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amazing things really amazing things so today
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like e and were in it then we’re really
in a discuss and make some big
world of world moving decisions
here in the next 30 minutes so hang on tight death because
this would be a lot to talk
about online just going to want
week to sell real quick on on my
own and this adoption and that’s what we’re tweaking
for a whole mass adoption let’s
discuss on the live stream right here to live stream ADM 8:00 AM
Saturday morning and eastern standard time there
we go and it’s going out light
off list all the right and to so any help on and yet there
was some us some interesting
interesting of comments that
were going back and forth off of
that a jungles of the jungles video that eBay be
posted on the day yesterday
evening II believe it was those
funny because jungle put up a, to put out a a petition in
response to another petition
that some members within the
excerpt the community had released a poll requesting
that rebel stop what they called
dumping of excerpt the onto the
market influencing the price poi on my deftly in some opinion on
that, I thought it was
interesting and an amusing a
jumble of came out and actually
issued a cou a stating yes son rebel Pleas of
keep investing and we needed a
petition to make sure the rebel
does keep that investing in this of let’s let’s get into this
because that a number of things that are
happening on a regular basis all
within this space out within
digital assets within crypto
curr yeah whatever when every why
wanna call it on but you know
but I think I think it’s really
really up you know important so
on bu of a looks like the there’s
always some new names it’s hard
to tell if there are new names
or if they’ve been in before on
but w , and there’s almost see of Leo
of India a right thing I’ve seen
you in here before as well but
David he put out they on an inte Tilly up and reach out to reach
out to see a community a large based on
how people are searching on also
if of audited the host riot
weeded out ahead of time on and
fo so light so here here’s what we
need a look at week we talk
about mass adoption global mass
adoption global adoption in
general of the we wanna look to one were
discussing or even thinking
about die crypto currency moving into
a position of global mass
adoption and when will it happen
how will happen and how we know
that Carsten foremost and we see that
the movement within the banking
space within the financial
institutions space on as well as
up a notes not just you know coming out of let’s say
a can of rebel net or rebel or
just coming out of the United
States because as we know all
with really seen a slowdown of the
Prez a prayer of presenting any
form of regulatory clarity the
SEC is getting involved on a
differ a in release a lacked a
company’s to where they deem
them on in breach of of the
securities law of we saw that
are most recently company’s a sum that are are
being held in four for actual a
more you believe a lot of
illegal affairs but all we saw
what happe of the SEC and I think that’s
really may be one of them the
bigger cases that are ongoing
right now on in the U.S.
obviously you mainly because we’re seeing more
and more companies to either fleeing to the more
crypto family of countries or
they’re just opening and crypto
currency family countries and
anothe and one of the big questions
coming from the senators are or
that the congressman was why are you opening in
Switzerland Minot the U.S. now
that point was all when they’re
asking that question we talked
about this and it was obvious to know that
the congressman you that it’s
more crypto currency family that
there’s no regulatory clarity in company’s opening in our own
countries often not just in the
United States but as we sit here
in the United States with a look
a the believe it has been really up emphasized in in in a
round of the United States of
primarily obviously California
on but as we know there’s many
othe from all over the world you know
you keep can’t discount that at
all on but it is important at
all aspects in all areas of the
w are now one week when we smile
we look at it from that how is
it then that other countries are
rapidly moving up into the
embrac on setting precedents regardless
of whether the country is or
which country is a pit sets
president of overall off for
