hey guys Mike from CoachMikeMacDonald.com here and are you looking for more effective digital marketing methods that
you can use in your business or to make money from home well today’s video I’m
going to cover some of my top online marketing methods you can use to grow a
business from home and make money from home so stay tuned now one foundation
strategy you can use for both lead generation and then also to make money
from home is creating an ebook and so what this is basically you can create a
small book to a longer book and you do it that basically serves your target
market and your industry in your niche and so like I said it’s very simple to
create you could actually just open up Microsoft Word
right and then save it as a PDF and now you have an e-book right and so this is
a pretty simple strategy you can implement obviously it’s gonna take some
time to set up and develop but it’s cool because it for the most part you can
create one completely free and then the delivery of an e-book can be very simple
I’m setting that up through just an email autoresponder it’s a very quick
way that you can start to generate leads for your business as well as start to
earn income for your business as well so you know what do you talk about right in
your ebook well think of your ideal target markets pain points their needs
their wants things that they’re struggling with right so again maybe you
are looking to generate real estate leads for your business so if you’re a
real estate agent and you want more targeted leads maybe you create an
e-book on the top 5 things someone needs to know as a first-time homebuyer and so
again you maybe make 5 pages 10 pages maybe you make it 20 right depending on
how much expertise and knowledge you want to put into this ebook and then you
set it up behind a capture page so basically you request that someone
enters their name their email their phone number in exchange for getting
this ebook and so it’s cool this can help you get really targeted leads and
then again if you create a longer ebook you can even sell it to start earning a
profit so creating an ebook is really the first strategy and digital marketing
method you use to start to make money for your
business the second step the second idea for you is to create a small tripwire
product and if you’re not familiar what that is basically you’re gonna create a
small product or a course that you sell for maybe around seven to fifteen
dollars getting nothing crazy still obviously put a ton of value with this
and ideally you want to create this with something that’s basically congruent
with whatever your lead magnet was so that free training that free offer that
you’re giving away you want to have this tripwire product be kind of like the
next level of that going even more in-depth than that free resource that
you’re giving away so for example let’s say you market like health and wellness
or nutrition right and so your ideal client might be someone that’s looking
to lose weight because you offer products that help people with that so
your tripwire product is gonna be kind of that next level of that free lead
magnet so for example let’s say your free lead magnet is an e-book of like a
ten day eating plan to lose weight right and so again if you’re giving this away
you’re requiring somewhere in the emptor their name and email to get access to
that if you market nutrition and weight loss
someone diet and downloads an e-book as a 10-day eating plan to lose weight it’s
probably an ideal perfect client for you right so in conjunction with that you
might offer like a 10 day video series for sale for you know 10 bucks 15 bucks
you know a dollar a day right nothing crazy so let’s say you sell an 10 day
video series on 10 exercises or 10 workout programs for those 10 days of
that eating guide to help them you know lose weight even faster to get even
better results so again you market those in conjunction with each other so you
give away that free ebook of the 10 day eating plan to lose weight and then you
also sell a 10 day video series a 10 day workout program that’s simple to do to
go right along with that eating plan so it’s congruent it adds more value on top
of the free offer that you’re giving away and then like I said you sell it
for you know 7 10 15 bucks nothing crazy and you know the
psychology behind this is that you know you’re offering it at
such a low price obviously you don’t under to deliver right you still provide
value you know great amount of content a great benefit with this tripwire product
you really want to over deliver on it but then you know your prospects mind
the buyers mind they see this like well if it’s not that great I’m only out
seven dollars I’m only about ten dollars I’m only about fifteen dollars you’re
right so it’s not gonna break the bank it’s not gonna be the end of the world
but again on your end your job is to over deliver in this tripwire product
cuz they’re gonna in their mind then see like wow I got so much value from this
seven dollar product you know ten dollar probably fifteen dollar product whatever
it might be they got a ton of value from that they’re gonna start thinking well
if I got so much benefit and value from this you know what are their other other
products gonna be like right they’re a couple hundred dollar course they’re
coaching program working with them directly it’s gonna be so much better
than just this small course that I got access to so keep that idea in your mind
because it’s gonna lead into more sales more signups in your business but again
I know I’ve sold hundreds of these tripwire products over the years brought
in a ton of income for myself and it’s a cool income stream you can add on while
generating leads so not only do you generate a lead you can also even earn
income with those leads that you generate that could be a perfect fit for
your business so it’s a really cool strategy and really great digital
marketing method to bring in more income for your business kind of tying in to
that you know the third option is to create full-blown info product courses
right and so this is more of an extended version of that tripwire product so
they’re even bigger you know some of my favorite options are doing like audio
