(digital video game music) – Good morning, Coinfeed family. The date is October 31st. It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, but not just any Wednesday
morning, because today is the 10th anniversary of
the Bitcoin’s whitepaper. Our little guy is a quite a
big boy at $6,300 dollars. I am your host Robin and this is your girlfriend’s
favorite crypto show, Crypto Morning Update with Coinfeed TV. We’re gonna get right into the biggest movers and shakers of the day,
as well as the top headlines. Pundi X ignores the bears
and bounces up by over 4%. Ravencoin continues its weekly descent, falling by 8% on the daily time frame. Overall, market is holding steady. Nothing to see here. So let’s move on to the
headlines of the day. Coinbase President and COO Asiff Hirji announced that Coinbase raised
over $300 million of funding in a series E round. When Coinbase makes the
final push to go public, this will be bigger than
a Bitcoin ETF moment. Institutions could have
exposure to crypto right away in a business model that is easy for traditional finance to understand. As 50 Cent would say, get the strap. Ron Paul says cryptocurrencies
should not be taxed. Bullish as (bleep). Not so bullish, however,
a man plead guilty for operating an unlicensed
money transmitter business through LocalBitcoins.com. He could face five years in prison. That’s the thing about crypto: If you sell it, you have to do KYC. The government does not
want you participating in what could be a
money laundering scheme. These laws were, of course, created out of the best intentions. They are antiquated, however,
and require modern review. Money deserves to move freely. Help us out, Ron. Finally, for can’t handle that scandal. Bruno Block, a pseudonym for
the creator of Oyster Pearl, used a trap door to generate extra coins. Bruno dumped $300,000 dollars
worth of coins on KuCoin, which tanked the price of Oyster by 65%, which is why I say stay away
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