Digital Formula System – Crypto Currency Trading Program
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Before we go any further. I need to prove to you. I know how to make money lots of money
So let me show you my personal account
This is how much money I have made this month investing in cryptocurrency all from the comfort of my home
I’m sharing my personal information with you. So you can trust me when I say I know how to make money
I’ve discovered a new cryptocurrency loophole that allows me to buy and sell coins profitably
This is one of the best-kept secret strategies I use to make money
If you haven’t been reading the news lately
Cryptocurrency is set to change the world bigger and better then the internet did 24 years ago
Are you claiming your piece of the biggest investment opportunity of the century?
Bitcoin just hit a two-month high reaching above seven thousand seven hundred dollars
According to coin market cap up by almost two thousand dollars since the end of June 2018
Over the last 12 months the market has seen the coin soar over
1000% ethereum up over three thousand percent in
2017 litecoin up over seventy five hundred percent in the past thirteen months the new
Game-changing technology is here and like early investors in Apple Microsoft and Amazon
You have potential to make massive
Life-changing gains but bitcoin is just the beginning
crypto currencies are changing the way the world thinks about money and the latest developments will make the
Dot-com bubble look like child’s play
Let me just show you why cryptocurrency is changing the world beyond the invention of the smartphone the Internet and the computer
itself in
1995 Newsweek made the prediction that the internet was going to fail that it was a fad that it wasn’t going nowhere in
2000 after bubble had burst the mainstream media was singing the same old tune, but look where we are today
The Internet is the technology of our age
affecting everything from communication to shopping to
Entertainment you and I practically depend on it. Our whole lives have gone online
The skeptics were wrong the smart early adopters who started online
Businesses who invested in Internet companies are the real winners today the skeptics on the other hand are the butt of jokes
imagine if you bought
$1,000 of Google shares in 2004
It would be worth 1 million five hundred seventy five thousand dollars today
Or if you had invested in a thousand dollars worth of shares and Microsoft in 1985, they would be worth seven million nine hundred
sixty-four thousand seven hundred twenty dollars
Now that opportunity has come and gone but history has a way of repeating itself
Thousands have already gotten rich off Bitcoin early investors like Christopher, Koch
Matthew Burrell and James feci achi have become millionaires from cryptocurrency
Investments and you could too with my digital formula make no mistake cryptocurrency is the future of money
Until now though, a lot of people have found it hard to invest in cryptocurrency
Everyone knows the potential at cryptocurrencies have but either don’t know how or where to start investing are
worried about security concerns
Don’t know how to play smart plays in a few short minutes. I’m going to put all of those concerns to rest
I’m going to show you how you can invest in cryptocurrency
consistently and with massive returns
I’m going to put all security concerns to rest and I’m going to show you how you can get started today
Even if you have no experience
investing in cryptocurrency
Your age and where you’re from doesn’t matter either but first, let me introduce myself
hi, my name is Nell Carter the creator and founder of the digital formula a
Revolutionary new formula that takes all the confusion smoke and mirrors out of cryptocurrency
investing the digital formula is a method
I developed for investing in crypto currencies that anybody can use but first let me tell you how it came about
Back in 2014. I was working as a software developer for a big company like any self-respecting geek
I spent a lot of time on reddit greeting about new tech trends and other things like that at this point in my life
I had no interest in investing whatsoever
But on the tech sites I visited I kept hearing about this thing called Bitcoin
It was supposedly a new digital currency that was going to replace traditional money at first. I didn’t buy it
How could people transfer money and buy things without a financial institution?
But being the tech geek I was I delved into it. I studied the blockchain
Algorithm inside and out. I did everything I could to try to break it, but nothing worked a
Realization hit me Bitcoin was the real deal. I had never seen anything like it
It was flawlessly designed it did everything it promised and more
but more than that, I
Discovered there was a whole universe of similar currencies out there
ethereum litecoin cheese’s and
Literally dozens of others. I was fascinated
I got a wallet of my own and loaded it up with bitcoins
This was when Bitcoin was still trading in the hundreds during this time. My personal life was a mess
My wife and I were constantly fighting and we were on the brink of divorce plus my career started to take a nosedive
After one day arriving late to work for the fourth time in a week. My boss asked me to step into his office
he sat me down on his chair and started rambling on saying my behavior and timekeeping had been poor recently and
How my productivity had decreased and I was letting the entire company down. He said as a result
He had no choice other than to let me go I was gobsmacked
I could not believe it in the space of one week my whole life turned upside down
Feeling depressed. I cracked open a bottle of beer sat on the couch
Then I started thinking
Then it came to me just like that
Bitcoin I said, hold on a minute, didn’t I invest in some coins? Yes, I did
Where are those coins? I kept saying out loud right there. And then I got up from the couch went to my bedroom
Grabbed the macbook and log online
holy smokes
What I saw was incredible those bitcoins I had invested in for hundreds of dollars had gone up in price
my initial investment had turned over to
$15,000 sure. It wasn’t Wall Street money
but it was enough for me to sell some of those coins cover my bills for the next few months and
Reinvest the rest right there. And then I was hooked you can imagine the money I’ve made since then
Bitcoin was a transformative financial event in my life
Enabling me to live off the proceeds of my investment, but it did more than that
You see the more my bitcoins gain the more I wanted to tell people about this exciting new world of cryptocurrency
but I quickly realized that it was Greek to most people I tell people about Bitcoin and they’d say things like oh
Yeah, I’ve heard of that. I’d like to invest but I have no idea how to buy
Or yeah, I’ve heard about that. But is it safe? Well, I wanted to put these concerns to rest
My background as a software developer helped me understand how crypto currencies are mined using complex
mathematical formulas how the blockchain system operates using the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm
Because of this I knew I was able to take the mystery and confusion out of crypto currency and convert it into a simple easy-to-follow
Program that even a first grade high school kid could understand and that’s exactly what I did
I developed a simple method that would allow regular people to invest in crypto currency
Safely easily quickly, even if they had no prior experience
Investing in crypto currencies and I could not have picked a better time to do it because crypto currency is on fire right now
Here’s just a quick look at the kinds of returns that some of my followers have achieved trading in crypto currency using my methods
This isn’t a best-case scenario
These are the kinds of returns regular investors could see every day
These results are nothing compared to the explosive profits that some of the best
Performers achieved in this market what I’m about to show you isn’t a best-case
Hypothetical situation that never happens in real life all the stats I mentioned to you are
attainable achievable and completely real
There’s just one catch you must move fast because like the internet boom of yesteryear the cryptocurrency
Millionaires of tomorrow will be the folks who got in early
The good news is that cryptocurrency is still in a relatively early stage of development
But as the dot-com bubble shows, there is a time limit Wow, Neal
What can I say your absolute genius? I want to see a huge. Thank you for allowing me to join the digital formula program
It’s been around three days since joining and I’ve already managed to earn over
850 dollars in profit. I really can’t believe how easy the system was to set up. Thanks again, Neal
I am so happy that I decided sign up
If you get in now using the methods
I’ve created you could make lots of money take a look at this chart
This is a pattern for consumer mass adoption for any new technology this theory was first observed in
1962 by Everett Rogers
It shows first people to adopt a trend are usually innovators
Then the early adopters jump on board often. These are guys who move fast enough and ultimately end up becoming millionaires
Just think about Google
Instagram YouTube Facebook and other big Internet companies today
The guys who invested in these tech giants weren’t smarter than everyone else. Neither. Did they invent anything?
They simply got on the trend before everyone else when these companies were selling for just a few dollars a share
That’s exactly what’s going on with cryptocurrencies right now. This is why you must move fast
You could triple quadruple or even ten times your money. It doesn’t matter how old you are
It doesn’t matter whether you have never invested before or you have no trading experience at all
It doesn’t matter
if you don’t have a lot of money in fact
you can start investing in cryptocurrency today for as little as
$10 even a one dollar investment in Bitcoin back in 2009 would leave you with fourteen thousand dollars today and
every day
There are new cryptocurrencies being created that have just as much room to grow now as Bitcoin had back then
All you need is a framework for making the right cryptocurrency investments picking the right coins
knowing when to buy
Knowing when to sell if ever that’s exactly what you’ll get with the digital formula
The digital formula is a complete from the ground up system. Smartly designed to guide you on how to invest
Profitably in cryptocurrency. I’m pulling all the stops here giving you everything I have learned from five years experience
investing in cryptocurrency and in the world of cryptocurrency
five years is a long long time this system lets you start as a
Complete newbie and quickly learn the skills. You need to trade cryptocurrency
Gently and profitably I designed this program with novice traders in mind when I first learned about cryptocurrencies
I learned two things one everybody
Wanted to get in on it – almost nobody knew how to buy bitcoins
so I set out to create a system that covers all the basics along with the advanced next-level principles that all
Millionaires followed I’m not talking about the hundreds of people who got rich by accident
I’m talking about veteran crypto players who follow these principles for trading crypto currencies consistently and
Profitably I’ll give you the tools that these crypto kingpins use to make their trading decisions
honestly with the crypto market as hot as it is now you could get rich buying just about anything but the genius of
Digital formula is that it empowers you to get returns that could exceed even when it’s the norm in crypto LAN
I have traders following my method who are earning returns of a hundred percent
200% even sometimes as much as a
Thousand percent in a single month and that’s just the beginning
The digital formula lets you bank on massive gains currently being seen in crypto currency without feeling like you don’t know enough to invest
Most of the people investing are regular people who’ve never invested in stocks or funds
Let alone crypto currencies and the results speak for themselves
Just check out what these participants had to say about their experiences. Hey, everyone
My name is Jake and I was one of the lucky few to be able to join Neal’s digital formula system
ever since I joined I made over three thousand seven hundred and twenty eight dollars in profit and today I just
Made four hundred and fifty dollars and the days not even over yet
Program does exactly what it advertises on the tin. Thanks so much Neil. Hi, Neil
I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how pleased I am with the digital era package
This has definitely been the best investment. I’ve made online in a very long time. I really don’t know what to say
I’m now averaging around six hundred and fifty dollars a day in
Profit and I’m on track to hit the 1 came out by next month Neil. Thank you ever so much
Wow Neal I’m still in shock about how much your program has made me in profit
Since I signed up to the digital formula, I have managed to net over
$10,000 in just five days. I was really skeptical at first. I mean, let’s face it
How often do you find a system online that actually works and makes you money?
Almost never well, I’m delighted to say that the digital
formula works
this is literally the most money that I
Have ever made online. I still cannot believe how much I’ve already made
Thank you so much. New you absolutely Rock
these aren’t uncommon results either as I already said massive profits are the norm in crypto and
Bitcoin of
1300 percent in
ethereum up over
3000 percent in the past 12 months litecoin up over 7500 percent in the past year
All of these results can be confirmed by a quick google search and with the digital formula
you will learn how to do even better by picking the right coins at the right time every
Time I have already tested this system with over
100 beta testers regular people like post office workers and teachers
Every single one of them made consistent money
You can profit trading cryptocurrency and the digital formula could get you there. Okay?
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