mass adop that is really making some game
changing changes an adoption
within their country and that’s
Portugal now if we look a what
Port now he came out on yahoo finance
cars before I sought anywhere
else which high enough it’s
interesting you know you’re
you’re beginning to see the main
street adoption main street news
whether it’ as a decent platform for all
financial of you know research
and its aid and I’ll itself
might not be the greatest
platform anymo that’s game changing that
changes the rules of the game not just for Portugal but for
other countries within your up
setting that president right now
for fleet crypto trading now is
th you know now we have to look at
the Portugal and say well within
the building its freight you know so for
every one of these transactions
every realized gain when you
move off from excerpt in a big
point th that’s a taxable event of a in
the United States me I can’t
speak for other countries on
however torture goal is now flee so what
you think people are gonna do
you recall us were they on the
world on your company and you
say and a lot of London to be moving
digital asset back and forth I
want that to be a taxable event
I want a paying a value added ta and that this is what’s mine
glowing in this you also so is
it enough already you know that
that theirs is no value added
tax yo know if it’s that bad and of
itself as a present this the
next step is that they announce
that there’s no income tax on
crypto c so if you take away any of the
of transactional tax than the
takeaway income tax earnings off
from digital asset ready think
all the big countries in the west
are slow to act the big
countries in the east are still
stumbling over themselves you
know country and not a big gain a player in
the in the finance space right
now of maybe they struggle
little been economically on the dough really have much of
an export on but here you go up
and let’s start attracting
digital asset companies around
your you know so so that is very very
on important and again it’s been
changing mainly because it’s also setting
a precedent a pin that president
you again for Europe and Asia on
the United States is we’ve ma on and the young this and this is what
it is C also were knocking a
charge tax does not to be a
realized gain tax there’s no VAT
there’ of the fact that I’m reading
this on yahoo finance means that
its opening up to onto main
street I think that’s really
important so when word edifying main
street having the media access
to developments within that that
the digital asset space when you
thin the we’ll start they will start
earning because they’re hearing
of digital asset and they’re
hearing bit cloying you know
poppin there and you’re starting to see
a lot and news up all over the
place about is recession you on this
recession warnings obviously you know many when they start
talking about dumb you know when
they start talking about
recessions, it becomes a self
fulfilling of the eicon very well done turn
into a recession regardless of
whether not tied the economy is in position
for recession are not they’re
going to push it that way and so
as individuals are sitting there on only this look down here on
my CU guys so I have got some
interesting not interesting
feedback and comments in chip
did bring , and we’ve arty seen a lot of
development in in that area we
just brought up regarding lever
up on me know and deciding to
move and move them and we talk about
regulatory clarity we already
know that Switzerland and as made some some big changes from
a government perspective as it
reflects Torrance crypto
currency and and black chain
companies n as the Switzerland and just
recently issued all regulator a
license for two new black chain
of companies it was reported
on.desk , as the company or what is the
company the ISO they they’d
talked about a little bit on and
in this regulatory clarity as is
so you know key so here we have
Portugal I’m Peter brings out
Netherlands we know that France
son is is made us some big us a
big a and they’re saying we’ll wait a
minute you know were deftly
losing track we odyssey know
what’s going on over in Japan
Japan is David evelyn’s of Malta not yet
multi another big one that I
believe that’s where by Nan sun
as their headquarters now in
Malta so you have all the sun and you
all of the release of some key
areas of developing right now and in that said you know it’s
really it’s really amazing Mr.
