Hi everyone we are here today in
exciting and beautiful Cuba and today we thought we’d share our top tips for
visiting this country. This tip is specifically for Canadians,
you’re probably wondering about the tourist card if you’re a first time
visitor here. Here’s the thing you’re gonna get it on your flight down here
whether it’s just a regular commercial flight or a package deal and you’re on
something like Sunwing. So don’t worry about it. Another tip: if you’re planning to
travel between cities and you’re hoping to take the bus is to book your Viazul
bus tickets in advance. They have a great website and you’re able to reserve in
advance so we would suggest doing that and then printing your tickets as well. So if you are planning to travel to
other cities another option available to you is a taxi colectivo. So that is
where you hire a car to take you and other people to a particular destination. It’s a little bit more expensive than taking the bus but it’s also a little bit faster because it doesn’t have to stop as often. We learned that the best
way to find and hire taxi colectivos is at the Viazul bus station in Havana and
also in Varadero, most likely the same in other cities but definitely double check.
Another thing people wonder about is how much cash they should bring to Cuba.
Cuba is definitely a cash economy so bring quite a bit. It’s the safest way to know
that you’re gonna have the money you need to pay for things. However there are
more and more ATMs and we found that the exchange rate whether we changed money
or use an ATM was about the same. You can exchange your cash here quite easily
either at the airport or at various places in each city. If you’re staying in
an Airbnb make sure you connect with your host they will be a great source of
information for you and can help you with all different types of things. And
they’re super friendly so they will go out of their way to help you even if
there’s nothing in it for them they’re going to want you to have a great trip
in Cuba. Another tip is to do your research in advance. You’re gonna be spending a
lot of time here and keep it offline so you need as much information in advance
as possible to ensure you have a successful trip. Another thing to
remember is that everything works just a little bit differently here in Cuba. So restaurants often have different access to different food.
Some days they won’t have the food needed to make some of their menu items. Undoubtedly you are going to run into an occasion where something you wanted to
order probably isn’t available. If that happens just roll with it. Because that is all part of the Cuban experience. As
you know there are two currencies here in Cuba, there’s the moneda Nacional, the Cuban pesos. And then the convertible pesos which are called CUCs, and that’s
generally the one that most tourists will be using. However you budget
travelers will probably want to get your hands on some Cuban pesos, so one quick
way that we found to get your hands on that money is to just take a CUC like
a one peso coin and head off to one of those sandwich shops, buy yourself
sandwich and the change is going to be in Cuban pesos. Also, it’s a great excuse to go
to some of those little shops and try some of the sandwiches and local treats and
sort of street food. Our final tip and where we’re headed to right now is the beach. Get
yourself to the beach! The beaches here are beautiful, the water is clean and
warm and lovely, and the beach can feel like an extra treat after visiting a busy
city like Havana. Well that’s it for this video. Thank you so much for watching and if
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