hey what’s going on guys today is March
the 17th 2018 and I’m gonna come at you
with the daily overview we’ve got a lot
of red here and some calling market cap
another pretty horrid day for
cryptocurrency in general there is
literally only four coins in the green
today and three of those are under half
of a percent under a quarter of a
percent for that matter so today
definitely wasn’t a great day for
Bitcoin or any other major crypto in the
top 100 Bitcoin dropped five and a half
percent sitting on strong 7700 I’m not
sure what’s gonna happen with it I
really didn’t think that it would drop
much lower than the eight grand mark
however there has been a lot of people
that do technical analysis looking at
charts thinking that it’s gonna be a six
thousand dollar bottom before the
recovery it’s really hard to say I’ve
seen crypto go all the way from my
Bitcoin for instance from like twelve
thirteen hundred ollars all the way back
down to the hundreds so with that same
ratio from nineteen thousand it could go
as low as fifteen hundred to two
thousand dollars I don’t necessarily
think that will happen but it’s it’s
very hard to tell at this point let’s
just go back to the first time you see
here as it hit over eleven hundred
dollars and then just slowly kind of
tapered all the way back down long bare
market this is the initial time right
here when sometime around here when the
mountain GOx happened then it really
took a hit on the market but as you can
see the price went from hundreds all the
way down
oh I’m sorry over a thousand all the way
down into low 200s and I thought I even
remembered it like 180 or something
after that so I’m not sure if I just
missed it with this chart but anyways I
think still have a long ways to go here
with getting overall acceptance getting
merchants and stores accepting Bitcoin
and I think we’re in we’re in the first
inning of the game still and we’re about
really start seeing some growth and big
money getting put into the market as
soon as the US SEC figures out what
happen I get and everything like that so
there was a cryptocurrency talk today
with the US Congress earlier as well and
they were they had a very positive
outlook on it so it’s still very bullish
and long term I’m not not really sure
what’s gonna happen short term I think
we might lose a little bit more and then
start to have some recovery after that
but um yeah top five gains on the day or
all right here my next iota tether and
then Emer coin and crypto necks even
though they lost and the biggest loss is
today nem status dragon chain card on oh
and power ledger so that’s the daily
market overview for today I’m going to
be putting this up on D tube and my
youtube channel so make sure you give me
a follow and alike and to the moon have
a good one guys