Okay, so you arrived in Tanzania, you’re gonna want to exchange some money. I recommend that you exchange some money right when you arrive in the airport, you’re gonna want some pocket change. In Tanzania, the currency that they’re gonna use is the Tanzanian Schilling. So one dollar is about a thousand Tanzanian Schillings, and that changes all the time. So you’ll check your local currency exchange, and you’ll check it on the board when you arrive. There’s a small currency exchange right in the airport. So get a hundred dollars exchange into Tanzanian Schillings, they’re gonna give you large denomination notes like a 10 thousand Schilling note. You wanna take those and hand a couple back in and get some small change. You want small change in your pockets for a little bit of tips and small items in certain places that you go if you wanted to buy a soda or something like that, they might not have the change if you have just large bills. We usually make a little cheat card like this, it just shows what a Tanzanian Schillings amount is equal to the US dollar. You’ll be able to exchange money again after your Kilimanjaro climb or while you’re on safari, the tipping for the group tip pool that we do on Kilimanjaro, you can use US dollars. For tipping your safari drivers, you can use US dollars, but for anything that you buy along the way, you’re gonna want to have Tanzanian Schillings to pay.