did you bite verse litecoin is litecoins
advantages enough to justify a 25 times increase in market cap value / did you
bite in the current state that it is talking about it in this video so stay
tuned what’s going on guys before you go ahead and crucify me before you guys say
I’m insane and you get mad at me for talking about litecoin verse did you
bite just give me a little bit of time to explain what I’m talking about this
give me some time here let me talk first before you guys start commenting about
how this is fraud and how I’m trying to manipulate the price of light coin
because I do own like coin I do own did you buy I own more digi bite than light
coin but still I’m a believer in both coins but the idea of this video really
is to compare did you buy a verse like coin fundamentally looking at the
different benefits of both and then comparing and then try to justify the
market cap on light coin first did you buy so give me five minutes and then you
can decide if you think I’m totally full of crap
or if I do have a valid point here so the first thing we can talk about
obviously is the price the price of light coin verse the price of did you
buy this video really isn’t about the price right now it’s more about the
market cap so the price of light coin is around two hundred dollars the price of
did you buy it is around three and a half cents right now so looking at the
maximum supply you have 84 million for light coin you have 21 billion for
digibytes that’s around 260 did you buy verse 1 light coin light coin was
created in 2011 did you buy it was created in 2014 both coins are built on
the UT EXO blockchain which is very similar to a Bitcoin really light coin
is just like a breakaway from Bitcoin using that you TXO blockchain apply in
an increasing speed and stuff like that where did you buy kind of went a little
bit faster direction in Jared made some improvements that he saw down the line
like adding the 5 algorithms verse the one algorithm for light coins so light
coin only has one algorithm for mining that’s an AC is asic miners that’s
controlled mostly by Chinese miners you have 65% of the hash power for light
coin for mining coming out of China for digi bite the mining power is evenly
distributed across five different algorithms across the world this
increases security and also makes did you buy much
more decentralized than litecoin now talking transaction speed wise like Owen
has a 2.5 minute block timing 2 megabit blocks digi bite has a 15 second block
timing block sizes are increased every 2 years the current size of digi by a
block is 2 megabits did you buy and litecoin have the same size blocks but
the thing for digi bite is that it has the 5 algorithms which makes for the 15
second block time so it’s much faster litecoins
able to handle 65 transactions per second digi byte is able to handle 560
transactions per second every 2 years the blockchain doubles the transactions
per second by doubling the block size with transaction speeds reaching 280,000
transactions per second by year 2035 and the argument a lot of people make is hey
you know there’s other faster coins there’s this and that but really what it
comes down to is digit by is the fastest you TXO blockchain that there is proof
of work – cryptocurrency this is a real coin this is not a token this is not
created out of thin air like some of the other coins that claim that they are
faster than did you bite that’s fine you made a token that’s faster that’s a
different video in itself we’re gonna stick to talking about litecoin burst
did you buy here letter to UT EXO blockchain proof-of-work mine Abell
cones both coins have seg wit so that’s the technicals comparing the technology
comparing the speed and the overall fundamentals like coin verse digi byte
obviously the supply is going to be different so I’m not expecting digit by
to get to three hundred four or five hundred hours in the future like like
coin has already done because the supply on my coin is much lower now what I am
questioning here is why is there such a difference in market cap value obviously
we have to talk about notoriety we’ve talked about the big names we had to
talk about the history of light coin now litecoin recently in 2017 made a major
push because of coinbase so light coin was added to coin base
once light coin was added to coinbase it went
to the moon now i say moon literally because light coin went from five
dollars in january 2017 to around $400 on coin base by the end of 2017 so
that’s a massive move and a lot of that is contributed to the idea of
litecoin being added to coinbase people also contribute the litecoin move to the
issues with Bitcoin Bitcoin went up massively the transaction speeds were
all clogged up people couldn’t buy and sell they couldn’t get confirmation so
people started to use litecoin that’s one of the arguments people make that’s
why they say like when went up so big in December but I also think that overall
the big reason for litecoin going up was a psychological reason because it was
the cheapest coin on coin base at the time so yeah that theory ‘im you had
like coin you had Bitcoin in December which one was the cheapest one for a
first time crypto investor what coin would they buy would they buy Bitcoin