Be excerpt he have the a self
fulfilling up prophecy of
recession on to make and again here’s
here’s what’s only now popping
up on a and it really have huge
competitive advantage already I
guess , here we have , two primary companies of
getting side getting license and
it’s read and hear it states
that a enough that he is the a
first th as cloying not point desk and
reported this on the ad do well
for Philip Fuer die requirements
but it’s it’s important to get
th the blurring of the lines
between the digital asset space
the black chain banking space
and the traditional banking
space tradit this and a black chain digital
asset banking tight as they are
trying to make this migration
which banks move really really
slow we have the digital asset
exchanges which are printing
money me it’s it’s mind-boggling
how much money these guys are
printing i but you look around and you see
what they’re up to what they’re
doing and finances out there
buying up other technologies and
th because here’s the bank deal
focused in on you everything
that banking is done for
hundreds of years now they’re
gonna try to ma and so this is where you see you
know the payments peso the
payment space is the first
mechanism our first met their
way for the on but you know is it enough is
enough on to keep them up yet in
the up in the lead O’Rourke
added in charge as we see the
digit that banks are gonna go away it
just me in nearly eight on
transition into different types
of banking and different banks
are go quickly adopting banking type of
transaction are those big
exchanges in the digital asset
space going to start gobbling up
the b with a big brick and mortar
banks can start buying up the
smaller tech to try to compete in all but but at you now I know
the anybody knows right now but
will we are seeing is that you
know companies like a side none, and recently all received via
Teresa lee received all of the
of the event, that the
permission of the either you
regulate and th is a big deal you know because
here it is onside none that I’m
not sharing and I’m afraid a
switchover on I still need to
test a still need a doughnut rocked the
ball right now but all but any us aside no more
signal on notch at a pronounce a
list, say, on is the world’s
first digital asset bank interesting Soviets founded on
Swiss and Singapore heritage and
its operating globally so it’s
amazing so here we go you know
be of the Ava brokerage they have
token as a nation that asset
management other on issuing
credit you know so it’s it’s
really impr those guys are popping up on
what is happening more and more
frequently all over the world so
here said Nummi Lombard the
other so they’re getting into the
lending space now right now
there really is no credit in the
digital asset space all which is
which of the media stock quickly look
over your coming upon the 30
minutes and I am pretty much
through it so this is good we
have a l Tutsi of David dean that a great
job on credit prescient that on
my wish you would have gone
further and discuss the process us
taking 10 ko be a joke in
interest rates offered with and
without staking that think
that’s a good id all within on as a just add a
question yesterday someone
amassed me you know what my
thoughts of a bit room of warren
and you’ll with your investment all you
wanna make sure that there’s a
third party insurance provider
never editable third party
insurance built in so that if anything
down through it did happen to
them that they’re not just to turn to
their big of a creditors’ and
pay them a person’s eisai will
have anything left on that there
a know that they’re protected so
Cigna is the first again
services token as a nation and I
think this is uninteresting
manager sec were in Switzerland two banks,
and digital asset banks on
getting a license off for
banking, in Switzerland on in
the the first that’s their their sole focus
and vision and it’s not even
just up on a blending it’s not a
blurring of the lines it’s were
open and again to whip game changing
events that a curry not a
regular basis this is global
mass adoption when you have of two banks two
organizations again license from
Switzerland to open up digital
acid banks you know things are changing you
have a country like Portugal
that’s embracing digital assets
and hand in making these Pleas
of game change and if you have a
crypto of a friendly regulation
coming out of countries like
Malta in France and the
Netherlands i and are starting to see the
wheels start churning again we’re still in the infancy
face were still in the scrawling
face us so has the technologies
developed I believe that unite this point
being that you now were moving
from the calling stage in the
Tyler we’re getting into that
other you know and in use in wild
swings the one area you not seen
these major wild swings yellow
and in price point odyssey the
highe , however you to development in
the space there’s no wild swings
and development you seen it in
writing the valuation of the dig based on what we’re seeing you
when to see this kind of
investment in the space to his
death if you look in reading and
on and u what they’re doing with SBI and
SP eyes recently opening up in
giving I did it in pain out
given into their customers and
own Ex a per up to that dividend of a I
believe again another dividend
as well but that’s part of a
dividend that’s amazing other
putti that’s also a sure you know
really on it’s a game change are
so here’s a bank distributing
now the bank to streaming
excerpt he you need more and more of the
real world use cases actually
using the product you know so if
