4480 strange coins 816 ascendant shards, we have 847 ascendant energy, 450 radiant shards, 440 radiant energy, we have 451 passage coins, we have 499- or 4779 motes of light which seems a little low to me… Let’s start buying! Uh, yeah, we basically want to get rid of as much of it as we can So we’re just gonna do this… I’m gonna do this for a little bit and I’ll put on some tunes *Random beautiful humming* Aaand we’re gonna be here a while, so uh… There’s some more. There’s some. There you go. And there’s some more for that. And there we go Alright, *friend*(you do the count down) 3 2 1 GO! much clicks wow DONE! 7.42 (friend timing him – There you go, there you go!) 1 GO! *friend*(Is that good?) Is that better? 8.69? (*Strange grunting noises*) 7.73! *friend* (That’s weak, that’s some weak sauce!) 8.25 (Man!) *friend* (6.95! There we go!) WOOOOOO!!! LETS GO BABY! *friend keeps repeating* (There we go) WOOOOOfffppt 115K I’m gonna have to press this -stutters- *new friend* (600 times) -more stutters- 600? … Over a 1000! I think we’re ready to call it right here So let’s take a look everybody… My final guess… Everyone make your final guesses, right now, in the chat. Final guesses K… Final guesses in the chat right now I’m going to say… I originally thought I gave 202 ranks total bringing me to 312… I am now gonna say… I think I’m gonna double that! I’m gonna say I’m at rank… 500 on the dot. Okay, everybody make your guesses guesses guesses… A thousand? No….. Okay Here we go…! The final reveal 500 and nine – TEEEN… THAT. IS. 409 levels…. Triple was right! *Strange voice crack sounding:* He was right!!! 500 and nine – TEEEEEN…. Oooooh my God… If you guys got – if any of you got it right, give yourself a round of applause. Gimme some some pogger claps… in the chat Ooooh my God! 7 hours later we have spent everything or, basically 99% of my currency for 409 additional Ranks…. *weird grunting noise*