Everyone hello everyone hope you guys are doing great so today
I just want to make a quick video of what’s going on in the market market
Might seems to you guys that it’s going bad. It’s going wrong and it’s going low and what’s happening now
It’s a correction time everything will go down so just before panicking anything right now
Just listen hear me out what I have to say so listen to this video. Thank you, so
As you can see right now in this graph what I have is is one of the two scenarios that I’m just gonna show you
As you always remember the number one key rule when you do trades is
By when it’s low and sell when it’s high so for example if it’s high
And if you’re panicking, and you don’t know what you do have you wanna set it right now
Then it went goes up again
so you’re gonna be really in a bad condition and in with
Emotions you guys gonna sell it so before taking all of these decision. I just want to show you a simple example
What happened when in?
previously with this etherium
and then we’re gonna follow up on this great that what can we expect over here as you can see a
Long time back when it reached at the top highest one and four hundred nine
So what happened it went down in steps so whoever bought it over here and sell it over here made a hundred dollars all out
Of it and whoever then bought it over here and sell it over here
They made another good drop even though the market was going down the market was crashing the person who was spreading
And like in a way professional manner like a traitor
That person was making good money out of it so always remember when it’s going down it always rent goes down in steps so always
Remember if anything happened like that don’t panic look for the best place where you can buy and where you can sell rather losing money
Okay, so here
We have to start right now with one of the scenario is that I think we’ll it might happen
The first scenario the way, I see it right now since if you can see over here as a yellow mark
By the way, I’m using the Fibonacci – right now
So how it is behaving in Fibonacci tool if anything like if you look over here at?
61 percentage from the lowest until the 50% the market was behaving the
Similarly as right now that we are seeing over here still rather panicking if we can feel like okay
If this is a correction like take an example the market was going up over here
And then it started to goes down
They gotta be people who was panicking over here, and they so late over here and after this sorted over here
They saw my god
They drew in height when other eyes they don’t find the best position to start investing again, so what I have for you
Right now is this is still in that zone of
Touching that level which is okay for us
But my take right now if it goes down as lower, then I might gonna say okay, if it’s going down
But right now
I don’t see this coming that the market is is behaving crazy
And and this everything is crashing
I don’t see it anywhere
so please please let me know if there’s anything like that and
Also, let’s take this is an example if things going good, and if it started to show you our friend
It will not only touch to 400 it will go beyond 400 after the market get back as position
Always, remember weekend’s can be tough sometimes
So you know we are trading all the times people are selling people are buying and and we know it’s a wartime industry
So so we can expect this thing we have to understand that when making trades
We should make profits
So this is one of the scenario that I have I have in so let’s talk about the end of the scenario
Let’s you know test take an example. This is the worst condition that I’m gonna show you right now
If everything is going down. I know we don’t want anything to go down, but hear me out guys
If everything is going down how you can make grades. How you can make more money out of it
Let’s hear me out so over here. If these are the three peaks that I’m giving an example
We don’t want to see this so once again
Don’t press the dislike variety right then I eat me on that, but just hear me out. It’s let’s take an example
This is the highest three 90s was ever being – and how you’re gonna make more option and make more money out of it, so
These three peaks are the peaks that you need to make sure that you head
Stargate in order to sell it and you need to hit the slowest one in order to buy this option
That’s the best way you can make money. How you can figure it out the way
I do it is to use the Fibonacci tool. I use RSI tool
I used MCS Siri tool and in order to understand how these market behave, and that’s how I used to do it
I’m just still waiting how the markets gonna react
And then I’m gonna come up with a better understanding of better grab how this market will behave
It’s a short video for you guys
Just to make me understand that don’t panic don’t do
Emotional quitting on the basis of it weighing down from three 90s to three fifties and now 360
I think it’s behaving right now in around
370 the market is recovering if it I have seen no video on YouTube you might guys might be wondering
What’s happening, and you want to know more about about any news out of it?
I just want to tell you the market capacity is still looking good
Nothing goes wrong every cryptocurrency
Just went down a small bit is a small dip it was expected all the weekends might sometimes happen like that
So don’t behave in a weird way in selling everything and then making market very bad
So hold the pull your money over here because always remember one rule that I always mention, and there’s a very famous saying about
Vernon Buffet that when you
Everyone is selling and when you sell when everyone is buying so keep remember this in your mind
And do a good price, and if you have any questions, and if you have any comments
and if you have more ideas for me to share with me and like me subscribe me and
make this channel as your own channel and just grow this channel more and more and
Try to help each other in to engage it to make this platform in a very nice way that we can help each other
so hope you guys do a good creating don’t guys Mac get panic and just
Enjoy, you’re creating over the weekend, and I’ll see you soon in the next video take care