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out now let’s get started with David Beckham potentially getting into crypto
currencies so Bryan Armstrong the CEO of coinbase he actually met with David
Beckham in San Francisco he posted that great dinner last night with David
Beckham talking crypto and Bay Area tech David Beckham I’m sure most of you guys
know who he is a world-renowned English football player in the Hall of Fame one
of the best of all time whatever it is you want to call it the man is famous
also models on the side I guess something he has known for us well
depending on if you’re a guy or a girl watching this but I believe most of
people on my channel are guys so you’ll probably know him for soccer more than
or football whatever you want to call it more than his underwear modeling after
that so the reason why they met is unclear with Beckham further meeting in
their own premises Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook the guy from Instagram and it
Davitt in individuals from Apple’s Brother not the CEO of Apple sure he’s
pretty busy Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t but either way
meeting with individuals from Apple and presumably others as well David Beckham
then said great meeting you Brian Armstrong I will see you in London so
the reason the thing people are speculating now we don’t know exactly
what this is about but what people are speculating is this might be to do with
David Beckham’s charity so he runs a UNICEF fund that helps children unlock
their incredible potential and coinbase recently launched a gift crypto with
Armstrong stating at the time we will raise funds from cryptocurrency holders
and distribute small payments to people in need around the world all using
cryptocurrency to spread the adoption of cryptocurrency and of course also to
show that there is the good side of cryptocurrency contrary to what so many
people believe which is all the negatives all the scams all the bad
things that go on in those space which we can’t deny that there are but there
is that in every space around the world there trying to prove the good that can
come from cryptocurrency as well so David Beckham we’re gonna have to wait
and see what continues to come out of this but we are seeing more and more
celebrities start talking about this the article then goes on and talks about
other people’s are talking about how cryptocurrency is slowly becoming more
mainstream with more people talking about it more people getting involved
and just overall more recognition of what it actually is then the article
gets a little funny is that all that’s left now is for Trump to tweet something
about Bitcoin aetherium crypto or blockchain and if he crashes the
testament again in the process will forgive him and then if the Queen the
Queen of England of course that is would be she should be the only one left to
utter the words but chances are fairly small now speaking of Bitcoin bitcoin is
back to those low volume levels so the bear market sees Bitcoin volume
approaching yearly low once again there’s the good side of this and there
is the bad side of this so obviously everything you guys can see the price
over here is look at how steady that price says Bitcoin again looking like a
stable coin even tether actually had 2% pull back yeah tether it’s down to like
98 cents or 98 in half cent I don’t I don’t know exactly what it is either way
bitcoins low volume why is this good and bad at the same time all the good means
that there isn’t as many selling there’s not as many panic
sellers majority of those people seems like have exited the market those that
are left are people who want a hot Ilan this though they understand that it’s
low when they understand that eventually we are gonna have that bull run again it
so everyone’s holding on and waiting for that to happen so that’s the good side
but the bad side seems like no money is entering the market obviously again why
the volumes old there’s no money entering the market from new investors
because there isn’t that hype there isn’t that you know just comment
everyone talking about everyone wanting to get involved we aren’t having that
anymore and I think the lack of excitement around it the people that are
in are already in and a majority of them have put their money in and now they are
waiting to see some return they’re no longer actively putting money in like
people were in the end of 2017 or the start of 2018 people are now kind of
waiting and again with no money in volumes are at nearly they’re
approaching yearly lows which again the the good side is with low volume a small
amount of a small amount of price action or a small amount of volume that comes
in we could have some significant moves in the market like we’ve seen previously
now that could be either up or that could be down
either way it’s possible to make money if you’re trading those but still it
does allow for easy market manipulation even if it’s not on purpose we’ve seen a
lot of times like the guy who went out and sold 22,000 Bitcoin
