Hello, dear friends!
This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency
It’s me, Julin GYS.
For the past week Dash exchange rate reached the minimum of $ 302.00
and the maximum of $ 394.00.
What is going in Dash?
On April 2, 2018, a document was issued in which
the head of each team tells about what is happening
in his/her sphere.
You will learn the details by following the link in the description.
Central Banks of India and Pakistan crack down
on banks using cryptocurrencies.
The Reserve Bank of India issued a statement
that “all entities under its regulation would have
three months to cut ties with any service
dealing in cryptocurrency.”
Around the same time, The State Bank of Pakistan
decreed similar regulations on banks and financial entities
under their regulatory domain.
The global prices of cryptocurrencies
moved little.
It should also be noted that these regulations are
not bans on cryptocurrencies since a ban
would require legislative action.
But these news do not frighten the fans of the cryptocurrency.
The incentives to use Dash are prevalent throughout India and Pakistan
and Dash satisfies consumers with its unique structure
of troubleproof and decentralized currency.
By the way, Bitcoin has some problems with adoption while Dash
is being taken in New Hampshire and Venezuela.
Will Dash succeed in 2018, despite the delays
in development?
For more information, see the articles that
Dash team translated into Russian for you.
The well-known Swiss company Lykke,
which built an exchange of financial assets on
a blockchain basis, announced that now Dash cryptocurrency is available
on the Lykke platform.
Buyers and sellers can now exchange Dash
directly in the Lykke Wallet mobile application.
Can SegWit, Lighting, and RBF appear in Dash?
Learn more from the article.
In the first quarter of 2018, Dash received 23 integration and dozens
of partnership agreements.
While the cryptocurrency markets are experiencing a tough
correction against last winter, when there was good growth,
Dash continues to tell about its weekly achievements.
The new guest took part in our project “No time to wait – just act!”
This is Evgeny Kaznacheev – the technical
director of the Midex financial platform,
CEO and co-owner of Yoldi Agency, an expert in
integrating technology into the ecosystem of business
projects, an expert in cryptocurrency services security
and high load projects.
The Dash People channel has released 2 videos
on “Large business about DASH”
On April 5 and 6, in Nizhny Novgorod,
in Technopark “Ankudinovka” the Digital Snowbreak
2018 was held.
More than 30 speakers took part in this
conference. The subjects of their speeches were very different:
cryptocurrencies, ICE, business processes, SEO, advertising, marketing, design, blogging and progression.
And this is the news of the past week.
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