We’ve talked a lot about Bitcoin lately, haven’t
we? Today we return to our old mind-opening exercises
and we will talk about our future, the future of our children, artificial intelligence,
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as well as answering questions from you, I read the comments saying that we know the
full throttle. Let us first clarify what artificial intelligence
really is. Artificial intelligence is actually an event
that can mimic human behavior, move according to the system it is in, and have many abilities
such as speech and sound perception. Of course, when it comes to artificial intelligence,
Hollywood film industry comes to America to destroy humanity, thanks to flying and fleeing
robots, but no, it’s not just that. Facebook’s chatbot is also a robot, basically
an artificial intelligence, or Apple’s Siri is an artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily
need physical equipment. Of course, I think one of the most important
of all these artificial intelligence discussions is the subject of very important decisions
that can affect life. One environment says, how can this software,
this bot, this robot, anyway, make important decisions? No brain, no emotion. When you look, don’t you? Software code library, hardware code plus
chipset, ram, processor and so on. It’s actually a computer, but I don’t believe
that artificial intelligence is going to be inferior to us in making these important decisions. Yes, no feelings, yes, a device or software,
but we as human beings are very problematic beings. When we look at the events from a wide angle
our ancestors homo sapiens’lar average world scene for 100 thousand years, but we look
at the brother since 100 thousand years, we are still fighting, there is still war in
the world, there is hunger. If we go back to our topic, the driverless
cars are already preparing to take over a decision that is very important for us. For example, driving, where to brake, where
to gas. We all have a capacity. If we go behind the wheel in a sleepless way
and a child comes up, God forbid, can we press the brakes just in time? But there is no insomnia in artificial intelligence,
there are no excuses such as a little scattered or sorry to drink alcohol. What I’m talking about here is not only that
I simply stepped on the brake, I stepped on the throttle, but in the event of danger,
these artificial intelligences, for example, will calculate the likelihood of harm to you
and your child sitting in your back seat, and will act accordingly within seconds. For example, he can make the following calculations
in seconds. The car comes from the right at a speed of
95 km, 95% chance of crashing me if I do nothing, what options do I have, if I choose a-b-c
and I choose the opposite road that road is empty, the probability of damage will fall
to 35% saying that we can not normally save our lives with the bendiness. I’ve been doing research on this subject lately,
but it always comes to this. Now, my friends, I think all of these things
are meaningful for all of us, but we have to leave everything to taste. Whether we leave these important decisions
to artificial intelligence, the algorithm or Netflix, let me tell you how to go to the
office, tell me Google, describe things and things that make life easier, but you know
what goes a little bit more, I think it goes into digital slavery. Imagine if I should marry that person or marry
this person. We ask Google. Google has also done all the digital lives
of these two people, where they happen. Where he went, he shares, examines keywords
and stuff and says marry him. I think we can really experience these scenarios
in the future, or maybe our lives are not enough, our children or their children can
see, but I hope they don’t. If this happens, life is no longer a maze,
a theater, it turns into an event where everyone makes the best decisions, but this is the
best decision to be discussed. Come on, let’s tie it up to Bitcoin, crypto
coins or something, but in such an environment, the free market means nothing. Because everyone has eliminated their emotions
through artificial intelligence and is locked brother markets. Imagine the whale in the world, including
the big investors, everyone is trading with Google’s buy-sell strategy. There is a paradox that turns out to be Google. In Binance, for example, Matic Network was
around 51% yesterday. Suddenly, he suffered a sharp drop by half,
and there is no technical explanation, just that. It was probably the profit sale or panic of
those holding a large amount of Matic, and don’t look at it, we say, let’s disable it
while buying and selling emotions here, but we’re right, but if the whole world leaves
it, there’s no free market. It’il lock, man. As a result, I think, at least for the short
term, I said at the beginning of the Hollywood sci-fi movies, trying to seize the artificial
intelligence trying to seize the world, but I think we will encounter anyway? This Boston Dynamic has robots, and it comes
back and forth and healed every 3-4 months. If these robots are real, then unfortunately
they can be used as soldiers, but do you know why I say so? I recently watched a video that was far better
than Boston Dynamic’s robots, with robots fighting like real people, and when I searched
that video, I found this information. Turns out that video was fake. Made to mock Boston Dynamic’s robots. Therefore, unfortunately, we can not believe
every time we see. Deepfake technology is another important subject
that I’ve covered in my channel about it, but no matter my friends, I think we will
leave the decisions we will make more and more to artificial intelligence and algorithms. Nevertheless, we also need to clarify our
expectations from technology. Because if our expectation is not clear, if
we don’t take a set, the same technology starts to determine our expectations and we just
talked about it or technology starts to understand people day by day, which may have consequences
for us instead of serving it. What do you think, for example, I am really
curious about your ideas, I feed on them and try to read and answer each one. For example, let me tell you, this artificial
intelligence is ready. I’m trying to read Stephen Hawking and Harari. Stephen Hawking is already a very important
scientist. He says that ultimately singularity will come,
that is, artificial intelligence will gain consciousness. The Israeli writer Harari is something other
