Why did bitcoin and altcoins dumped hard?
What happens after that?
What’s the new target in bitcoin and altcoin?
If you’re just trying to figure out what’s
going on, this video is exactly for you.
At the end of the video there will also be
bonus information.
I’m ready, and if you’re ready, let’s start.
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In the meantime, just a few days ago before
the fall in this video I explained that we
are in the OBO formation, I said we can experience
a fall in the middle sugar and that pattern
worked exactly.
Tell you what, the followers caught it.
Those who can convert money, so I watch my
videos to the end and keep an eye on my ears,
but sometimes I believe that I do not give
investment advice, but I do not want to say
I do not worry on the one hand.
At Bitcoin, I would like to draw a vision
for a few months now and then talk about it
today, and then we will talk about altcoins
in general.
In this channel, I also shared with you a
long-term road map that is not affected by
the immediate drop in Bitcoin.
See you see on the screen.
Let me give you some advice without even limit.
Bored, narrowed.
Why is this market so, why it still does not
rise Bitcoin or something, if you pull the
flag of rebellion open this image, brother.
It’s on my Telegram channel.
You just need to go a little old or you come
and I’ll share it again by updating.
Anyway, that’s my long-term view.
I am also keeping the number of Bitcoin in
the first long-term strong rise.
I will share in the following days or weeks.
Stay tuned.
You know why I care about long-term?
Because he’s approaching.
What’s in May 2020?
There’s a block halfway at Bitcoin.
As of May 2020, Bitcoin miners will now be
able to produce half the bitcoin less than
the current one.
Bitcoin’s block chain now distributes an average
of 12.5 Bitcoins in 10 minutes as a reward,
and now it drops to 6.25.
It will, and it will probably gain more value.
For example, you have seen for yourself how
the price of Litecoin rises from $ 30 to $ 140
as the price approaches halfway.
It would be ridiculous to put a hard target
such as taking it from the bottom and selling
it from the top, but Litecoin has given a
profit of close to 5 times in total.
Here we can see a beautiful rise in 2020,
or rather, 2020.
Because in the previous block halves, Bitcoin
shakes itself as the half-life date approaches.
Which even if we feel the symptoms of light
right now .. What happens next?
With the effect of the less-winning miners,
when the half-life took place, it is entering
a beautiful bull season.
Anyway, we talked about them in the past,
and when the Bitcoin 3000 was full, and the
market was crying, we all said that we were
here together, that $ 12000, my brother, who
would come here, we said there was no other
Anyway, after that, let’s see where the new
target might be in Bitcoin.
Now I’m going to share some possibilities
with you, and you can take positions according
to Bitcoin’s movement in the coming days,
which probability can happen.
Now you see, Bitcoin is rising, and I don’t
see much of it in a few days now, but we need
to see if it can hold the $ 10100 band.
What if he clings and breaks.
Then we have to hold 10,800, but unfortunately
we are closer.
Look, I want to bring a graphic to the screen.
On the daily chart, Bitcoin has a descending
triangle like the fathers, and at this point
I mean that 1- These descending triangles
usually end with a fall.
Although not always in this line, Bitcoin
can generally break this line by falling.
Be very careful here.
As soon as Bitcoin goes under $ 9300 and stays
there for a few days, understand that this
line is broken and there may be a more solid
fall in pursuit.
If Bitcoin says no, I don’t want this triangle.
I want to go up.
Then very very clearly, the Bitcoin must rise
to $ 11300 and be inserted there without falling
down and entering the triangle again.
We can understand from this movement that
the future rise will come, but now do you
know where to link the analysis?
You know, a couple of videos ago, I told you
we could experience a bitter drop in Bitcoin,
and that bitcoin was over $ 10,000.
That OBO formation that I described there,
the mold movement continues to work and you
know how many dollars can be the first stop?
$ 8700.
Oh, by the way, I’il tell you this.
I have targets, supports, resistors or something
I’m talking about.
There’s no such thing as $ 8700.
It can turn from 8750 to 8800, if we descend
there or the same goes for the ascension.
Take them in general and deposit them if you
plan to trade I don’t take it as a recommendation,
I think you should always leave yourself a
certain yawn, a certain safe area.
So, folks, there’s not much energy right now
at Bitcoin.
But here Bitcoin is dead, let’s not say the
word, long-term perspective, I’ve shared my
expectations without giving you the target
If you have long-term thinking about Bitcoin
or if you are going to buy it, please think
about what I told you first.
Short-term collisions, decreases, ascents
always happen.
Take a long-term look at the dollar against
the dollar even if we can predict that there
will be an increase.
Like this.
As for the Bitcoin target, I shared my short-term
goal in this video, but if everything goes
as expected, $ 9300 might be the first target.
There may also be instant increases before
coming to the 9300, but Bitcoin is unclear,
but we will see in a new video whether it
will go down to $ 8700 after 9300.