courses or video series for this because again basically it’s free right if
you’ve got a smartphone you can record a video series right or again most
smartphones have you know an audio record options you could make you know a
several hour audio training course and have that be you know your full-blown
info product course and what’s cool with this you can use this in a lot of
different ways you can sell it just straight up and you know typically
you’ll send sell that for a few hundred dollars give a ton of value to your
audience help them sell a lot of problems and so again you make
a good income doing that but you can also use it even in conjunction with
your lead magnets and your trip wire products so let’s say for example you
sell your course normally for $1000 or $500 or you know pick some number
whatever it might be let’s say you sell it for $1,000 well when someone you know
opsin they become a lead on that first lead magnet if they buy your tripwire
course you know seven fifteen dollars whatever it might be then you can offer
that full-blown info product course but maybe you do it with a one time offer at
a big discount so instead of charging a thousand dollars maybe you charge $500
for it and you offer it to only the people that bought that first product
and you give it to them as a special discount and so what’s cool with this
again you know it taps into the psychology of basically once someone’s
purchased something they’re much more likely to add on something else I like
to think of it kind of like you know you go to the fast food restaurant and
they’re like would you like fries with that right so it’s kind of an upsell it
adds on top of it so there’s another cool strategy that you can do in
conjunction with that tripwire product with that lead magnet and utilizing that
ebook or other free giveaways that you might have so same idea make it
congruent if you’re going to stack it like that
you know maybe it’s the next level or it’s like hey you know if like you are
learning recruiting well then maybe you need to learn you know lead generation
and that’s what your course is about or again cool you’ve got the diet plan
you’ve got the workout guide now hey you know here’s where you get the
step-by-step guide of what equipment you need and how you can get it for the most
cost effective price so you know again just kind of throwing out ideas but
that’s what you want to have is some type of value stack where they all fit
together it’s all congruent and then again it’s just kind of that next level
statin so that’s another cool way that you can do this is to create an info
product course along with this a fourth step that you can do fourth idea and
digital marketing method is basically to do a product launch
so you basically take the idea of like a movie premiere or you know a new video
game coming out or a new product coming out and you know it gets a ton of
fanfare people are super pumped about it right the new iPhones coming out right
whatever the case might be you know create an event with
it and you know I can’t really do it justice explaining it very quickly in
this video but you know there’s a great book out there called launch by Jeff
Walker where he goes away in depth about this whole process of how to create your
own courses do a product launch with it but some of the basics is basically
you’ll start off by surveying your existing audience find out you know
their top two questions or their top two problems that you know that you can
solve so again if they’re in your target market let’s say you again you’re in
real estate and you’ve got an email list built up and you’re like hey you know
what are you guys top two questions about buying your first flip house right
or your top two problems with buying flip houses and so maybe that’s
something you specialize in so you get this knowledge from your audience what
their struggles are you know their top two areas they’re struggling with and
then you build out a course around that and then what’s cool is if you’ve
surveyed them they’ve kind of got a vested interest in it they’re helping
you build the course it’s a much higher ratio that people are gonna buy and get
started with that course because they’ve kind of helped create it so that’s a the
overall philosophy very quick overview of this but again I definitely would
recommend I’m checking out launched by Jeff Walker he goes way more in-depth in
this but again it creates your own info product your own courses
maybe it’s a physical product maybe it’s a book you write whatever the case might
be so you can tie it in with the earlier strategies that I talked about but doing
a product launch is another cool way an effective digital marketing method you
can use to grow your business in conjunction with that the fifth thing
that I have for you is to set up sales funnels to automate and grow your
business without you right and so you know obviously it’s gonna take some work
it’s gonna take some initial setup but what’s cool is when you set up sales
funnels for your business you can actually set up some of this process on
autopilot and so one thing I find is a lot of people why they’re struggling in
their business they spend way too much time with the wrong people people that
really aren’t interested they’re not qualified you know they’re trying to
convince people to buy from them rather than actually finding people are
interested in open and what they and so when you use these lead magnets
that you can set this up in a way where again if you sell weight loss or
nutrition in this case you give away that free eating plant ebook well people
that download that are probably a good fit they’re probably an ideal customer
because if they’re downloading an e-book to lose weight they obviously want to
lose weight right and so you know again when you set up sales funnels like this
you can start to generate targeted leads instead of just kind of throwing your
business out to everyone and just hoping that everyone’s interested and so it’s
gonna save you a lot of frustration a lot of headaches again a lot of people
make the mistake that they think that if they market to everyone they’re gonna