than intelligence and consciousness. These science fiction films make us think
about it, but in reality intelligence is the ability to solve problems, consciousness is
the ability to feel emotions like pain, love, joy or anger. Because human beings solve problems by including
their emotions, there is no such thing as computers. Artificial intelligence, for example, may
have to analyze the emotions of people around him while accurately walking, but he can do
it without emotion, he says. When I look at it, I think it is not achieved. Now, fellas, I wanted to talk to you today
about artificial intelligence and how it will affect our future. In the meantime, to support me and to participate
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write at least one comment. Also fill out the form from the link below. My friends, we said artificial intelligence,
we said algorithms, and I’ll tell you one more thing in connection with them. If you remember, about 2-3 months ago, I told
you about a project called Utopia, whose software was not finalized yet. My channel has a video. You can watch. That Utopia now has new events, new developments. Let’s talk about this, but let’s first remember
what Utopia is. Utopia, in the simplest terms, is a confidential
business project. Which came out like this. Every cookie we make on the internet is being
tracked, analyzed, or based on this issue, Utopia expresses that they offer complete
freedom and privacy. In this group, inspired by George Orwell’s
1984, they design a world, a network, a decentralized ecosystem in which only Bitcoin is used. We’il talk soon, there’s a practice. The link to the website is also in the description
part just below this video, my friends. You can click and get information, as I said
for the computer if you want to have a Turkish application you can look at it. In the meantime, if you visit the web page,
you will see that Utopia promises a package that you can find all in one on a decentralized
Blockchain. My friends and Utopia underline that what
they say they give is basically secure messaging, e-mail sending, privacy-oriented payments,
and no one can follow it, and they underline that we don’t use a central network, a server. Meanwhile, the beta came out, the main website
was opened, the main application came. When making the first video because the site
and the application was beta. In the meantime, we call it all privacy-oriented,
or messages, files, information, browser history, etc. in the application are all encrypted
with Curve25519 and AES256 as standard, and users will surely say they should know, user
data is not moved to another place over the internet, only stored on their computers. When we look at the application in general,
for example, there is an internal crypto money wallet, instant messaging program, there is
a secure and ad-free mail program and said that the web browser, but this web browser
only opens web sites hosted on Utopia network. For example, I tried to enter Google could
not open. In their terms, this may be true, but how
much effort does it take to put people in such a closed environment? This could happen. Because if your goal is to get people here,
you can do it slowly if you want to offer a total ecosystem, but when you look at the
interface of the application or something, it gives you the feeling of working on it. In addition, Utopia also has crypto money,
and his name is Crypton. This is a coin that can be mining in the network
for Utopia users. This coin is actually part of the uWallet
wallet integrated into Utopia for privacy-focused payments. There are details for this coin. For every 15 minutes online at Utopia, users
earn extra rewards, just because they use Utopia, because they support the network. In the meantime, as an additional information,
users can create unlimited mining robots in the application, but unless you turn off the
mining feature on the computer where you have already installed the main application, you
will not be able to install an extra mining robot as the mining will continue without
the robot. It needs to be installed on separate computers or servers,
and these robots have Windows, Linux and Mac versions. And my friends Utopia has this quality. Again, under chat features, you can easily
open the channel if desired. The users under Utopia can be gathered under
common channels, but when you look at it in general, it has good features, but in today’s
complex life, there will be times when a user has to get out of Utopia, and I think the
decentralization, security or something has actually turned into a central event. slim Ok Utopia’s blockchain can be decentralized
and completely secure, they say, but it may not be long-term if you can’t even open Google
when you open the web browser. In the future they can stretch the job a little
more. Because you’ll either come up with an enormous
offer that can move people off the ground, which isn’t really easy today, or at least
make a mode in it, for example, when you turn on this mode, you can access the outside world
outside Utopia. In today’s world, whether we really accept
it or not, companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft have embraced us in four branches. At least make a smooth transition. And what you call trust is something
that is established over time. You can either check me out with a remarkable
feature, just as I said, make it your user or pass me to the platform lighter. Look, I’m trying to make realistic interpretations
here. Surely you’re right if it’s supposed to be,
of course, no one can follow people, buy or sell their information, these are wonderful
things that may or may not be different when we make comments
on the ground. So Utopia’s success may be due in part to
its smooth transition while attracting users. I’m aware that my friends have dropped my
jaw again, but here we are talking to us and it really makes a point. If you want to be in my whole life with an
ecosystem, maybe it is an idea to be an operating system rather than an application on Windows,
but an operating system that is much easier to install than standard Linux. If we talked about my friends Utopia, now
let’s move on to today’s bonus information. That string, like the guitar, the harp or
the violin, was made from the bowels of animals. This is such information. Well, let’s see what came to you from the
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