Hey Guys in this video we Will Learn Simple Litecoin Price Analysis and we Will Find Out What’s going on with litecoin is It going that is gonna go up so let’s find out Let’s Enjoy This video Here we Go So thank you so much Guys Once again for Joining My Channel and Whoever is Joining It for the first time so all Those People I want to mention that i do Market Analysis and Talk about Cryptocurrency and I’m Very passionate about It see if you’re gonna like my video please do subscribe Like It and share Your comments What do you think about my video by the Way i have to mention This this is another prediction This is only for informative purpose so whatever the information that You will get you will this might gonna Help You in do Transactions in do trades for Your future reference so please Keep that in Mind and Let’s Start Now So before we start i would like to go into the cryptocurrency Market capitalization Website as i Always Go and i want to see What’s going on in the Market today? Majority of Them are going in Red Except Bitcoin cash and near for Now and We Will i will Get Opposed to video on bitcoin cash as well soon please stay Tuned on them so let’s discuss right Now While It coin Litecoin Is showing The Maximum negative Number and What we Can Expect in the future As for Now Right Now the light coin is trading on Fifty One Dollars and Fifty eight Cents so we have lost today in the last 24 Hours three Point Seven Nine Percent Also What i meant When i see The 24 hours volume is around 250 million Dollars It is okay but i believe this is less As compared to Yesterday Now we will find Out about it all so Let’s Go straight to Market and See What Happened to Market if you can See right Now the sources of Exchanges we Have a light coin our Victim Which is going with 21% and a Bad part i believe it’s okay coin Which is twelve point five six Percent of the light coin that We Get It from the sex change and if you know this ok coin hobie and All these Places hh? C hb Tc so all these Places are in china and if you look at This tarik As i mentioned YouR previous video these are coming from China and and The prices that are coming Right Now are excluded from The price Mention over here so we have to understand first of all that is this price Reflecting This ok coin i don’t think so as per coin Market cap if This gonna Affect in the future yes It might Affect Right Now the Accept BtCc Now all the rest of the chinese Exchanger is still open it’s still operating Until 30th of October so i think right Now it’s a Good time for the light coin team to decide and to Work on it to make This coin stable once again i Believe This point has a Lot of Opportunity all right So Let’s go away here as i can see as i mention you about the historical data over Here? So let’s talk about the historical data that We Have on This chart We Have we are seeing That the volume is? fluctuating on the Daily Basis it Was 562 then 285 then 408 Now 286 is this gonna be for 408 again Nah! That’s Tomorrow so let’s see What’s gonna be the Market when we Go to the trading week ah but before that i want to mention Over Here that from 15th of September all the Way to 19th of September we have Seen an improvement in the Market Capitalization We Have Seen on 14th of September Since 14 of September we are going Down and now is trying to recover back again so That’s one more Thing we have to make? sure that We Crack each and Every My new details When it comes to Observation and Market Analysis That’s i always do It That’s i was trying my best to Bring on to the table When i do Analysis for You so that It will Help you guys and decide What you want To do when it comes to creating alright so let’S come back straight To the printing youR comment Check out What i have it for you guys so if you Guys are seeing this graph What is it telling You It tells you that we are still at The Bearish trend So this Bearish Trend is started All The Way From 1st of September 1st of September Was the highest ever recorded Around $95 and from there It started to go down and it’s still in the Bearish trend But over here we have seen it run to? Oversold Region Where It break that downtrend Channel Why it Happened and It Happened Because of the China news China Bad news the bitcoin crash Happened and Whoever has bought it at That Time did Amazing Guys Those Guys Who knows how to do trades When it’s get under seoul that is the time to buy guys so please buy Whenever you see and the seoul and you’ve anywhere you Feel that this client has a Lot of Opportunity Has a Lot of future then please Go ahead and do These trades Right Now That’s the time to buy and Now it’s time to analyze how the Market gonna Behave so if you can See over here with this downtrend Channel i want? To bring two important point as soon as It went down It went up over here so as soon as It touches This Downtrend Channel It went Over and Try to touch The upper Channel so that Is Very important over here we have seen the Similar trend? As soon as It went down it tried to go back Up so It went Up like Two Seam Level Where it has started to go down So this point was the same point with the china news came in and we started to see some Crash and That Was the Buying Opportunity Afterwards The Market Is trying to get stable They wants to make sure that the Market has not Changing a lot it’s not going up and down and it Still is trying to maintain That the barrier straining still Exist Now the point comes in What are the support levels that i think that the Market is showing Right Now So for that reason i have to mention first of all three Support levels Right Now? The First Support Level That We Saw Initially Was at $52 where the Market Was Mostly surviving Right Now the Market is 51:26 so it has Just Broken that Support level the point that i want To make and are we gonna see that the Support level of $52 will Just come back again or not or secondly if It Does Not come back again Another Support Level Which is down Towards it it’S 47 Dollars so we might gonna see that As soon as it Hit 47 dollars It will start to show Some Kind of resistance and Try to stay Over here and then Go back Up and this Resistance Will Help You in order to go back up again to $52 and for Example Let’s Take Another Scenario Where the Market gonna come back and Try to maintain This $52 resistance Then there could Be Possibility That It Will Try to touch That option Number two that i have the downtrend Channel The Peak point Which is a Good Support Level and It comes to $58 so now What’s Happened if It Touches to this point then we Will Try to break and might Show Bullish trend for a While so i there could be a chance if It gonna Break This Point this Channel We Will See another Up crane and the Next up pudding level could be $64 That’s What i have because i know we saw some resistance all the way over here? $64 so now guys Let me summarize it Very fast Number One Sisson has Broken This Support Level of $52 we might gonna see that It Will go down to 47 dollars and i think That gonna be the buying opportunity Because i believe This Will go and then The soul and this Will Try. To come back at $52 and Afterwards If the Other option that i have is if It Goes back Up to next level of $58 so we ain’t gonna touch the down train Channel It Will Try to Break This and if It and if It tries to break This Channel downtrend Channel We Will see another Expected Support Region Of $64 and There Could be possible that we might gonna Go up but i don’t see that coming from now These are my Few Analysis that i think that the Mark You will hit Let me know Guys What do you Guys think do you think the Market Would go down in touch 47 or It might gonna Go down more or you have to think about It maybe It Will go back Up and if It does What gonna be the value am i showing Correct downtrend Channel for you Guys or not all these information i got It from fibonacci Channel From Regression Crane From Pitchfork and From Alright Sigh Macd and i use a Lot of Statistical – It’s hard to get all This information I’M Just trying to give you an Easy Understanding How i Used and What gonna be the expectations that i have so please Guys Let me know your opinion And i will try My best Guys to give you all of my best knowledge so that We All can Grow Together in a Very Amazing Technology of Cryptocurrency so i hope you guys Liked This video and if you Liked It please do subscribe my Channel and do Like a and give me a Thumbs up and if you want to subscribe my Channel Turn on the notification so that You can Watch all of my videos When It and i do upload i’m Going to post more videos on bitcoin cash and all Other Cryptocurrency the one that you want to request to me i would Highly value you guys Keep enjoying life Keep training keep Believing in cryptocurrency and i see you on the other end in the next video thank you so much Bye