses get caught up to where I’m going so I’m building my own startup and I’m a vlog II I’m gonna show you guys how is it done I’m not saying I’m gonna be six I’m not even saying no dollar amount I’m not saying nothing I’m what I’m saying is I’m ability and it’s going to grow and it’s already growing why because I know how to communicate effectively I know how to express my ideas I understand the jargon the talk the computer software talk the industry talk the restaurant talk it’s all languages bro I’m learning Spanish every day I’m grinding with Spanish look at my videos about five of videos are already translated sub with Spanish subtitles I’m taking over a different market you know I’m saying and I’m not trying to toot my own horn but I started this to like yo like let’s let’s let’s all do this together let’s all do this again I got the gameplan join crypto rules just I can fix you with whatever is you want to learn like I may not teach it myself but I know people who were beasts will teach you and I got you know I’m saying I’m doing it every day you know it’s about fun it’s about having fun it’s about making profit like I sit there and smoke we don’t think