Today’s topic is Forex pairs, that basic
unit That enables us to trade in global
currencies, the forex market is huge it’s Worth over five trillion dollars in
daily turnover In Forex we invest in options to
exchange currencies The two currencies we exchanged for one
another are called a Forex pair And each pair is designated by two
sets of currency abbreviations One on the left, the base currency and
one on the right Account currency, the value of the pair
equals the amount of units of counter currency you need Or get for one unit of base currency to,
profit we could take a loan in Low-interest currency and invested in a
high-interest one By the end of the term we would be
paying interest where we took the lone and Getting more interest where we invested it, in Forex we’re not really taking on making a loan but Investing in the opportunity to do that,
that opportunities value can rise or fall And we can profit either way, join
Alvexo and we will show you how