would they buy aetherium which were all you know four hundred five hundred
dollars or more or would they buy litecoin which was under one hundred two
hundred dollars so it made more sense for a first-time investor at least
psychologically for people who wanted to own one coin they could buy one light
coin easily compared to not being able to own any large size of Bitcoin because
the price was fluctuating so much it was so much more expensive so litecoin
benefited greatly from being added to coin base so another twist to the story
is charlie lee was once a developer employee of coin base there’s also some
very kind of weird communications where Charlie was on telegram talking about
how litecoin was gonna get added to coinbase how things were happening you
can see right before a light coin was added to coin base that the price
started to increase drastically days before being added to coin based very
similar to the insider trading on Bitcoin cash that we talked about
recently how a Bitcoin cash out of nowhere days before being added to coin
base started to raise in value and then the day that it was added a coin based I
was like well now we know why so there’s also this kind of idea that light coin
was added to coin base and then right after being added charlie lee quick coin
base and then comes out saying that he sold all of his light coin because he
didn’t want people saying that he had any type of conflict of interest now
would it not be a conflict of interest for him to own light coin when he worked
for coin base and then for him to petition for light coin to be added to
coin base and then after he goes up 400% he sells so that’s a very interesting
idea so all of a sudden charlie Lee is saying hey I don’t want any kind of
conflict of interest why did he not have a conflict of
interest when litecoin was $5 it got added to corn-based and then he sold
above 400 so obviously a lot of questions to be asked here
I don’t think Charlie’s gonna answering this question to keep recently on
Twitter denied that he knew anything about did you bite well I actually have
talked to Jared from digi bite the founder of digit bite and he has
confirmed that him and Charlie have talked before it’s very obvious that
Charlie Lee knows what did you buy it is and the big question now is is he scared
that digi buy basically does everything that
litecoin does but faster and better these are questions that I asked myself
daily and I’m trying to figure out the psychological reason that litecoin is
priced so much higher than did you buy now when I talk about price I’m talking
about market cap talking about market cap I’m not talking about the actual
price the coin market cap in theory digi buy it should be very very close to
light coins market cap so I look at light coin as a proof of concept so
light coin works people love it people are very excited about light pay they’re
excited about the speed of like when they’re excited about the overall coin
as a means of transaction now what they don’t know is that digi buy it does
everything that light coin does but better I challenge you to leave a
comment below telling me how a light coin is superior in technology first
digi byte that’s a good question so you can leave a comment below if you had
that answer I would love to know cuz I’ve been doing the research and I can’t
figure it out personally now someone’s gonna comment say yeah but did you buy
it doesn’t get any love nobody cares about digi buy light coin has light pay
like Quinn has all the big time people talking about it yes that’s that’s
what’s happening that’s why the price of light coin is so high because the
celebrities because of light pay now one thing to think about here is light pay
is not created by light coin like when did not go out and make light pay lie
pay is a company that started a credit card for light coin they worked out a
deal with Visa they made the card it’s not that light coin went out and said
hey we’re making a credit card this is a separate company that made the credit
card that’s calling it light pay now light pay it sounds like light coins
like a credit card is that light coin made but light coin is not an entity
light coin is not a company it’s not a light coin credit card this is a light
pay credit card this is a company called light pay that
any credit card for litecoin that’s a very big misunderstanding I think a lot
of people think about when they see light go in the sea light pay they’re
like oh wow litecoin has a credit card no light pay
is a company that made a credit card for light coin that’s not to devalue what
they’re doing but really what it comes down to is this is an outside company
that’s focusing on light coin the same thing can happen for digi bite if a
large company came along and said hey we want to make a credit card for digi bite
there’s nothing stopping them from doing that nobody’s gonna say no you can’t do
it because it’s an open decentralized blockchain if PayPal came along and said
hey we want to use did you buy as our main cryptocurrency they could do that
people can build apps they can build things on top of the blockchain there’s
so many possibilities so the more and more that did you buy is use the more
important it is to think about the transaction speed another aspect of digi