he just had 22,000 Bitcoin lying around that he wanted to decided you know what
maybe I need I need the money maybe I don’t really want to be in this space
maybe I’ve been maybe he got in twenty ten he’s just chillin now he’s like oh
I’m gonna cash out my money he’s sold and the market took a four or the price
of bitcoins like a four to five hundred dollar dump in this matter of a few
minutes because there’s no volume to counteract that so Bitcoin volume
getting two yearly lows again there is the good and the bad side to that now
the most hated man in crypto currency and this guy’s been all over the news
recently Nouriel Roubini I don’t know if I even
pronounce that correctly cuz I’m not gonna lie when it comes to this guy I
don’t really pay much attention just from seeing the few things he said you
can tell that there’s two things either one he is just severely under ed Mis
educated not and not educated on all in this and is trying to
back up his false claims or two he just wants the fame and now in this space
it’s pretty easy if you just come out and say some crazy stuff you’ll be able
to just get a little bit of popularity but a lot of people have been talking
about him recently so I figured I would cover it from a lot of the things he
said a lot of them just aren’t true he’s naming things that are not exactly that
he’s like confusing the names of things I like I said I haven’t paid too much
attention to it but from what I’m seeing it’s just really not anything to pay too
much attention to and then the next thing that I saw which made me really
excited it’s about Vitalik boot Aryan so of the
co-founder of aetherium super young a genius when it comes to actually knowing
what’s going on it’s a smart kid very very smart kid he might debate debate
Nouriel here I’m gonna call him Nouriel I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that
correctly but again he might debate and that is what is coming into play him
debating Nouriel about blotching about cryptocurrency about everything that’s
going on he is excited for Metallica so excited for I mean why would you not be
if you’ve seen what this guy’s been saying I’m sure it’s going to be a
slaughtering if it’s how it does go ahead and do this and just to make it
more fun I say bring vitalik and bring Charlie Lee because we know Charlie is
also super smart when it comes so this is just hearing him talk you can tell
how passionate he is but also how much he actually understands how much
research he’s done how much he knows the Bitcoin of white paper even just really
smart guy I’d be really interesting to see those to talk to Nouriel and he can
bring someone else make it to v2 but still I mean I’m curious to see if this
comes out if it does if they do actually have a debate I will obviously link that
here then Arthur Hayes a CEO of bit Mex said that they’d be happy to pay all
production costs and Nouriel came out they’re pretty much calling a bit max a
criminal scam so clearly I don’t think that’s gonna be the case they might not
be hosting it but you could tell he also doesn’t like bit mix so nothing to do
with cryptocurrency or blockchain is this guy a fan of he thinks it makes the
world worse I don’t know if he owns a big company that doesn’t benefit from it
maybe he bought high in sold low guys that’s pretty much my go-to when people
are angry probably bought at 20k and saw that 6k and now salty but who knows
we’ll see how things play out looking at the market began trading sideways two
hundred two billion dollar market pretty much exactly where we were yesterday
54% Bitcoin Tom it’s a little bit higher and again just not much price action
going on we’ve had this little move here which we managed to make a little bit of
profit on in the group again trading sideways it’s hard to make significant
profits but still profit is better than no profit the changes very small
percentage trade changes right here again anything any action in any
movement will just completely wipe these out the biggest gainer is GX chain then
polymath is up as well a good crypto currency broke into the top 100 here elf
drop bill is up five percent as well so cool to see that and then as we keep
scrolling down roughly around a little bit more than halfway so maybe a 6535
split right here more green than red but still a lot of very small gains so
overall not any given direction we seen excells down 7% aurora’s down four point
seven percent and shortly after we get all these small losses so overall the
markets trading sideways again Bitcoin looking like a stable coin interesting
to see here’s the price of tether we were talking about before 98 point 8
cents right now but I saw jokes going everywhere that if tethers down that’s
how you know it’s a bear market because tether tether took a 2% hit which is
actually pretty big for tether if you think about it right now by coin got
delisted from finance and a lot of people were you know a lot of people who
are invested in by a coin we’re upset with that obviously bicone took a
massive hit in terms of price if we just go to the 7 days I believe this should