get a lot of results but in reality when you market to everyone you really
marketed no one so you want to focus in on your ideal target market your ideal
clients and customers and then with those people that’s who you’re gonna
sell your products to that so you’re gonna talk and spend your most of your
time with and so setting up sales funnels basically automating this
process of generating leads offering your ebooks your tripwire products your
upsells your info product courses it can all integrate together and really help
you start to generate leads through social media and grow your business more
in an automated fashion and this allows you to spend more time with the quality
people that you want to be spending time with that are actually interested and
open to what you have to offer so this again will help you earn more money from
home make more money talking to less people so it’s
definitely something you want to implement in your business i if you’re
totally new to sales funnels you don’t know how to do anything like that or
generate leads online no worries I was there a few years ago so I actually put
together a free lead generation bootcamp to teach you how to do that there’s
actually a link below this video or again you can head on over to coach Mike
McDonald com forward slash 5-day coaching again that’s coach Mike
McDonald com forward slash 5-day coaching to plug in to my free lead
generation bootcamp where I teach you how to do all this so again there’s a
link below this video where you can access that as well and another cool
feature if you haven’t set up sales funnels before a system that you can
plug into is called click funnels it’s a simple way to do that there’s actually a
link below this video as well where you can get a four
a free trial of that too so feel free to check that out in the link below this
video as well but the sixth step for you the sixth tip that you can use to that
works as an effective online marketing method is basically to monetize video
marketing right and so video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow
your business on social media on the Internet
it builds a lot of trust a lot of rapport a lot of credibility again
people like to do business with people not just kind of faceless companies
right so if you’re out there marketing yourself doing video marketing it’s
really gonna set you apart where a lot of online marketers are scared of doing
video I know it was a challenge for me when I first got started but it really
separates you from the average marketers out there that are just kind of spamming
links right so if you’re out there providing value creating content serving
your audience doing video marketing it’s gonna build a lot of trust and rapport
people know you’re a real person right you know you can throw your personality
in it yeah I’m big video game nerd so I’m always having video games stuff in
the background where nerds shirts different stuff like that so you can be
you and your marketing which is really cool too you’re gonna attract the ideal
person to you so with that as well you know there’s a lot of ways to monetize
videos well you know offering different info products affiliate marketing
courses you have for sale different things like that but on top of it you
know when it gets to a certain point you can even monetize your videos on YouTube
and so it’s a very powerful strategy plus it’s also evergreen content so you
can make those videos that content once and then it just continues to work for
you again and again again on a 24/7 basis so video marketing is a very
powerful digital marketing method you should certainly implement for growing
your business the seventh one I have for you is a great way to make money from
home through online marketing is affiliate marketing and so what this is
it’s basically you know you take those strategies they talked about earlier
like creating your info products to ebooks courses different things like
that well what’s cool is you’re actually
marketing someone else’s product somebody else’s ebook their digital
marketing courses whatever the case might be
and why this is powerful is because if you’re brand new you maybe don’t have
the expertise to set all that setup stuff up from scratch
yourself or maybe you don’t have the expertise the knowledge base yet to
actually create those products cuz you’re brand new right you’re just
getting started so you can market other people’s
products and make a good income doing that as well what’s cool with this is it
saves you a lot of time right because they’re already set up you’re gonna just
start promoting it and get right into the sales process start building value
start generating leads you know promoting those products which is very
powerful and then on top of that and a lot of affiliate marketing programs out
there they already have like the sales pages done
they maybe even have funnels in place that you can use so it’s your job just
more to promote these and so it’s a great way to get started if you’re brand
new a lot of affiliate marketing programs are either free or very low
cost to get started with us well and again you’re a lot of times just gonna
save yourself time if you’re brand new and in the beginning and so you can
start to get through your learning curve and then eventually you can create your
own products but what’s neat is you can use all the exact same strategies to
promote affiliate products as you do with your own so it’s a cool place to
get started another great way to make money online for your business on top of
that another strategy I really recommend and that works very well and a great
online marketing method you should implement is blogging and so what’s cool
with that is again social media marketing is great I’ll talk about that
in a bit but there are some downsides to it one is that you don’t own it and then
on top of that they might kind of go out of style right so maybe you think of
MySpace it used to be cool back in the day no one uses it all anymore right or
again maybe you build a platform up you have you know take Facebook for example
it’s a cool platform for sure but you know it used to be a lot more powerful
