In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to
set the Currency on your EKM online shop. From your Dashboard page – as always – what
you need to do is click the Settings tab up on the top right-hand corner. This’ll take
you through to your Settings page, and down the left-hand side here, you’ll see Currency
is listed fourth underneath Shop Settings. Click that, and that’ll take you through to
the Currency page, where we can set all the currencies for your EKM online shop. Now,
at the top of the page, you’ve got the Base Currency, so by default that will be GBP – Great
British Pounds. So you’ve got a wee drop-down here, so you can select different currencies
for your shop, okay? And you’ve got your Base Currency symbol, so we’ve got a pound sign,
obviously. Now further down here, we have a long list of all the countries and all of
the currencies that are native to those countries listed next to them. So for example, my little
test shop is going to sell to the UK and to Europe, so if we scroll down, we tick the
box for Europe – okay – and then we click the Save button. Now you can include other
currencies if you want, it depends on the purpose of your EKM online shop. Now if I
scroll up here – in true, Blue Peter style – if I click on the front end of my EKM online
shop, this is one I’ve prepared earlier – you’ll see in my Theme I have this GBP Pounds Sterling
button up here. Now if we scroll down, I’ve got a Product here that’s £9.99 so showing
in nine pounds ninety-nine, but if I change this to Euro which is the other accepted currency
for my EKM online shop – if we scroll down, it’s changed that price – the original £9.99
– into €11.55, that’s the equivalent in Euros, alright? Now dependent on what Theme
you have, some of the more modern Themes have the Currency listed up top, whilst on some
of the older Themes, you’ll see the Currency listed down the bottom. Sometimes it’s not
a drop-down menu; sometimes it’s a series of flags with one flag representing each currency
– each countries’ currency, okay? So all the customer has to do is click the flag for their
home country and that’ll convert all the prices for them. For more of our Support Guides,
check out our Support Centre which is Alternatively, if you’re already there, we’ve
got lots more videos over on YouTube. Just bob over to, type in ‘EKM’ and
you can find us on there as well.