Welcome to another episode of Crypto Jargon. The series where we break down the complex crypto terminology Today’s episode features the following slang acronyms: These are acronyms mostly used on chat forums and Twitter and haven’t quite made it into the mainstream yet, So if you happen to spot them and not sure what they stand for, keep watching: This episode is sponsored by Ledger: The maker of the best hardware wallets on the market. their devices support more than a thousand different crypto assets so you can safely store all of your tokens and coins in a robust cold storage and truly be the owner of your private keys and have the best protection against hackers. To find out more about it, Check out the description of the video where you will find the link and my tutorials on the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X devices. Starting with CYA or CYOA They are referring to the same thing Cover Your A** or Cover Your Own A** and can mean two things: First, It is referred to covering your digital footprint, your online activity in order to not be identified. But more often it is used simply as a warning about careless investments to those who are new to the crypto space. It means that one should do a lot of research before they take a buy position of any crypto currency and also make sure that they have a stop-loss to protect against possible reverse in the market. In that respect, similar usage has the acronym DYOR which stands for: Do Your Own Research not to be confused with the luxury fashion House of Dior.. The warning here is that you really have to protect yourself against losses and scams by doing a lot of research and mainly, Your Own Research, rather than just following other people’s advice blindly, which can get you in trouble. There are too many Shills, Trolls and Scam artists, who can easily misguide you and caused you great losses So most of the influencers and content creators would always tell you to Cover Your A** by doing your own research. By the way, Shill and Troll are terms I cover in another episode in this series. So take a look in the description here for the link. Another common expression on forums and chat rooms is ELI5, which stands for: Explain Like I’m a five-year-old, Basically calling for a simple, easy to follow explanation of something that is usually more complex. Just what I’m doing here with this series. In My Opinion. I’m doing a good job. Wouldn’t you agree? well, this is what IMO stands for. and Lastly, YABC which stands for “Yet Another Bitcoin Company” or it can also be used as “Yet Another Blockchain Company”. It’s a term indicating that there is really nothing special with a specific company and that it’s just trying to jump on the Bitcoin blockchain trend for more gains There are thousands of companies that want to be associated with Bitcoin just to appear as cool and in 2017 there were many instances where businesses added the word blockchain or Bitcoin to their brand name and saw huge increases in revenue as a result. Enjoying this content? Why not grab a copy of my book: Crypto Jargon A-to-Z the most thorough dictionary that exists to date with over 700 definitions of acronyms, trading slang, and all the crypto terminology you need. Just go to www.ojjordan.com/cryptojargon and grab your digital copy today. And one more thing, Announcing my special summer giveaway. Yes! To celebrate the arrival of summer, I’m doing a special summer giveaway on my youtube channel for all of my subscribers. I’d like to get to know you better and I want your feedback on my content. In return, I’m giving away not one not two but ten great prizes! five physical revenue debit cards. Revolut is an online bank with zero free conversion of all major currencies including Bitcoin and Etherium and it’s my favorite card to use on my travels. Also, I’m giving away crypto prizes $50 worth of Bitcoin, $50 worth of Etherium, $25 worth of Litecoin and $25 in Dash and the grand prize my favorite hardware wallet device the Ledger Nano S compact, secure and anonymous, The Ledger Nano S is everything you need to store safely your long term crypto holdings. for your chance to win, All you have to do is like and comment on my videos from now until August and I will select the winners. You also have to be a subscriber of course, but it’s free to subscribe. So this is your chance to win this fantastic prizes. You are in charge with your luck. The most active subscribers will be rewarded. It’s that easy! so get busy!