This is Ovidiu Thoma.
Today I’m going to explain you how to claim the December-bonus for the KBC coins.
First of all, you have to open a new browser and go to
This is our exchange.
At this point, you either have to register
a new account or login into an existing one.
I’m going to log into my account.
You can also log into yours or register for
a new one if you haven’t done this yet.
The Google Authenticator password.
And we’re in.
At this point, you have to click on “Claim
you Bonus now”.
“Claim your Bonus”.
The catch is like this: You have to show us your wallet.
The wallet you are claiming the bonus for.
Make sure the wallet you are claiming for
is qualified for the bonus.
So, it should qualify for both conditions.
Read them on the website.
The first condition is: All KBC coins are
distributed before the 30th of April 2018.
Also, the KBC wallet should be untouched.
That means no KBC coins have been moved out of the wallet since you’ve invested in the KBC ICO phase.
If your wallet qualifies for the bonus, you
have to enter your wallet address here and click next.
At this point, we have to make sure, the wallet is yours of course and you’re not claiming for somebody else.
At this point, you have to send one KBC – that’s a symbolic amount, that’s like 0.015 US$ – to this address.
So basically, by sending this one KBC to this address you prove the claimed wallet belongs to you.
So, I will click, “I have sent 1 KBC to
the above address”.
Of course, I’ve sent it.
Then I click next: “Thank you!
We will check your claim.
If you are eligible you will receive your
35% bonus until 24th December.”
Our system will automatically or manually
verify your wallet and if you’re qualified for the bonus we will redeem it to you soon.
Thanks for watching.
Have a good evening.