this should show us what was going on look at that just trading trading
trading BAM and then it keeps going down so they’re in talks they’re they’re
actively they’re in active communication with binders to try and solve this see
if they can get listed again I don’t know much of the reasons why they are so
why they got D listed but we’ll see exactly what happens how that plays out
if they do get relisted yes they do get relisted that’d be good for them I guess
like I said they said that they’re in talks of bindings
just to clarify it they’re in the process of active communication with the
finance representative about the delisting situation by coin should
precede its trading on Finance without any issues
and we are trying to come to an agreement as soon as possible let’s
let’s see how everything does play out there now litecoin is another one of
my favorites one of my favorites just because I think it’s so steady I think
it’s just has everything to back it up and Charlie Lee is there which never
hurts to have a guy that smart they’ve had a ton of development a ton of more
adoption as well and when it comes to this bear market they’ve been doing very
very well with that and price-wise they look like it’s steady it looks like it’s
holding a strong support at the $50 so above $50 looks like it’s doing fairly
well up to fifty three point four nine percent now again it’s down from its
all-time high of course everything’s down from its all-time high but it’s
about what they’ve been doing in the bear market and that’s the part that I
think interests me most about litecoin because they are one of the few we’ve
seen we’ve seen several crypto currencies do it but not that many just
have constant development constant adoption news and just overall seeing
some very very nice things happen now speaking of Charlie Lee he’s actually
interested in Manero Suman arrows at 103 dollars obviously is because the
circulating supply is a lot smaller than most other crypto currencies out there
it’s at a 1.7 billion dollar valuation so ranked at number 10 a little bit
expensive in terms of price if that’s what you’re looking at if you because
you want to get a lot of an all coin Manero might not be the go-to but it
does have a lot a lot of potential and currently trading on every exchange
again I would probably get it on Finance link in the description if you don’t
have an account yet I don’t know what you’re doing without an account there
but either way Manero very good cryptocurrency up a little bit again
today but that’s not the main point wanted to talk about it was about
Charlie Lee saying that he mentioned right here another project that I’m
interested in is mineiro I think a bit of privacy is something that is missing
from bitcoin and litecoin and it’s very much needed so could we see a light
point and Manero Alliance when it comes to Charlie Lee and you know I think the
guys up for anything that’ll benefit the space anything that’ll help that’ll just
help and just make anything better that’s the part that’s the part of me
that doesn’t have as much of an issue and a lot of people have an issue with
Charlie and the fact that he sold his light point but just hearing him talk
and I met him in San Francisco as well I think he’s so into the idea of mass
adoption and using the blockchain cryptocurrency to better everything
throughout the world I think he’s so committed on that and the fact that
should be decentralized in the fact you know just overall adopting just
hearing him talk I said I saw I watched the interview with Charlie Lee and Roger
veer from Bitcoin cash and you could tell the difference between one person
genuinely caring and knowing what they were talking about that came across from
Charlie to me just watching again like I said I met him briefly in San Francisco
I trust it III trust him when it comes to him not doing this just for the money
sake he said that he’s working now harder than ever because back when he
had all his litecoin he was spending most of his time on coinbase because he
had a financial stake in it now that he doesn’t have the financial stake and
again I understand most people’s arguments when they say that well if he
doesn’t have the financial on the financial stake he’s not gonna want to
see a develop I would agree in most cases but just hearing Charlie talk and
just you know talking to him and just seeing how much he genuinely cares about
this space I don’t think he’s one of those people that did it just for the
finance that he means the financial motivation to continue to do it I think
I think he does it just because of his genuine love and interest in this space
so that’s just my thoughts again we can all have our different opinion I know a
lot of people do not like charlie lee but either way he’s interested in Manero
and I figured it’d be a good opportunity to talk about Manero because I also am a
fan of Manero and think it’s going to do very well for the same reason privacy I
think is a huge part now really quick let’s do the Bitcoin giveaway before we
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