[Music] [Music] [Music] hello my name is Mahdi Tahsildari the project manager of CryTech mining project this is Iran Transaction Exhibition (ITE) and we are here to introduce our product we have tokenized Bitcoin mining on an ERC-20 token and we are going to have an ICO in the upcoming months [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] our product’s name is CRY Token by acquiring CRY Token the investor buys a sum of hash rates on our farms, we actually buy ASIC miners and put them in our farms in several countries and these miners start mining Bitcoin we have weekly AirDrops as Ethereum to pay the revenue to the investors and we have up to 50% of the profit and this 50% is used to a guarantee this amount of hash rate for lifetime, I mean when an investor buys and holds our token, CRY, they have this hash rate forever [Music] [Music] we have been active in the Blockchain field for three years we have started our journey by writing auto-trading systems our own systems that make use of our algorithms and then we have started working on a project called CRY Token this project is Tokenized Bitcoin Mining and we are going to introduce it here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] CRY Token is an ERC-20 token backed by hash power, by real hash power our smart contract checks the pools and calculates how many hash powers are current, are currently working and thereby mints or burns tokens. Our token is the transparent and fair and we have weekly air drops as Ethereum for the profits, and we have 50% of the profit to make sure that your tokens are lifetime [Music] we have a couple of differences with our competitors: first of all our electricity is cheap, we have access to cheap electricity in multiple countries and we have chosen them for our farms; secondly, our token is totally transparent and the investor can check how this works from zero to the end, and the other good point of us is that you can hold the token as long as its profitable and you can easily change it, switch it, or sell it whenever you want because we are totally liquidable [Music] you can check us on mining.crytech.trade, subscribe to our email list, know our team members, and check our white paper. Please make sure to ask us any questions you have we are there for you