If you don’t become a billionaire in the next
10 years, it’s probably your fault … These
words belong to 20-year-old, teenage Bitcoin
millionaire Erik Finman.
Here today, sit back, friends, we will talk
to you about the secrets of this crypto-money
millionaire, what they have done in the past
or what they have not done.
In addition, in our short and long-term money
to make money in crypto how our strategy should
be, what we should never compromise them will
deal with substance.
You can also take notes if you want, while
watching and keep a little morale will also
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I just told you about Erik Finman’s words
when I started the video.
In case you’re not a billionaire in the next
10 years, it’s probably your fault.
Ok this promise and the story I’ll tell you
in a while may be a bit of a demogogy, but
let’s see what Erik Finman has done differently
to us in his Bitcoin story.
Now, in 2011, at the age of 12, he just realized
that he couldn’t do anything but go to school
and he wanted to do something different.
She goes to her family and says that if I
make a lot of money by the age of 18, promise
me you won’t want me to go to school.
It’s actually a very wrong perspective.
Read equals does not make money.
The school can give you the ability to question
life, open your mind and think differently.
Ha presents the cake so you offer that cake,
you don’t get it apart.
Anyway, his family says this is okey and our
Erik goes, the year 2011 is 10 euros, then
his grandmother gave 1000 euros, probably
a full 100 Bitcoin buy.
If we say that 10 euro is worth 12 dollars
and in 2011 Bitcoin’de the lowest price is
30 cents, the highest price is $ 15.40 at
the time of market conditions, Erik Finman
took a lot of high Bitcoin’i.
But Erik Finman, for example, is a German.
There are also American Bitcoin millionaires.
Have you ever wondered why we don’t have a
Well, folks, I thought about it.
I’m sincerely saying that there are reasons
for this.
That’s why I’m going to tell you now.
If we can overcome these reasons, we can develop
both individually and socially and be prepared
for the next big money making opportunity.
When this friend was 12 years old, he just
thought that school wouldn’t add anything
to me.
More than thinking, he put it into action.
When we are not satisfied with something we
usually do.
We usually complain and sleep on it.
You know, I’m not happy about it, so we can
tick, I do not question usually improve.
I usually say that there are exceptions, of
course, but this child has been questioning
and, most importantly, individualized.
Let us decide to invest alone at the age of
12 to invest 1000 pounds in anything, even
when we grow up to eat alone or can not go,
we are looking for friends.
We’re not very individualized.
When I say individualization, I’m not talking
about being buried in the phone and isolating
itself from around it, but doing business
We need to be individualized, not to expect
everything from the school.
In addition to basic education, it is necessary
to minimize the expectation from the school.
We need to open and educate ourselves for
the price of 2 chips and 1 coke from udemy,
and educate our children in this way to catch
the trend.
You have to play the game by the rules.
Schools have just started staying well behind
the business life in many parts of the world
not only in Turkey.
In fact, business life has accelerated.
When this is the case, well, no one should
look at the training places I think the expert
udemy, coursera was such resources.
Why am I telling you this?
Because at some times in history very clear
Let me ask you, for example, saying that all
kinds of winners who can predict the breaks
and act early.
Write as a comment.
How much foresight do you have, how do you
assess your dominance of crypto currency,
Are you approaching the short-term only to
save the day, or even if my job is just buy
and sell, can I say that I should follow the
technological developments as much as I can
and see the impact of these changes on the
future so that I can be literate?
I really want to congratulate you if you’ve
decided or acted.
What happened to my luck?
We’re talking to us here, let’s say a few
sentences before the issue is very distributed.
I have been working on brands, trends, strategy
and new technologies for more than 10 years.
That’s why I met Bitcoin and Blockchain early,
but there are some points where I learn from
the past.
Let’s go to Bitcoin, year 2010, 2011.
We were going to the biggest brands of today
and telling about social media, see here the
message You can start the communication.
We should have Facebook, Twitter accounts
and even write your social media addresses
on your products.
Friends couldn’t be sure but we were sure.