you’re not using the product and
ev magically the digital asset
space is gonna get rid of banks
and while they talk about
getting rid of banks they’re
still talking it might sell see as their big
statement you know getting rid
of banks in open at the red bank
here the new bank and Owen your
b up in an underpaid out to two year to
your customers that it doesn’t
work that way you know you have
to look at you for me if I’m in
i USA are also able to monitor and
you can see all where the
profits are going are not going
all when you when you put these
into you’re you’re starting or so was
it when it was the other one on and not to say SIG Nam SIG
Nam and oh so it did so by the
lean party are cutting out all
this fact you know and it’s the
fact for CEOs regardless of the
business fails and I think you
go there they do back they walk
away with tens of millions
sometimes h of a lot of this of fluff
Manpower that’s not needed on in
the banking space and you’re
able to move those same profits
back to I think this is tastes really
has the potential being more
game changing then what the Internet brought
us the Internet was amazing
Internet couple got us to this
point but when you’re changing
financing are changing the
mechanism of how people work in
the world and you’re coming out
and it did j I think this is of a deftly game
changing were to see a lot more
things in the near future so let
us to turn to the stream real a Sunday evening of four of 830
to do on another at trivia night
and scenes of a lot of fun of woody trivia with bubble up
on 830 and Sunday and also the
stay tuned for OTC all we will
be dropping some news on the
offici the of the stormy year and then
Labor Day of those of us to be
this weekend we decided to love
postpone the launch of OTC and I time really good to see
everybody that the pop in that
everybody that tough on bail
participated today on wall
deftly make sure eyes been pushing ambassadors of
unhappy for however I believe
they have a responsibility let
subscribers now they are
compensat on my hand I do believe exactly
what you say all they do have a
responsibility IE they need to
step up anyone who’s claiming to on that is critical now if you
bring in a sponsor to your
channel that’s different you
know because you’re specifically
stating it could you on it’s very clear
if you look at you know many of
the tubers out there and denied
and Untac I like watching and yo and fellow upset you know a lot
of contents and he brings in
great sponsors it’s a good
relation to sponsors pain for
presence o in compensated and if you’re
going to talk about been true
and then promote been true
you’re putting everybody in a
very up on a that all your you’re really
pushing them and in you know
you’re not really shelling of
any form of of of discretion I should say you
know and then a four to discuss
on you if you want to discuss a
point base or any the others you of negative a you know of
attributes to their program but
mainly because Indian OEM us
subconsciously you’re going to
promote wh that you’re unemployed by war
again you’re being you know
there’s some form of
compensation so I Don glad you
brought that up an on but I if they did just things
a whole different level of our
responsibility you know been
ambassador and that’s something
els And make sure they’re protecting
yourself because if anything
happens to that rule and
anything happens debentures
customers you on to see what my liability
would be if anything ever did
happen by been true with been
true and on and there was ever
legal act you know make sure that that you
have that look that you know by
an Atty. and protect yourself
feel there’s some really great
pe it you’re protecting yourself
you know from liability on if
anything ever did happen if a
trip so on I think that that’s
that’s to me say, I missed this looking
down down some of the comments
here but any help really
appreciate to a black chain of
an launc of exit the bananas over in the
pull of its awesome and on laugh
to reach out to you a sometime
and nine might might deal them r on the and I you know a good
point people of people what died everyone that I
know I don’t understand that on sales of their ego people so
everyone got a protect yourself
David Ian exchange was just sued
for misleading investors can am Asking that question and make
sure that whatever you do of the
you’re protecting yourself so
those are my 2¢ on and that’s
why onto the show on that’s a
completely different arrangement
on and something that allows you
to up the O’brien and bring in not
you and monetary you can monetize up
your channel love through a
sponsor and eight invest more in
developing a channel to make it
be you get your your wallet out of
its print a dozen matter were
right on the par for mass
adoption and main street is
going to one you know so that I wanna hear
those it been involved you know
early on in the space it’s not
just about the reporter that’s
now in there to be on you to their
to beyond log certainly on
twitter trying to learn what
they can learn and this is the
best sourc Friday that the great stream and
perspective love your stream
still wish to your weeknight
shows that a line which European
time all without a doubt I do one to
let everybody know that of I’m
going to start putting out the
short videos I think that’s to
mak on but I am committing to you
guys and everybody out there
that you know follows my channel
on to go back to doing those
2078 mi what if I think everybody for
participating this morning
taking a timeout with ear and
the problem for and you’re up or
in Austr