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though because there is quite a bit of
news first things first to follow up on
yesterday’s video about the bitcoin
pizza a lot of people are asking me
where you can actually buy pizza with
bitcoins so it turns out there is a
website called Bitcoin restaurants
that’s a database of 83 locations where
you can settle your bill using Bitcoin
not not to mention that some some there
are reports that subway branches in
Buenos Aires in Argentina also accept
Bitcoin so there is quite a few places
that you can actually buy stuff with
Bitcoin now that would be a pretty
interesting to see you know go through
the whole process maybe one day I’ll do
it just for the heck of it hopefully I
don’t end up in ten years time being the
guy who spent you know X amount of money
for something that’s worth a lot more
later hopefully it doesn’t end up being
me but first I want to talk about the
positive news let’s go positive right
now which is what are things gonna lead
the cryptocurrency market to the mood
and I’ve been seeing this in several
videos and now we even have it from John
McAfee or John McAfee I still don’t know
how to pronounce his last name correctly
but he said institutional stirring will
lead cryptos going through the roof so
we talked about this previously on this
channel already if you guys are new you
guys haven’t heard it but if you
I’ve been here before you certainly know
what I’m talking about and I keep saying
institutional investors are still going
to come in before the market moves I
think that’s gonna be them what makes
the big jump again similar to what we
had at the end of 2017 we saw the huge
run-up and that was for several reasons
both good and bad reasons but I think
getting institutional investors on board
which I think is gonna happen after some
regulations and stuff when there’s more
comfortable getting on board but we do
see us inching closer and closer every
single day so once we get those on board
I think that’s gonna be a jump of a few
trillion dollars and that’s what’s gonna
help move the market from where it’s at
right now which we’re roughly around the
300 to 400 million dollars or wherever
we are at the time all the way up to a
few trillion so people are still
expecting from conference ISM from I
what I what I’m talk to people about and
I told you guys this that a lot of money
is expected to come into cryptocurrency
and I mean trillions of dollars are
expect to come into cryptocurrency and
that is where I expect that’s coming
from that’s what I think they mean when
they say big money’s coming in I believe
they’re talking about institutional
investors bringing in trillions of
dollars of market cap now you guys know
John basically was famous for predicting
the price of Bitcoin to reach a million
dollars by 2020 where he would eat his
own blank I say blame because I don’t
know if I can say that word on YouTube
you should be able to write he said he’d
eat his own dick there we go
he said eat his own dick but anyways
this is a pretty good sign this is
something to think long-term about
what’s going to happen guys the thing to
keep in mind is that cryptocurrency is a
long-term game adoption is a long-term
game either if you want to hold or if
you want to use it you know for use
cases both are going to take a while to
gain didn’t to see the real results now
another thing I want to show you guys is
this article saying that the
cryptocurrency big whales hold on
despite market slow so this is
interesting and this is interesting
because a lot of people selling are the
ones with a weak hands are the weak
hands are the smaller investors like you
know you and I are considered smaller
investors we’re not
wails of I don’t have hundreds of
Bitcoin in a wallet I don’t believe you
guys do either if you do then you
probably are on the beach in Costa Rica
and you’re not really watching this
video so for us we invent we are the
smaller investors now the big whales
they know how to invest they’ve been
investing for a while they’ve been
investing in stocks real estate for some
time these are the guys are the big
money so they know how this stuff works
most of them bought in and they are
waiting they bought in and they’re
waiting for years because they have that
discipline when it comes to investing
that they understand that these things
are not done in a few days or a few
months this is something that’s done in
the long term the word that made the
biggest rewards are going to be seen in
the long run so as an investor as the
whales that they are they bought in and
they haven’t touched it very few whales
have apparently been trying to buy and
sell or trade very few of them have been
you know selling we have obviously the
amount dogs in the incident and there
are some whales dumping the price but
guys long-term these guys are buying
this too as an investment and something
that they are holding on for quite some
time but now let’s talk a little bit
about why the market is crashing because
we see if we look right now 346 billion
dollar mark koep a huge dump from
yesterday you guys can see the last
seven days look at that every
cryptocurrency roughly about the same
obviously everything’s following Bitcoin
Bitcoin does this everyone else is