buy is digi shield digi shield was added in 2014 this stops large mining pools
that mine large numbers of digi buy at low difficulty this is solved by
recalculating the block difficulty between each block allowing for a faster
correction when a multi pool begins or ceases contributing to digi by the same
technology is now being used on over 25 altcoins including dogecoin z cache bit
tokens bitcoin gold and more technically fundamentally there is nothing that
litecoin does better so now we must ask why is the value of like coin 25 times
the market cap question I want answered I want you guys to answer the question
but I’m also trying to answer it in this video that’s what this whole video is
about it’s not to say that I hate light coin that I hate every other coin but
did you buy really the question here is I want to know why people are valuing
light coins so much higher of in digibytes obviously coin base is a huge
driver in this factor the coin base / light coin correlation is massive in the
sense of like coins success everybody who opens a coin based account the first
thing they look at is light coin they think okay it’s cheap I’m gonna buy a
little bit cuz it’s so cheap I can buy three four or five coins for much less
than I can buy one at the areum or buy one Bitcoin so that’s definitely helping
light coin in the long run here is that a lot of people when they first get into
crypto currencies using coinbase they open up
an account and they can buy litecoin right there obviously like whant is also
being used much more widely as a payment processing system now with light pay and
all these other companies using litecoin with their cards you have a legion all
these different payment processing systems are now working with litecoin
and using litecoin that’s not to say these same companies can’t go hey we
like did you bite as well and now we’re offering the same services for a dizzy
by now you gotta think about here digi buy is three years newer then
litecoin if you look at the overall story the overall chart of litecoin you
can see a similar move with digi bite it’s not to say that’s an exact replica
but like coin really didn’t explode until 2017 when it went to the moon with
the addition of coin base so now we have to ask ourselves if did you buy it was
added to coinbase would it break over $1 in the first couple months that’s a good
question again I think if you add a coin like digi byte to coinbase what happens
everybody is excited they can buy a thousand digi by coins for less than a
hundred dollars that’s an amazing offer for me I can go hey I can buy a bunch of
did you buy it for a hundred bucks that’s awesome just off the
psychological idea that new time investors that new cryptocurrency buyers
for the first time by did you buy easily and fast on coin base so fingers crossed
that somehow did you bike gets added to coinbase who knows maybe it does maybe
doesn’t but still a long term I still see the value here
comparing digibytes a light coin you really ought think about here is light
coins a proof of concept people want a fast coin to be able to use for payment
processing to buy and sell things to send money back and forth if people love
light coin why would they not love digi bite which is faster and cheaper than
light coin it’s also more secure and more decentralized so everything that
litecoin is digi buy is better now I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate from
people who are gonna tell me that like coins better like coins the best i’ll
blah blah blah but really tell me how light coin burst digi buy is better
other than Charlie lis other than celebrity other than the mass media
promoting light coin how is light coin better than digi byte you might say oh
well they the Lightning Network yeah well did you
bike and use light network as well they can both do atomic swaps everything like
we can do did you buy can do better you know that song everything you can do I
can do better everything you can do I can do better to that song yeah it’s a
good one but let’s really kind of dive in here and figure out why litecoin is
so much more expensive then did you buy it market cap remember we’re not talking
about price wise talking about market cap for this video so I want to know
leave a comment below let me know what you think and I’m expressing my opinion
solely on the belief that I think did you buy is grossly undervalued compared
to like coin at this value right now so we’re gonna see what happens these next
couple months they’re couple years but right now I want you guys to really tell
me why you think like coin is that much better than digit by other than you know
what I talked about and I want to remind you that I am NOT a hater on like coin
like I said I own like coin I own digi buy I own aetherium
I own multiple coins and investments I do own more did you buy than like coin
just because it’s so much cheaper and I like the ROI at this point this is not a
video to say that I want like coin to go away that light coin is worthless this
is a video to really ask people why they believe the value of light coin is so
much greater then did you buy so there it is crypto friends leave a comment hit
that like button and also if you haven’t already subscribe