Anyway, we said bitcoin doesn’t have much
After all, we’re trying to talk about Bitcoin
in a neutral way, but there’s a bitcoin here
that dropped to $ 3,000 a few months ago,
but now it’s three times higher than that
bad market, right?
We have to accept that first.
Because this is happening, folks, look out.
Let’s not say a little drop or let’s say a
little bit of a hard fall, I immediately start
reading on social media, not only for bitcoins,
but also for altcoins.
Should we stop hoping for Bitcoin, or something?
Either look at the history, look at the history,
or the coins.
There’s a Bitcoin that drops to over 100 dollars
when it’s $ 1,200, but in the past, it’s now
9 times higher than its biggest figure.
So we have to keep this very clear in mind.
First, we should not make the mistake of managing
our psychology and going to the extremes of
crypto-money psychology.
Okay, I did that in 2017.
When I bought Bitcoin from $ 3,000, it was
$ 4,000, $ 5,000.
After 6-7-10-15,000 dollars came, it rose
to 19800 dollars.
Everyone in the process believed that Bitcoin
would be worth $ 1 million.
Yeah, I believed that too, no lies.
I’m conveying my sincere thoughts, we’re already
Amma velakin, amma velakin I approached the
events much more realistic after that mistake,
and from time to time I always asked the hard
rise or something.
What happened to my brother, Bitcoin on the
rise, in real life, Bitcoin started to be
used in NASA or something, did the American
government accept Bitcoin?
Since there is nothing to create a positive
outrage and I cannot get satisfactory answers
to these questions, I generally broke Bitcoin
in short-term except long-term investments
on the rise.
Here’s the last $ 12288 bitcoin I broke and
you know what I said from behind?
Right now it’s totally manipulating, it can
go even higher, but it’s a story like the
one I just mentioned, because at worst it’s
not a swell to drag people, and at the very
least, I’ll fix it and come back at $ 12288,
and I’ll get it back.
Anyway, we’re talking about them a little
bit today, but I wanted to tell you a little
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let’s analyze because there are too many questions
about altcoins.
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Well, Bitcoin dominated the market so much
that even when talking about the subcoins,
we can’t do an analysis far from Bitcoin,
The dominance of Bitcoin will be less than
70% of the ice.
You know, in an environment like this, for
Bitcoin to flow into the subcoins, someone
has to ignite a fuse, or I said in the previous
videos, or the market will be locked.
It is early to talk about the rise of the
subcoins while a single coin dominates 70%
of the market, but the market is a cycle.
I’m strongly defending it for maybe two years.
It’s time for the Altcoins.
You can be a bit more comfortable if you don’t
have coins that are upgraded with fake volumes
of useless shitcoins.
I said I just said the wick should be fired.
Somehow I’m likening this to the slide in
You know, someone sitting on top of a slide,
and I’m not going to slide, he does not slip.
Imagine something like that, imagine a metaphor
in your mind.
The people behind it push it, but they can’t
go down.
I think it will sound like a sock when a person
slips.Liters will begin to flow into the subcoins,
and there is a high probability that new,
fresh money will enter the market.
In this period, if you’re in harm, the most
important thing you should do is not to take
your psychology to the extreme.
What all the coins are dead over.
What Bitcoin today is going to be $ 1 million
Not both.
There’s something I’ve said since I opened
this channel on videos, live broadcasts.
Enter with the money you won’t even worry
about, even if you lose, and always keep dollars
on the edge to use in hard declines.
If you’ve done these things, maybe you can’t
win much if there is a hard rise before those
declines come, but at least you’ll lose a
lot of money and not disturb your flow of
life, your home order.
You can’t believe me from time to time what
messages are coming.
The man took some secret Bitcoin from his
wife and buried it in a lever.
He was in a hurry, and he came over for a
I don’t know what’s wrong, but he borrowed
11 Bitcoins from his friend.
The money that melted in half an hour or so
at Bitmex.
Finished 11 Bitcoin.
He didn’t even understand when he disappeared.
Okay, so it’s nice to make money on
the way up, thank you, but I know these stories
I share the advice of not to lose before you.
Of course, every investment instrument is
risky, but leveraged transactions are much
more risky.
Oh, you know the job, you’ve probably risked
the number you could lose.
Then what?
If you’re conscious, go ahead.
Anyway, today we talked about both Bitcoin
and Altcoin short and long term analysis as
well as some motivational things.
Let’s move on to the bonus information that
will add some color to this video.
Today we have Olli in bonus information.
Olli is a minibus printed with a 3D printer,
the purpose of which is to improve the everyday
life of cities with new touches, but not for
metropolitan cities, but rather for smaller
places, the minibus printed with this 3D printer
can drive 40 kilometers per hour.
He uses Lex’s speech robot from Amazon and
IBM’s artificial intelligence program.
If you want
more information, you can write Olli Bus,
Olli B-U-S to Google.
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