ring-ring rickety privyet tovarisch how’s it hanging
little to the lab so just shut down the pumps in the tunnels were those fuel
rods yet too much KGB heat on the tunnels because of the theft I should
have seen it coming anyway it’s too dangerous for Sergey and me to
infiltrate them now well we gotta shut those pumps down
whole town smells like Newark oh we will crypto have no fear and this time I want
you on the job I need you to carry a fuel rod into each of the tunnels and
place it in the reactor of each of the pumping machines Sergey and I have
hidden a container of fuel rods near each tunnel wait you lost me didn’t you
say that tunnel entrances were crawling with KGB nah but not while the
scientists conduct their weekly radiation tests
no sweat Dollface consider those bumps out of order you really you and either this sort of thing was your
14 well lucky for you there are plenty more of those fuel rods in the container
try not to bobble the next one I was not human technology to make an
organic machine like this it seems far beyond you’re looking for the opening in
the they’re shooting was know looking for it an opening in
the machine to stick the fuel rod in or to be able to gain used an opening on
the machine on this side inside in reaction in the reactor whoa
there’s your bull Oh there’s something I can’t wait to put my
falange apart on its awake you’re looking for an opening in the
machine to stick the fuel rod in you know looking for the machine now
head up to the piece see if that last round is clearing empty you might but a bing bada boom
look at those bad boys burn hold the phone what are these freaks
mode wait a minute now that I think of it that machinery looks suspiciously for
New Year oh holy boodle Krypto do you know who these freaks are they’re not
commie cabbage heads freaks galaxies no human enemy our risk wait a minute I
thought we wiped the Bliss girls I have no explanation I can barely believe my
senses but a few of them must somehow survived not furlong attention BLISK
I am cryptosporidium of the planet fury this planet is now a territory of the
furin Empire and your asses belong to me otherwise Oh Oh I’m glad you’re here crypto we need to
hunker down and do some serious strategizing tell me about it you gotta
fill me in on this whole BLISK thing pogs
why my hard drive is spinning I hardly know where to begin
the huge hideous brutes with giant claws and withering halitosis they have a
single hive mind and an impervious mr. radiation they take to it like a painful
mud imagine a cockroach meeting with a lobster boy enough already
you’re making me queasy humans assume the Tunguska blast of 1908 was caused by
a meteorite but now we know it’s true cause the fiery crash of a BLISK warship yeah well don’t you worry your virtual
little head Parkes this time they’re going down for good
a bold statement many fir’aun’s fell thanks to the BLISK and there’s another
problem since the war the Fuhrer on defense budget has been downsized I feel
that most of our current weapons will be ineffective against the risk okay well
at least we know what we’re up against what do you want me to do I’ll contact
you with new orders as soon as I have some idea what’s going on until then
just don’t do anything rash rash me nah I got a cream for that cleared to ride
up ravit comrade get to the point Sergey
I’m a busy Fuhrer arm I have a lead on project so lice you might want to follow
up on it project Solaris huh okay I’m listening I
have the name of the researcher in charge of the organic weapons program
his name is dr. Lawrence and door and that’s it okay so you got a name where
am I supposed to find this Orlov guy I have been unable to discover his current
whereabouts but this is a small town everyone knows everyone else’s business
and I got one of those faces everybody opens up too although I doubt Orlov will
be in a talky mood do what you have to do gee that really means a lot coming
from the KGB okey-dokey good luck comrades and don’t be afraid to get a
little rough hmm well you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few Faberge
eggs would be beautiful are you needing to be able dr. Orloff is running always late for
work I am knowing it is being long walk from frozen lake into town but please is
coming his country we are all supposed to be being equal I am showing up late
two minutes and I am getting my ass chewed ow dr. Orloff is running always
late for work I am knowing it is being long walk from frozen lake into town but
blaze is gumminess country we are all supposed to be being equal I am showing
up late two minutes and I am getting my ass true down you happen here ms has most beautiful views
of Lake Python dr. ourian must have high-ranking
relative in politbureau perhaps just excellent oral technique I was being out the northwest of your
hunting bears overnight when I nearly was shooting this crazy scientist idiot
had better be being more careful or is liable to get big brain blown off help me dead monkeys tell no tales and I need to
pick this one’s brain about project Solaris crash better save his monkey bud dr. Randolph has locked himself inside
cabin come on outdoor law we all knowing you
are being in there I will take on hairless dreams you
agents try to get all off to be coming out we will not be coming out then we will
be blowing up cabins not be able sleep talking then I am thinking dr. Orlov I presume how come you don’t
get cool punctuation like dr. gold I don’t know what you’re talking about
looks like you had a little KGB infestation lucky I was here to
exterminate him for you Oh was you I’m impressed
excellent hand-eye coordination you should try computer game I’ve been
developing it spare time games on a computer you’re wasting your time doc so
doc you got a sec I need to ask you a few questions oh
he’s all I was afraid you were one of alien creatures here to infect me well
as you can clearly see I have no alien now about project Solaris ah celada
stock that I know something about I worked on organic weapons program
connected with project Solaris but I created after I saw very strange things
define strange alien creatures like giant space lobsters infecting humans
and manipulate their bodies like giant marionettes like that I feared I might
be next so I started working on weapon to fight them with he’s probably why
can’t she be attacked me or they wanted my Broadway soundtrack
collection this weapon you were working on does it
work I don’t know I never finished it whole thing happened by chance
I was walking to work one day one strange object fell from sky was
fragment of alien spacecraft computer data bank I used to create weapon an
alien artifact with data on the blast will wonders never cease
Don if you found it perhaps you could use it to defeat creatures okay yeah I
think I’m starting to get the picture where’s this data thingy now still be in
the research facility in gora doc nalchi science town catchy I guess I better
head over there and find it before the Crabbie’s do
hey Karen facility is well guarded good luck the varnish
what would you say name was the Kuryakin Illya Kuryakin nice to meet you and they collected organized babies I
was overhearing Boris saying scientists are studying strange artifact I am
betting would fetch premium price on black market the artifact should be
quite safe in that metal container they are being far stronger than wooden ones
of course is not titanium that stuff is being tremendously strong and concrete
whoa do not be getting me started Oh you oh they find an artifact what’s the
first thing they are doing sheep in a metal container to store it I’ve been
begging for metal containers not all my experiments in four years down bull
yelder do I have to yak off around here to get a metal container I should care
whether they store artifact in metal container or I would invalid please I am
being menopause a spinster in Siberia I’m having bigger problems can control one hungry being so decadent my liberal lady parts
crypto that’s harder bhakti is in fact a data core of incredibly advanced
technology if it seems reams of vital information on our war with the Bliss
fathers millennia ago on Mars even better I should be using use sat on this
penises to upgrade your weapons so the next time you meet one
it’ll be a traveling special or you can eat you Nellie am identified flying object joy right you