Since you were sure your brother would go
to Facebook, Twitter shares from 8-9 years
Anyway, these are my memories, folks.
I wanted to share a chat with you here.
We made these mistakes and tried to make up
for them as quickly as we could, so the next
generations didn’t make the same mistakes.
That’s all I care about, actually.
Anyway, what we can do over what Bitcoin millionaires
say in the crypto money markets, how we can
exist, if we need to go back to this issue,
we have already mentioned a little bit, but
folks, if you want to come to the matter and
the first matter, first of all, and be sure
to me by the matter.
I think it’s not too late for crypto money,
it’s definitely not late, but I bought Bitcoin,
when it’s going to rise, let’s not be understanding
why I’m not a millionaire since I’ve been
there for 2 months, and I’m telling you, guys,
I’m telling you.
Crypto coins including Bitcoin all get part
of your overall investment portfolio.
Not all.
Okay, following Bitcoin, entering and exiting
altcoins is very exciting to see 3xs and 5xs,
but that’s not investing.
If you have 10 units of money, for example,
divide a certain portion of it into crypto
You may want to buy gold, silver or Facebook,
Netflix, Twitter.
Thus, you would not know that even in a scenario
where crypto coins sink, you do not completely
This is the second item.
Don’t be on the side of item 3 you’ve sold
crypto coins, just bought Bitcoin Blockchain.
Here, in the previous video, I talked about
how deepfake technology will ravage the world
and how Bitcoin Blockchain can solve this
In fact, I share with you the needs of the
You might consider turning them into services.
Take Vitalere Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.
My name could hardly be called a Bitcoin millionaire
when he was young, but what did he do?
Inspired by Bitcoin, he founded the Ethereum
and inspired the development of the crypto
currency industry.
Thanks to its own ERC20 infrastructure, many
other crypto currencies emerged.
To sum up, I think it is necessary to try
to approach Blockchain, crypto currency through
business model, business idea, but this does
not mean that you will not buy or sell.
He’s something else.
If we talk about buying and selling in clause
4, it’s like football.
For example, two days before I heard a sentence
Turkey insisted on watching the Andorra match.
They said we should stick to our game plan.
Yeah, so do crypto coins.
We will have a game plan from the beginning
and short and long term moves will be written
and what we need to do is to stay faithful
to this game plan without being hasty.
And folks, I saw this on crypto coins.
Sometimes a crypto currency is marketed incredibly.
We should know that this is a temporary wind
without investing in this aura, and that we
should look at it long-term as we see in Bitcoin
millionaires in Article 5.
Let’s say you have 1000 lira.
750 pounds in the long run.
Let’s say 250 pounds in the short term.
If you put the target to 750 pounds for 5
years, there is a very strange rise in the
chances of earning money to stop the brother
250 pounds in the beginning of the small figures,
try to look at the brother can do 300 pounds,
can you make 500 pounds or 200 to 150 pounds
It is necessary to look at the article 6 saying
that if any crypto money including Bitcoin
rises and falls harshly, the statements made
by people with high impact on crypto money
sometimes have the opposite meaning.
For example, Bitcoin will fall, I’m breaking
my 50 Bitcoin’m here they say it on Facebook,
Twitter or YouTube live unless you really
can not believe this promise.
You would not believe.
Two, two, four.
We experienced them in 2017.
Anyway today I wanted to talk to you about
what Bitcoin millionaires do and how we should
do it both individually and socially.
Also know that all of these Bitcoin stories
have the purpose of decorating, gassing and
While the man goes buy and sell, he actually
suffers a nervous breakdown, but he comes
in super-sold uber, sells a lot of money,
or loses 5 or 3 wins.
He doesn’t even mention the 5 he lost, but
he tells all the 3 he won.
This is how it works.
Realistic you got to be saying now that you
also do private sales of a well tokens from
Telegram gram and 5 years ago, founded in
2014, recognized something in cointelegraph
work on global, but in Turkey not much I want
to talk
that In fact, we also recognize new jobs,
we are updating ourselves on the one hand.
This crypto currency exchange is called Liquid.
