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game-changers hey what’s going on guys it’s SoaR Dazs here I’m here on behalf of
soo bronzy bronzy went to a special event at at EA and got to record all this amazing
first look footage with other apex players in the community bronzy and i
worked together to get you all this awesome new and detailed info first let
us start with the hero changes and then go in-depth about the new apex legend
crypto first up let’s talk about Gibraltar he’s now having such an update
that will most likely make him a very viable option for competitive play
first off gibraltars domed shield throw is now 60% further his healing and
shielding side of the dome speeds up by 25% so that includes syringes shield
cells and batteries basically a lifeline passive in a dome but the downside is it
now takes 30 seconds to cool down his shield his ultimate does recharge faster
but only lasts for 6 seconds instead of 8 and his olt distance increased by 36%
so quick up next is for path liner the gravel of her path miner takes longer
for the velocity to kick in and the cooldown on pathfinders alt is now
longer bloodhound has a reduced scan ultimate animation for faster activation
they also fix bloodhounds field of view scaling and old went from 25% movement
to 30% movement and finally banglar ultimate per missile now does 40 damage
per missile instead of 20 obviously with how good Krypto is he’s gonna need some
fine-tuning to compare the bloodhound on that topic let’s talk about Krypto
Krypto is a character that gathers Intel it adds a whole new element like
bloodhound but take steps even further making this character the second of its
type his drone scans automatically when you get close to a target so it’s a
passive ability that is at your disposal it’ll showcase it throughout the video
which becomes a big meadow change since he counters any character or flailing
has that’s the lifestyle big potential
changed the competitive scene to close out the gap of those who constantly box
in with Watson his EMP radius is huge and being able to place a drone in a
standstill position and move closer to the mph to engage in a fight is a pretty
big game-changer as well you can hit enemies through walls of the NP and it
does 50 shield damage and stuns and slows the enemy targets destroying all
traps in the immediate area again this all circles back to being a
Watson hard counter and eliminating traps with crypto being such a powerful
new legends there are wasted negated his drone has no cooldowns and lets just
destroyed and you can shoot the drone wall it’s about to EMP to negate it if
you’re a player of course you can also just go into phase to negate the attack
the rest of the video is going to showcase some of the gameplay from the
new season just so you can get a feel of the overall environment and the changes
and overall hope you enjoy thank you so much for watching if you
enjoyed please be sure to drop a like subscribe for more content we’ll see you
guys next time you