At Bitcoin, we’re in a place we can call right
now or okay.
We’re at a verdict.
We’re where I pointed you to the roadmap we
drew in the videos a month ago.
It can be continued and if Bitcoin could fall
in a possible bad scenario, except for Bitcoin,
would you ask me to link up with Holochain
and Google, which will keep you going?
We’ll finally talk to them and at the end
of this video there will also be bonus information
and a coin review.
Don’t forget to watch it to the end.
Here we go now.
In the meantime, what I’m talking about is
not investment advice, just my own ideas.
As I said from the beginning, let me go with
Bitcoin and then go on with Holochain and
Link, saying that I don’t take any investment
decision over what someone else tells me.
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These are important.
Now let’s start with Bitcoin.
You know, we said at the beginning, or if
it’s okay, Bitcoin is in a decision stage.
First of all, let me tell you this.
I’m on the side, but there are possible reverse
I’m going to continue because I’m going to
have a half-block in May next year.
If there’s a problem with what this block
half means, why do we expect Bitcoin’s price
to rise, I answered this question in my previous
Let’s not talk the same things.
You guys remember that we’ve been talking
for the last 1 year or so, remembering all
the time, we’ve always said that we need a
good reason, a good story for Bitcoin to rise.
That’s why it wasn’t enough to give us Bitcoin,
Blockchain, and this story could be given
to Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder.
Because I would love to have another story
that would be able to raise Bitcoin really
permanently beyond the block halves right
now, but I can’t see it anyway.
I want to talk about some of the possible
scenarios in Bitcoin today.
Now there was a support point at Bitcoin that
I told you in the videos a month ago.
$ 10,080.
If you notice that we do a lot of skating,
like a furry shop, we come back to our support
at the level of 10.080 dollars.
We’re trying to hold on tightly here, and
as the first possible scenario, we’re likely
to see friends 10800 again in the short or
medium term because look carefully, Bitcoin
makes a silent wedge for 9-10 days that we
call a silent wedge that doesn’t always end.
. If he can break it up as needed, the first
target might be $ 10800 – $ 11000, but I don’t
think that Bitcoin’s gas or energy for that
point could be energy for at least now.
I don’t talk for a few months, but right now,
I’m talking a few shorter days, folks.
I’m going to link this up here.
You know, I shared an OBO formation with you
about 2 weeks ago, and I said that there might
be a fall, and we fell back to $ 9300.
Folks, OBO is a trend-turn pattern, and you
can see here in blue, but I’m going to bring
it up here.
There is no such thing as there will always
be a trend return, ie the formation of the
fall has worked in part and the sequel will
come or not, but in such a scenario Bitcoin
may fall to $ 8650 if the pattern move continues
to complete itself technically.
I’m sharing possible scenarios with you.
This could be the second scenario in Bitcoin.
The third scenario could be a two-month process,
Look, I said in the previous videos that we
went in the descending triangle no matter
what, and even if there were one-day, three-day
five-day increases, the eye of the descending
triangle is usually close to decline.
Again, I would say hardly, but please don’t
take it as investment advice.
It’s just sharing ideas.
I just said that in the second scenario, the
OBO formation worked and we touched the 9300s
and put them together.
It is a coincidence that this 9300 big picture
comes right to the bottom of the triangle.
That is to say, it can be a forerunner of
a solid fall of less than $ 9300, and likewise
the rise of Bitcoin above 10800 may also mean
that the triangle is broken.
If we gather friends and combine all of these
scenarios into a single prediction, Bitcoin
is unpredictable, but there is minimal short-term
increases on the technical side, but at least
for the time being there is no clear rise
in the medium term.
There is no such energy, but I do not say
long term.
In the long run, I think there is a hope of
ascension because of the block halves we talked
If there are harsh movements from here, we
will update again.
That’s what they’re looking for now, friends.
In addition, you can also search for money
entries in cryptocurrencies.ra on both YouTube
and my Telegram channel and group.
Followers know.