in the free spectrum right we’re again maybe you go to a fan page to tens of
thousands hundreds of thousands of likes it got a ton of exposure but now they’ve
kind of eliminated that and it’s almost pay-to-play
when it comes to like a fan page right and so platformers might make changes
where they could be awesome to begin with but they change down the road you
never really know and again you don’t control that so that’s why social media
marketing has its benefits which I’ll get to but this is another reason why
you want to do blogging because you own it right you create that content you own
it it’s on your website can’t beat a you know hey right and so it’s a cool
way to build a business on top of that it’s evergreen content where you can
make it once and it continues to work for you over and over again forever
which is very awesome right I look at it just like little billboards
out on the side of the highway every time you put a piece of content out
there it just can continue to work for you bring in leads bring in sales bring
in traffic for your business so it’s very powerful in that sense being
evergreen on top of that this is where you can create your value based content
you serve the marketplace it’s gonna build a lot of trust and rapport for
your business and then it also capitalizes on search engine marketing
which I’ll get to in a bit as well but as you create that content people are
actually searching out posts just like yours content just like yours so you can
actually bring in very targeted leads for your business through blogging as
well so it’s a very powerful aspect to grow your business so I definitely
recommend that as one online marketing strategy you implement tying in with all
this stuff too another great aspect and where you should market your business is
through an email list and so if you haven’t heard it before the money’s in
the list there’s a lot of power behind building an email list so again one you
own it which is awesome and so again you don’t have to worry about it going away
right because you own that list and if you’re generating the leads correctly
they’re very highly targeted leads that are your ideal type target market ideal
customers I gives you the ability to remarket to this list which is powerful
because again not everyone that joins your list is going to be a perfect fit
immediately right they might not buy right away but if they’re on your list
you can continue to provide value to that list continue to send your content
to them it’s gonna build more trust more rapport build more relationships
establish you more as an expert and again you can turn this into sales down
the road because again people are kind of on a roller coaster in their life
right in their business so timing might not be right immediately when they join
your list but if you continue to provide value when timing is right who do you
think they reach out to is it you that’s been providing consistent value or some
random person again obviously it’s you right so this is why email marketing is
very after due to email marketing one simple
way that I have gotten started in this process is with Aweber it’s pretty cool
it’s an email autoresponder you definitely want one of those tools set
up to grow your business if you haven’t set one up yet this is what I started
with it’s very cost effective way to set up email marketing for your business
I’ll actually include a link in the description below as well where you can
get your first 30 days of Aweber for free for your business and start
implementing that as well or you can just head on over to coach
Mike McDonald comm /a Weber but I’ll put the link below this video as well where
you can get access to that so now that you’ve got these digital marketing
methods and techniques in place how do you actually promote them right and so
that’s really the next step so there’s a couple ways to do that the first one is
going to be through SEO and search engine marketing and so if you’re not
familiar with this I’ve mentioned it briefly earlier but unlike your video
marketing through like YouTube your blog posts your content that you’re making
you can basically scatter throughout this different keywords or basically
create content that’s based around things that people are actually
searching for and so what’s again cool with this it can be free right so as you
build that content out you know Google’s gonna put it out there so if you write
quality content you create value based stuff that people actually want to see
and listen to and take part in right it’s gonna bring in a lot of traffic for
you for free and then you can turn this into leads and sales for your business
and so if you’re just getting started I know there’s all kinds of tools out
there you know to get more fine-tuned ability on your search engine marketing
but a really cool strategy that you can implement actually right away is just
hopping onto Google so take whatever your target market is maybe some pain
points that they have or what you think you want to create your article about
and just start typing it in to the search bar so you know I’ll throw up a
quick picture here but if I did like search engine optimization it kind of
gives you some different suggestions of what people are actually searching for
so little bold things that you see there and that’s what people are actually
typing in so what you can do is you can create your content based around what
these people are actually sir for and then you know if you write a
very well-done post it can rank high on Google and bring in a ton of free
traffic for you so it’s a really cool strategy to start using search engine
optimization and Google to your advantage when you’re just getting
started so I definitely would you know highly recommend doing that in
conjunction with that a second strategy you want to do is content marketing so
I’ve kind of been talking about that throughout this whole video right in
this whole content here and so again this is the the idea what you want to do
though so create a ton of value solve your target markets problems so in this
video for example I’m talking about digital marketing methods and techniques
that actually work that you can use to grow your business and so I help people