The link is in the description part of this
video and as I said, this is the stock market
where pre-sales of Telegram’s token are made
and this stock market says that we definitely
do not have fake volumes we call fake, there
is no fake buy or sell.
They show the report of the Institute of Transparency
Blockchain on this subject, and according
to that report, friends, the institute approved
the actual volume of the stock exchange as
the 4th ranked liquid and the coin from the
stock market is free to withdraw and if we
want to withdraw money as we know the price
of fiat they say we have a $ 5 transaction
fee, and as far as I research Quoine, which
owns the Liquid Stock Exchange, has received
a total investment of $ 20 million from investment
companies such as ULS group, B dash ventures,
SBI in 2017 and realized an ICO of 100 million
dollars in 2017, which is a company established
in Japan according to Crunchbase.
In 2015, margin trading and mobile application
innovation came.
In 2016, they opened the company’s main office
in Tokyo, and although we talked about how
the Liquid Exchange, which we are talking
about now, was included in the event, Qryptos
was added to the Quoinex stock exchange, which
they established in the early periods, after
which both of them started to serve under
Liquid under one roof and in 2017 Japan’s
financial it received full approval from the
financial service agency, the government agency
responsible for regulations and audits, and
in 2019 came Chinese language support or something.
They have released pro versions of their mobile
Liquid Stock Exchange According to coinmarketcap
data, Liquid ranks 63th in all exchanges.
When we go down a bit, for example, there
is Bitfinex in the 72nd place, the Kraken
in the 74th place, and the highest volume
in the Liquid exchange is in the Japanese
yen parity due to the fact that it is the
Japanese stock exchange.
Besides major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,
XRP, there are coins like Omisego, Qash, Zcash,
Neo, which are their coins.
When we look at Liquid’s road map, we see
a road map that is not normal.
For example, they are planning to buy a liquid
exchange bank license and open a crypto currency
exchange in the US in order to serve in a
wider area.
They are always on the job list to give IEOs
a 5% extra bonus for entrants with their own
crypto QASH.
They will also open a special account type
called Liquid Black with various additional
features … Now if we talked about it, I
would like to talk about something else.
Liquid also has vacant positions.
So if you see a chasing business opportunities
outside of Turkey, they have open positions
in Tokyo in Atlanta in the United States.
Since the crypto currency area is newer, there
is not much more globally than other competing
business areas.
I don’t want to mess around, but a friend
of mine works at a startup in Germany.
He declared the company concordat.
If I misunderstand, the government pays the
salaries for 2 months while the company is
in this state.
In the meantime, if the company does not receive
investment, the company is going bankrupt.
My friend is actually applying for jobs or
something in Germany and the Indian people
believe that Eren is not coming to me, I am
talking about Germany in this process.
Anyway, you can look at this.
Yes, I think there is an opportunity.
Other than that, they have Lending and margin
In Lending, you can earn money by renting
crypto coins to margin operators.
Marginse says we know we have leveraged transactions
and we offered this service before Binance.
You know that I never give investment advice
in case you use it or not.
However, users need to be very careful and
try with very small money if they want.
The interface is already like this.
Up to 25x transactions can be made, and in
addition, they say.
We are a bridge that connects the traditional
currency world with the crypto currency world,
which we call fiat, and at the same time,
you can discover new tokens on the Liquid
platform, and you can join the pre-sales of
the IEO stock market.
To sum up, a stock market with a certain history
has also captured a certain volume that coinmarketcap
has already passed stock exchanges such as
Bitfinex and Kraken.
Nevertheless, of course it is useful
to take the steps intact.
Below this video, there is a link to the Liquid
Exchange in the description section, you can
look directly from there, you
can browse, you can register if you want friends.
Now it’s time to switch to bonus information.
You know, in every episode of the bonus head
opener, mind opener at the end of
the video trying to share this kind of information
as best as I can.
So it is useful to watch the videos until
the end of the bonus information, today’s
bonus information that friends.
Do you
know the only agreement in American history
a foreign language?
In Turkish language.
the part.
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