hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’ve got a currency search today I went ahead and went to a Wells
Fargo Bank and pulled out six hundred and fifty dollars in ones alright guys I’ve got these ones that I
got from Wells Fargo Bank that I don’t normally hunt currency yet figured I was
on that side of town why not stop in a Wells Fargo it is one
of the Wells Fargo’s that I got some of the nickels and dimes from so I’ll have to see how it goes the reason why it’s 650 is because I
also pulled out a nickel and a dime box which is 350 and so for a cool thousand
I had them give me 650 in ones they broke a strap pulled out 50 in the machine
counter so we’ll start with that first and then we’ll go a stack at a time and
I’ll loop you in if I find anything worth showing nothing in that little 50
stack so let’s go ahead and hunt a full stack all right we’re just cracking into
this first stack probably about ten bills in it we’ve got our first star
note and it’s a 2013 L 115 four nine one five eight star as you know as always
I’ll be checking their print run and serial numbers at the end for their
rarity for now let’s get back to hunting some more bills we’ve got a 1988 a note
here let’s see if it’s a web it is not but I still collect pre 2000 notes
nothing special about this bill in particular but we’ll stick it to the
side alright first strap down other than a star note and the older 88 a series
note that’s all we found so we’re gonna move on to the next stack alright guys
halfway through the second strap and we’ve got another star note and this was
an interesting one for a couple of reasons
it’s one it’s a star note and two it’s a broken ladder star note broken ladder is
when you have a series of eight numbers consecutively only broken by one number
and no two numbers the same so we have 0 1 2 3 4 it’s missing the 5 6 7 8 so a
broken ladder star note pretty cool we’ll set it aside with the other star
note and we’ll be checking its printed rarity at the end of the video alright
guys we’re just about done with that second stack and we got
the star note and take a look at this one you could look at it a couple of
different ways you could look at it as a trinary because it has only one 2s and
sevens so that’s pretty cool and the second cool thing is it’s kind of like a
birthday note but just not yet December 27th 2127 man look how close that was
to being a repeater star note had it been 1227 1227 or 2127 2127
then it would have been even more special than it would have been a star
note repeater trinary either way still a cool find we’ll add it to the collection
over here we’ll be checking those later two stacks down let’s go to stack three
just cracking into this third stack we’ve got another start out here not a
lot special about it but it is a star note it’s in pretty rough shape we’re
still gonna check it anyway third stack down let’s move on to the fourth stack
it’s almost a star note skunked in stack four let’s see if we get back on the
board in stack five halfway through this fifth stack we got a trinary note here
it’s got two threes and sixes it’s in tough shape and it’s got some stains I
won’t be keeping it I don’t keep trinarys unless they’re special if it was a
binary I’d be keeping it all day but not much good about this one especially
since its condition just wanted to show we found a trinary stack 5 was a
dud last stack stack 6 another trinary that I won’t be keeping no need to – pretty
beat-up bill I’ll tell you I’m a little excited though because there is some new bills right there in this stack and sometimes with new bills
you can find some cool numbers anyway we’ll get back to you if you find
something worth showing well almost halfway through the stack and we’ve got a pretty nice star note this thing has not been circulated long
matter of fact it may have been part of the new strap so that’s a good sign it’s
2013 and it’s a nice crisp star note to look for alright let’s get back to the
hunt all right amongst the crisp new bills we
did find a broken ladder here you can see it’s only missing the eight one two
three four five six seven nine we’ll take it we collect broken ladders let’s
look for a few more in the last few bills
we got another star note 2013 h o five four one three three six one pretty
crisp it’s got a little fold here in the top corner we can flatten that out
though so we’ll be checking that as well the last few notes to go all right guys $650
in one dollar bills searched and we ended up with six star notes which is
about what you want one per every strap of 100 so that’s pretty good we got one
broken ladder that’s not a star note if you recall this star notes also is a broken
ladder and then we got four bills that were pre-2000 topped off by this 1988 a
series a note it wasn’t a web note but still pretty collectible in my opinion and
not in great shape now let me go on to mycurrency.com and take a look
at the print runs and rarities these star notes see if we got something worth
showing all right everyone we’ve checked the
print run and rarities of all the six star notes we found they’re all not rare
they’re all part of 3.2 million print runs so not a lot of value in that but
again these two star notes are a little more special because one’s a trinary
almost a repeater and one’s a broken ladder this the broken ladder is a
little bit dinged up and this one’s got a little bit of slight creasing but
still that’ll look good in a bill holder I don’t collect star notes to sell them
I collect them for myself unless they’re spectacular which none of these really
are still a fun hunt hope you enjoyed the video with me if you did please give
it a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks for watching