If we consider these money inflows, Tether
feeds Bitcoin very well in the last 24 hours,
it is a driving force for Bitcoin not to fall,
but we talked about Tether here in a ton of
It’s not clear, it’s a black hole.
Apart from Tether, the weight of the real
American dollar has increased compared to
the past.
This is absolutely beautiful.
Anyway, if Tether’s support for Bitcoin is
diminishing, instead of supporting the US
dollar Bitcoin with the same strength, manipulations
are not necessarily, but I think a much safer
market than now.
Another, when we look at the news global crypto
money news sites in general, but there is
an analysis of the rise, but I’m in this process,
and I’m going to say whether it is a shake
out, so they say shaking.
Let’s see if an extra move comes after Binance’s
stock exchange in America.
If the dollar flow to the crypto coins that
I mentioned earlier increases, we need to
analyze and follow this.
Still later in videos I share with you if
there is a development in this regard, saying
if you want now for the last 1-2 years, especially
winning a lot of investors in Turkey, but
recently up to 8 Satoshi falling Holotoken
of Holochain to talk friendly but a little
announcement can I do from the start to you.
There is an application called Vinci, they
plan to be both a messaging and payment platform,
and they are organizing a $ 100,000 prize-winning
contest to make their voices heard so that
participants can participate without paying
any fee.
They e-mailed me and I thought I’d share it
with you.
And this process is going to be as I understand
You need to share photos or videos with #Vincicall
to join on Instagram or Youtube.
You also need to follow Vinci on Youtube and
Instagram, that’s all.
I’ve added your links to the description of
this video.
From there you can join if you want.
And they have Telegram accounts.
You can also take a look at the contestant’s
result if you want.
Now let’s go to Holo after this announcement,
but let me tell you this.
I’m not going to do a zero review at Holo.
I already have a detailed review on my channel.
You can also access that video by typing Crypto
Dictionary Holochain.
Holochain is now complaining about the investors’
most failing to perform their work within
the promised time of the project.
This is probably a little disappointing for
investors and also with the effect of such
Though they look quite active when we look
at their Twitter accounts, but this does not
reflect the prices, dude.
I think that unless the door out of important
stock exchanges such as Binance altcoin’lerle
season when it comes to the rise may be reflected
in Holo’ya but my problem is my brother, in
fact, my problem is, in fact, fancy sentences
immediately let’s not be fallen.
Because everyone in Holo has many variables
in this business, even if everything is great.
So I’m on the same spot as I said in Holo
a year ago.
In fact, the last time revealed their accuracy
because at that time there was a wonderful
Holo enthusiasm.
Anyway, those who follow my technical analysis
know that I’ve always looked at dollars based
for the last 2 years, but I’m going to look
at Holochain based on Bitcoin this time because
it’s generally studied in this way.
Now Holo has come to where he started despite
the fight so much that he is already moving
a while ago and in certain patterns.
Here you can see whether the investment can
be made, but you can see six very empty right
now you see, according to Fibonacci’ye the
next lower level 1 satoshi, you know, maybe
not fall there, but now we are already at
8 satoshi border.
It seems as if there is a wedge that descends
around here, not so obvious, but I hope so
and it breaks up here.
If he ascends, he can become the next level
15 satoshi, and maybe less risk-free.
I know it is to buy twice as much from now
on, but you know I am always on the side of
protecting the money, capital before making
First we will protect our money, brother,
okay, we will do this first, then we will
aim to make money.
Because we can’t win if we don’t.
Two, two, four.
And if we talk about friends, ChainLink, or
Link, shortly known as Link, we had to talk
about it with Google, but we had talked about
it in a video.
Calm down, dude, I told you not to rush.
Just because we signed up with Google doesn’t
mean we’re going to see Link on all Google
products tomorrow.
Indeed, we have seen this in the prices.
It rose from the 40 cents to about $ 4.5.
E then corrected it, just like any other coin,
and continues to do so.
In fact, there have been news about Link recently,
a complete pump dump organization has been
A company called Anchain has announced that
the Link project has been instrumental in
such pump dump events.
