Welcome for a new currency special! Today I am presenting you the Iranian Rial I got these notes from an Iran traveller He brought me over a half million Rial The 100 Rial note is, like the 200, out of circulation The exchange rate is about 35,000 to 40,000 Rial per Euro! But in real live, there is used the name “Toman”. 1 Toman is equal to 10 Rial, e.g.: 10,000 Toman are 100,000 Rial These 1000 notes are brandnew from a bank. Speciality: The obverse features an old design replaced years ago by new notes… ….these notes I am showing are brandnew from this year, so there must have been a swop to the new, old design. The reverse remains the same.. Exactly the same with these 200 Rial notes! Interesting fact: The portrait of Islamic revolution leader Ajatollah Khomeni was replaced. The 5000 note features Khomeni. This design remains the same There are several version of the back design The 20,000 may used most as denomination there are 3 different back design versions The same with the 50,000 notes. This version shall be the most interesting: It features an atomic symbol, giving a hint on nuclear programm. 100,000 Rial is the highest banknote, worth only about 3€ or less This denomination is relatively new. But there are also other denomiations, 500,000 and 1,000,000 Rial as a so called “Iran-cheque”. This note is also popular on ebay, mainly as a so adverted “investment” There are non proved and wrong informations about a revaluation of the currncy, gaining much of its value.. that is nonsense! Do not buy them as investment!