This is the machine where you can change your
dollars into like this when you place your money here and then continue, and then the
money is being identified, amount exchange 100 US Dollars, exchange rate 1.670 ,calculated
amount is this, then we will continue, and after continuing this machine is saying please
wait, cash change in process , so we are changing our cash from Dollars to Azerbaijan currency
which is called Manat so here we place 100 dollars into the machine and here it comes
out the baku azerbaijan currency manat, this is called manat currency, which is azerbaijan
currency, now lets see how much we received, here we can collect the transaction receipt
as well , so as you guys have seen this is how we have the easiest way of how we can
exchange your money, in our hotel we are staying we have this facility of money exchange machine,
this is how you can put your money into the machine and can exchange the money easily,
manat or any azerbaijan currency if you want to, azerbaijan currency is basically called
manat, we have to go for shopping tomorrow and we just got to know about the exchange
machine so we are exchanging our currency , see ya.