If we are involved in this project, weOf course
it’s a sad situation if you don’t have to
Because it leaves many victims behind.
Although the early investors, ie 40-50 cents,
all kinds of snow, but what is happening now
is that the high-span time is going to the
Anyway, if we look at Link’s technical analysis
in dollars, folks, I can say that it’s 60%
-70% positive.
The first one is above the 50-day moving average.
The latter may break this line upwards as
it moves downward within a descending wedge
Because not in technical analysis, but not
I think the first region to be considered
in a possible rise here is the 1.80 region.
It must be able to hold on to it, but the
decline may continue.
The second is $ 1.95.
If it can also hold here, it may continue
to rise more firmly, but it may go a little
further down the line.
Then these regions can be used as a checkpoint
for ascension change friends.
That’s when we talk to them.
For example, I’m giving you a little more
time to hold the places I’ve given or if I’m
going to look at him going down even more
friends in this section as a sponsor of the
Lambda coin Let me talk about.
In this way, we recognize new jobs.
Folks, Lambda coin is a decentralized storage
network that is currently on many exchanges.
At first glance, Lambda has rolled up its
sleeves to make the Internet decentralized
and plans to contribute by decentralized storage
networks, as I said.
I say in many stock exchanges because Huobi,
Coinex, Bithumb, Okex’e 40 large and small
stock exchanges are sold.
Hitbtc also started trading yesterday, but
the most volume is on the coinex stock exchange.
and, as I said, Lambda is for decentralized
storage and verification of data, and it uses
the consensus model, Lambda chain network.
While a token working on the Lambda Ethereum
network, they are now officially in the mainnet
According to the information I received on
August 26, they completed the pre-mainnet
process first genesis block called the first
block began.
Now the first version was released and in
December, the mainnet process will be completed
With the transition to Mainnet, they will
now work on their own blockchain networks,
and in fact, the ecosystem doesn’t stop.
According to their information, there are
10,000 miners and 11 business partners in
the Lambda ecosystem, including the Bitmax
exchange and the IOST project traded in Binance.
In addition, there are 67 users in the ecosystem,
23 investment institutions, 40 crypto money
exchanges and 5 projects working on Lambda.
If we need to understand Lambda’s point of
view, I can give an example.
In their recent organization, Lambda’s founder,
every member of the ecosystem, is one of the
stakeholders that keeps Lambda alive and we,
as Lambda, are building things that are not
under our or anyone else’s control.
In fact, as I said, they are trying to build
a new generation of decentralized internet,
and they also want to take the lead in decentralized
storage, which can be used especially during
the Internet of objects we call IoT.
Because those who know, on this channel IOT’yi
so many times that we call the Internet of
objects and even the simplest expression of
the refrigerator in our house, depending on
the Internet, we can now send the missing
items we have talked about a world that is
not far.
In such a world, secure storage will be much
more important.
Because there’s no chance of hacking your
fridge before.
This is the unique data security that Blockchain
Lambda’s after that.
Folks, if we talk about the coin side of this,
there’s 10 billion lambda coins, as their
white papers say, that’s a bit much, but rather
all these coins will slowly be produced by
mining over the next 20 years, and Lambda’s
daily mining prize is 300,000 lambs.
Web sites have detailed information.
If you are interested you can get detailed
information from there.
As for the business model, users who want
to rent a cloud database from Lambda will
have to go to any stock exchange and buy Lambda
Of course there are many details, but there
is more or less such a business model.
In the meantime, there are Lambda’s Turkish
and English Telegram groups, folks.
You can go in and have a look.
Of course, we do not discuss all the technical
details as we do not make a full examination
here, but the main features are in this way.
Now let’s move on
to today’s bonus information.
Apple Jobs founder Steve Jobs, to get rid
of stress in the toilet bowl.
I have already read the official biography
of Steve Jobs.
There was also a mention of a bit of
a hygiene problem, but this
is a really different habit.
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