build a successful business from home so that’s the kind of value that I put out
there so take whatever your target market is whatever your industry is and
then create that sort of content again it’s gonna build trust rapport
credibility help you bring in leads and sales grow an audience build that
following and again that can help you build your business because like I had
said earlier people want to do business with people not just like a faceless
company and so content marketing can help you build that relationship with
your audience again just because it’s online marketing doesn’t mean you don’t
utilize and create relationships it’s a big impart of your business and so
content marketing can help you do that for your business third option to
promote your stuff is through social media marketing and so I talked a little
bit earlier about kind of the downsides of social media marketing well there’s
also a ton of advantages to it as well you know when done correctly a lot of it
you can actually do for free which is really cool you know you get a couple of
the right tools in place but then at from that point moving forward you can
just simply market it on social media and then it can grow for free another
thing you know not right or wrong but take for example when you build your
audience it can give you a lot of free exposure but it can also add a lot of
credibility to what you’re talking about so you know again it’s kind of weird but
maybe not I don’t know if you have a post that has a ton of value and you
share it on your account that has ten followers might not get a lot of
traction but if you share it on your account that has 30,000 followers your
to get a lot more views on that a lot people are gonna take you more seriously
and so you know again like I said maybe right or wrong I don’t know because you
might have amazing quality content with ten followers but from a perception
standpoint people aren’t going to take that as seriously as someone that has a
huge following on social media so again social media marketing very powerful
very important thing to do in your business but it’s also important to
create those content strategies and build your marketing and something you
do own as well and then share that on social media is what I recommend another
pitfall I find a lot of people fall into with social media marketing is they try
and do way too much all at once and they try and do like a hundred different
strategies at once they’re doing Twitter they’re doing Instagram they’re doing
YouTube they’re blogging they’re posting on Facebook they’re building a fan page
right you kind of running out of fingers the thing stuff to talk about so again
you know instead of trying to do all of them at once
honing and master one or two strategies and then focus from there on expanding
because they’re learning curve right you’re gonna have to go through your
learning curve of marketing effectively on social media so you might as well
figure it out first on one or two platforms versus spreading yourself way
too thin and struggling for a long time so that’s one tip I have for you against
a lot of tips I have for you on social media marketing but it’s also one
effective way to promote your business with these digital marketing methods the
fourth and final one I’m going to talk about today is using PPC or
pay-per-click advertising again just advertising your business in general as
a method to promote and scale your business now I really want to focus in
on scale your business because one thing I find a lot of people struggle with is
that they jump into advertising way too soon because again all these things I
mentioned earlier there’s a learning curve to go through you’re gonna need to
develop skill sets you’re gonna need to learn how everything works right and so
that takes time you need to learn what to say once you actually do generate
leads to bring in business so it’s a process right one thing I find is people
combine that with advertising which has their own learning curve right
you know pay-per-click running ads on Facebook all these different ways
YouTube ads Google ads right AdWords there’s all kind of allure
in curve with that in addition to your initial learning curve of learning the
foundation skills and so what I find a lot of people do is they jump into
advertising too soon and they combine both these learning curves and so they
waste a lot of money before they even learn the foundation skill set they’re
wasting money in advertising and a lot of times they actually end up going out
of business because they they kind of do it out of order right so advertising and
pay-per-click marketing is really the final step you want to do you want to
start implementing advertising when you’re actually in profit right you’re
actually making money in your business but you use it as a form to scale your
business and take it to the next level so that’s really one you should get into
paid advertising it’s a very effective strategy but it has its learning curves
with it as well so I recommend not jumping into it too soon you know once
you’re actually profitable in your business you’re making money through
like the organic you know maybe free strategies that you’re implementing some
of the automated processes you’ve set up then at that point decide to take it to
the next level and scale through advertising and using things like play
per click marketing or Facebook ads or YouTube ads or whatever the case might
be so don’t jump into it too soon I’d recommend taking courses as well to
actually learn what you’re doing before you spend a ton of money on it
it’ll be a great investment and well worth it and again it’s gonna save you
time and money and headaches in the long run actually advertising lasts in your
business rather than first so again guys hope you got a ton of value out of this
video if you did feel free to comment and share you know let me know if you
know some other strategies that you implement to grow your business through
digital marketing I definitely love to hear those as well
and then again also be sure to subscribe to my channel get more tips and training
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