following and as always Vic when Thomas
is at thirty eight point nine because
when the market jobs Bitcoin holds its
value the best that’s why I always like
to have X amount in Bitcoin it is the
queen the king of it all and it’s still
number one for now so it is the safest
investment in my opinion because the
market cap is so high but when when
market does drop we see all coins bleed
a lot more we had aetherium down 10%
Bitcoin cash down 10% TOS down 10% card
danau down 10% we have let’s see it
Ron’s down almost 10% Stellar’s down 8
almost 9% V Chains down 10% finance
coins almost bite coins down 13% guys
everything is down I see no green on a
oh there we go a Bitcoin private found
one found one Bitcoin privates up 13%
all right it looks like a day to have a
run down but then it bounced up is that
up is that a potential pattern we see
for everything else oh wow sky coin also
got listed on Finance so congratulations
to everyone holding sky coin listed on
violence but either way everything is
falling now there’s a few reasons why I
think in the short term this is the case
so one is talking about Bitcoin futures
what happened with Bitcoin future if you
look at the contracts for the for the
Bitcoin futures right on the changes it
looks like more people are in the short
position than they are in the long
position now that’s these guys getting
in the short position means they think
that crypto that Bitcoin is going to
fall and those contracts aren’t for the
long long term these are short-term
contracts usually futures are traded not
necessarily as long as you would hold
other investments now the fact that it’s
that more people are in the show thing
that are shorting make one basically
think that bitcoin is going to go down
that means that those guys with big
money we don’t know who those are maybe
those guys are Warren Buffett Bill Gates
maybe that’s what they’re doing it maybe
that is why they are talking a lot of
smack and trying to bring the price drop
down and trying to suppress the price
that is a very decent possibility knocks
it might not be those two guys in
particular but people who try and bring
cryptocurrency down that might be a
little bit of a reason if they are
invested in the short side of it because
if it does end up mooning then they will
lose their money so something to keep an
eye on something to keep in mind is that
when you hear people talking on the news
there is all there usually is another
side to the story and when people are
talking bad about big point I usually
like to understand why is it because you
don’t understand the technology or is it
genuinely because you don’t like it by
all means maybe you understand the
technology and you dislike it that might
be it or do you have a position in a
short day of a short position on big
point and you want to see it go down in
the short term in the long run though
guys you guys know I say this every time
I’m not scared everyone I’ve talked to
all the other invest
I’ve talked to are not scared in a long
run for this this is merely of you know
day-to-day fluctuation what people don’t
understand is that you know bear markets
are slumps they happen a dip is going to
happen it may it’s common it happens in
every single mark you look at the stock
market what’s been happening the last
few months of the stock market as well
things have been going down and no one
thinks the stock market’s gonna end so
no Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not
gone by all means I’ve sits crazy how
I’ve already seen people med saying is
this the end for cryptocurrency I hope
every one of them were joking but the
sad part is I don’t think all of them
were anyways let’s take a look a little
bit at some Cardinal news Cardinal is
down 10% 10.5% five point five billion
dollar market cap saw an opportunity to
pick up some card card all know if you
are looking at things in the long run
obviously dollar cost average because
you don’t to buy everything in right now
in case it does continue to fall you can
dollar cost average your investment now
Cardona was listed on crypto piya not
quite the news that sky coin had sky
coin got listened on Finance which shot
the price up a ton it’s up huge amounts
today even though the market is down
getting listed on Finance that’s the
type of news that’ll make you stand out
in the market but Cardona got listed on
crypt opiates another another place
where you can go ahead and buy Cardona
now it’s probably not where I would
recommend its it I probably go with
finance if you guys are interested in
getting some card on Oh as it does do
most of the volume up in as well but
that is trading against the Korean Won
that would probably go by Nance and if
you’re trying to buy any other way but
stall opportunity days like today are a
great opportunity to pick up some cheap
all coins guys these are great days
these are days that I’m happy we have in
the market because I don’t want to be
buying things when they’re 10 percent up
I want to be buying them when they’re
ten percent down so every once in a
while we have these head butt dips and
we have these type of Corrections just
gives me more opportunities to increase
my portfolio and build
better portfolio now guys if you do want
my help building the perfect portfolio
