hey guys it’s Kat from CLEO.one. I’m about
to take you through the process of creating testing and deploying a crypto
trading bot bought on the CLEO.one platform you might be asking yourself why are you
doing this again we already did this some time ago. Well we have great news! We
have a wonderful new redesign That’s supposed to help our users
understand all the different things that can be done with the platform, how their
spaces are organized and it looks quite well here on the left with our nice recognizable
blue color. So this is the screen that you see right after you log in. You’re
able to just start creating a strategy or go with a free one which can be found
here I’ll go into more detail about all the possibilities of the platform right
now in a different video. But I would just like you to know how to create test
and deploy a crypto trading bot quickly and easily. So this is my second
screen that I’ve received. It says choose asset class and I need to pick between
equities, Forex and crypto. We’re going with crypto in this case and this is my
strategy settings screen. I can pick my exchange, my market currency – let’s go
with USDT. You can set your initial balance here as you please, the time
frame on which the bot will operate and the test will take place, as well as the
range on which the test will be actually happening. So I always set my range at
maximum because I don’t know how long the pair has been in existence. And I
just click “Next” Regarding strategies there are so many
things you can do “if price is crossing up a moving average,” “if the 20 moving
average is crossing up the 200 moving average,” “down” there are, MACD, candlestick
patterns there are so many things you can do so I really would recommend that
you actually go into the platform yourself and play around with it, test
out your ideas. It’s a wonderful way to know that what you’re doing in the
market has any potential or doesn’t. For the purposes of this video I’ll go
with something simple. So for example when price is crossing up you can type
it or click it. I’m gonna go with Hull moving average. I can write a second rule
should I please to – and then I pick whether I buy or sell. We currently allow only
purchases for crypto currencies and the next, the last thing that you need to
decide on is your money management. Now this is such a powerful and flexible
tool. What we’d like to buy…let’s say I’ll buy an Ether. So the volume can be
specified either through units – 2 Ether, percentage of balance, 10% of my balance
percentage of initial balance. Now the initial balance in our case will always
be 10,000 USDT. The percentage of balance changes depending on how your
trading is going. So if it’s going up or down, or a static portfolio amount.
200 USDT. Whatever I prefer. So there’s a lot of potential around us. Let’s go with
percentage of balance. Um let’s say 15. That’s very high. My take profit, I will
set it at 30 percent of market price. I can go with a specific market price
meaning ether is 200 USDT. Percentage of balance – Ether now composes 2% of my entire balance, or a static portfolio amount. I made a hundred
USDT on this trade, the trade will close by taking profit. So let’s go with
30 percent of market price. And I’ll set our stop loss… It’s the, the mechanism
behind it is absolutely the same. So again market price, percentage of market
price, percentage of balance, or static portfolio amount. So in this case let’s
just go with 15 as it’s a two to one ratio. Now this is a very ambitious trade.
I would recommend that you are a bit more conservative in your every day
trading. And what I need to do right now is just name
my strategy. So let’s go with Testing one. I can also set a close rule,
should I prefer. I can go with let’s say the inverse from what I had there. So
price crossing down HMA. So in this case my trade will be either close by if take
profit is reached first, stop-loss is reached first, or at the price crosses
down the HMA. Sorry for that. I’ll just remove this rule. Let’s keep it simple.
Yes I would like to delete that condition. Now if I write rules under
each other then it’s an ant function so when this happens and this happens both
of these conditions need to happen for my bot to open the trade. But in case I
want all functions so let’s say when price is crossing up HMA, or it is
crossing up MA, or when the MACD histogram is 0, or RSI
is 30, or the candle has a bullish engulfing, or Nvidia stock is up by two
percent. I just need to go by “Add Rule.” So I see my second condition right
here. The principle works the same. I will remove it for these purposes. Just keep it
very simple. Now, your strategy can be as complicated or simple as you like to. In fact complexity does not mean that it’s a better strategy or
worse. For our purposes I’m just going to test this out and then…with this single
click know how this strategy would have performed in the tested period. Alright!
So there’s a little return here. You’re able to see every individual trade that
would have happened here, how long it takes, the quantity with which the trade
was performed. We went with percentages remember, so it’s normal to
see a change in this. And you can also find some pretty useful statistic here.
It’s interesting if you have a very complex strategy where you’re longing,
you’re shorting. You get to find out, to pinpoint what you need to optimize for this strategy to work for you in a
very very – in the best possible way. There’s also charts available where you
can see where the trades took place and just get all the information you might
possibly need and again of course the rules which I can edit – create a new
version if I’m not happy with the results before I actually deploy it to
live trading. So then the next thing that I would need to do is just hit “Trade”
here. And I can either paper trade it here, or live trade it on Binance. I have
a Binance account connected to my CLEO.one account. I will add the link on how to
do that in the notes under this video. It takes just a couple of seconds, it’s
really easy. So all I need to do is just tick this and hit “Trade.” Alright!
So if I go to my Live Portfolio I will be able to see our Testing 1 bot
already trading on Binance. I’m able to see the profits, the backtested data
for reference, and of course I’m able to just go to the strategy see my results,
see the statistics behind it, optimize the rule make my strategy even better. Guys really the amount of work that we just did here in just a few short
minutes is pretty incredible. The opportunities that crypto traders have
with a platform like this are pretty much endless. I’m very excited to see
what kind of strategies you guys create. If you have any questions please feel
free to reach out at us. Either at [email protected] or at CleoOneOfficial on Twitter. As always I will see you on the trading floor!