hey somebody’s stabbing sakushima East have all problem Yakuza
absolute worst when smuggling goods they not even offer me cut bless me about being 18 years old I’d be
this age Oh you grapa why you can the foods for tonight
I transform tonight super ninja robot man will take my revenge please the takashima city Judas
appraised at night dangerous during day two for that matter husbands incensed good for cleaning a
house rainbow bubbles make everything go away while the series give me break I would have made a great samurai well
good lucky I have good memory or I forget number of hottie I met on Friday
night 1-800 262 hello mojo Seema depends on do you like scary
movies clumsy fool kenji mojo I’ve got a message for you
from Yamana suki Hiroto you’d like to set up a friendly little meet-and-greet
what do you say you would what are you psychic
I have message for you doctor but ID on your cops enjoy what happened I can go undercover and
find your double-crossing douchebag just say the word you’ll find him you’ll kill
him then I happy why takashima West be much better if all
Yakuza disappear if I corrupt I might even get rid of them myself
too bad I good cop your papa Oh what’s the buzz foxy mama yes you now
knows the location of the secret base it’s the volcano I know but we need
codes to get in I know where to find the first we could do what you were gonna
say or I could reach into my pocket and pull out crypto you have the codes this
is wonderful what are they I love you not now Crito
we have work to do tell me the security codes those are the codes also who’s on
first what’s on second and I don’t know is on third
oh man I’m off to infiltrate the secret KGB base don’t wait up
very funny pickle I’m coming with you no you’re not it’s too dangerous your
chauvinism is touching crypto but I don’t take orders from you
don’t be stupid Matt in case you’ve forgotten you can’t just reclone
yourself and in case you’ve forgotten you don’t know how to operate the access
terminals outside the base you’re the most infuriating female monkey I’ve ever
met that’s your problem to you I’m always female monkey why can’t I just be
monkey be whatever you want I just don’t want you to be a dead monkey creep
though that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me yeah well I just don’t
want to lose my shot at sink in the pink oh that’s all of course I understand
all right enough meaningful chitchat let’s climb this smoke bomb Oh okay Tove oddish you line them up I’ll
knock them down no offense Dollface but you RiRi the
other way around I was the best shot in my class crypto and I would talk my way
out of an East German football riot wearing a West Germany Jersey I’m not a
sidekick no offense to you I need an upgrade cover me while I tickle this terminal
I’m incredibly aroused right now is that wrong
tree I gate is open keep moving I needed upgrades like the terminal help
me people clear that stuff away so I can enter the next code okay Dollface junks out of the way
punch that code in and let’s get crackin I’d say unimpressed but I don’t want you
to get the big head baby you have no idea
crystal I’ve got to punch a code into this terminal watch my back okay the gates open let’s get to
cracking we’ve broken our spinach flip though it’s time to launch our final
strike I shan’t grippers terminal as long as
those guns are operational feel free to improvise me okay go face the guns are down for the
count now get your hot little tushy in here
and juice up this terminal shot don’t like this great though taking up
those guns should have brought more guilty be agents of loving it’s quiet
too quiet what the hell was that I guess afford maybe 4.2 stop talking
you’re making it worse fire short the terminal is broken I need time to fix it
it’s now on the are contain in case you hadn’t noticed
your voice has magic earthquake powers uh-oh here comes trouble
break out the fancy China I’m cooking up my special monkey suit Oh class no the
terminal is working you gotta be quiet you’re making more earthquakes escape
though I don’t think it’s an earthquake what are you talking about she was bringing out her auto-destruct sequence
initiated the base will now self-destruct your garlic and give a very pleasant day we need those data tapes spaceman I’ll
grab them and meet you outside whoa no kiss Oh peachie no thanks to your comrade millon
cob you want to explain to me why the leader of the Soviet Union just tried to
turn us into TECA chemise barbecue hey Dollface when the heat is on the hot
get goin you you hey poxy finally kicked out of the
Geisha House are you figure out where that ginormous monster went no suit if
I’m picking up a signal in the ocean to the south
yeah what kind of signal a radiation signature emanating in gamma waves from
the creatures tortured brain tortured yes it’s as if the monster is crying out that’s gotta be the most pathetic thing
I’ve ever heard so you want me to hunt down this
monstrosity and put it out of its misery actually I want you to read its mind and
into it the source of its cognitive dissonance so we can get it some help
and over time teaching confidence and self-esteem you gotta be kidding me
of course I am your mutation now don’t kill that thing okay okay but how do I
find it do I have to you get in your saucer and fly to the spot marked on
your radar look for bubbles on the water that’s a pretty good sign there’s a
monster so then what I just dropped some fat boys into the water and blow it up
unfortunately no your salsas weapons are ineffective underwater you’re hard to
figure out some way to get the piece to surface first and then I play a little
whack a lesser god all right crypto follow that bubble
trail one bubble bloodbath coming heart the monsters about to hit the shore
fasten your seatbelts it’s gonna be a bumpy ride don’t crush me don’t crush me Oh brains
my lives are passing before my eyes get it crypto kill it with everything hard food will damage
what’s the deal here pops the more stuff that they knocks down the more it
regenerates let it us to have a weakness South man finding an idiot heart you
don’t want to lose the beat one is for the little ninja groupies to you
I don’t give a damn about my little ninja groupies I’m worried about getting
my ass stopped I can’t reach all the monsters beat
points get down on the ground in attacking from below lizard oh here that’s me
lady gets to grow a new fever when she distorts things but truth doe has the
drain energy from vehicles like a sissy calm down the city by playground it’s stuck here’s a zipper in back oh man there
goes my whole strategy I need an upgrade from the Jean let’s see you regenerate freon and death man in the green hood
enough need me recreated and it’ll be involvement they all die the same okay that was a little different block
on Moya what have you done to that poor girl ah for once it’s not what it looks
like I don’t even know what it looks like
nevermind we don’t have time just give her some money for therapy this better get me laid now I just
received word from Sergei my contact at the KGB he says their building project
Solaris at a Soviet base in Siberia the town is called Tunguska it’s a little
remote no kid because I thought everything in Russia was 20 minutes from
everything else tick tock doll face you