make sure you check out the link down
below portfolio review in the comments
and in the description we you and I can
get on a call and we’re gonna go over
your portfolio what I think is good what
I think is bad
what coins I’m looking at that I think
to give you the best returns in the long
run and building up the perfect strategy
for you both what to buy and also an
exit strategy depending on your
situation make sure you go check that
out but talk about ripple a little bit
cuz ripple is someone smart
cryptocurrency guys leave this company
is very very smart they know what they
are doing they donated four million
dollars to the ellen degeneres charity
and ellen loves it now there’s a video
you guys go ahead and watch but actually
Kutcher shocked Ellen with the donation
he’s invested in ripples so win-win for
ripples they not only got they not only
gave four million dollars to Ellen which
is going to obviously spike their news
of them they’re the amount of people
that know about them because Ellen so
big this doesn’t directly correlate by
any means to big investors or to a huge
run-up instantly but it does get their
name out there now not only did they do
that but they also did it with Ashton
Kutcher he was probably the plug that
got them in on Ellen so a huge huge name
right actually could sure everyone knows
he is huge huge actor name also huge
investor buy um now if you guys didn’t
know that he is a big investor and he
has invested into ripple they used him
to get on the show and him to do the
donation so it all so it’s all that much
more bigger so very interesting to see
right there in ripple is a smart
cryptocurrency I would give that to them
they know what they’re doing and they
know that when the market is down right
now all they’re doing is getting their
name out as much as they can so that in
the long run when the markets recover
everyone’s heard of ripple and everyone
wants a piece so definitely something to
keep an eye on because that makes ripple
very interesting now it is at a bigger
market cap meeting obviously it’s not
going to 10x within a day that’s not
it’s not gonna go to 240 250 240 250
billion dollar market cap in the span of
a few hours that’s not going to happen
but it does secure a pretty good spot
for ripple and I think ripple is going
to continue to be in the top 5 for some
time now let’s take a look at some
Bitcoin technical analysis before we end
the video so guys first of all we’ve
already concluded this is not the end of
cryptocurrency if we look at everything
we zoom out at everything we’re looking
at right now you see this is only a tiny
little dip compared to what we’ve seen
previously compared to what any market
is seen previously what happened was we
broke below the 50-day moving average
right remember we were talking about
this yesterday if it was gonna hold or
break the 50-day moving average
turns out the end of yesterday after the
video was made we broke down and now
looks like we’ve dipped under the $1,000
resistance note the $8,000 support and
then back bounce back up as we do have
the week so it’s possible for us to see
a reversal looking at the RSI though it
does look very oversold so we are due
for a run-up relatively soon this is by
by all means this is not bad because we
are you know getting inching closer to
the oversold part and that is very good
bitcoin coming back down to a support I
have no problem with that just built up
an opportunity to buy some more is this
going to continue to fall though that is
the next thing we talked about yesterday
the possibility and how it looked like
it was gonna fall so it’s a good thing
we got that right it is falling now
moving back down to the $7000 resistance
it would take a lie we would have to
break under the $8,000 resistance and
then move down it’s definitely possible
I don’t see that happening really I
don’t see us going down to 7,000 now
obviously some piece of news could bring
this out because think about it this way
as well not many people have been
calling Bitcoin a scammer cryptocurrency
a scam anymore ever since we got rid of
some of the bad coin so that’s fantastic
now another thing that’s been coming up
is apparently
CNBC is under fire for helping pump
certain coins and then them cashing out
when it moons so definitely something
that’s not good in the crypto currency
market seeing that type of stuff happen
but it’s going to it’s going to happen
here there hopefully if it’s true if
they are doing that they do get caught
because that is market manipulation and
that is illegal but guys don’t be
worried right now this is just the
beginning for crypto currency if you are
an early adopter be happy and think like
the whales all I can say the reason the
whales are whales is because they do
things a certain way now when things
fall like this they aren’t looking to
sell right now if anything they are
looking to buy in order to you know talk
cost average the way down create a
bigger portfolio when everything moons
then they are winning that is what makes
whales whales and that is what made them
whales what got them to that position in
other investments and stuff like that
but guys hopefully did enjoy this video
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thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video