what if your product killed seven people would you spend a hundred million
dollars to fix that problem this problem happened to a company in June actually
in August 1982 were seven people on the east side of Chicago had extra strength
tylenol tablets that were laced with cyanide there was a crazy person a lone
wolf who was out there who decided to disrupt that company’s business the
company realized there was a lot of panic
so they went straight away into a public relations campaign to reassure everybody
and then they went and purchased all the products from east coast through the
west coast from every pharmacist for 100 million US dollars so they could define
some new tamper-proof bottles and stop the problem what we going to talk about is
introducing trust as a business currency the company that I spoke about some of
you might have heard was called Johnson & Johnson they were one of their
subsidiaries had this issue in this problem now when you see what happened
to the stock of Johnson & Johnson they literally had a nosedive of 16.9% they
lost a hundred and thirty million dollars of the market capitalization
which was seven hundred and fifty million before this happened
but when disruption comes how do you respond to make a difference and the
difference was marked by April the following year where they stock price at
the all-time low had risen up they ended up making closer to nine hundred and
sixty million for the capitalization and increased by over three hundred and
sixteen million dollars of their value but why should I mention about something
that happened in nineteen eighty-two how does that relate to today the 8th of
August September even I live in the future I can’t remember where I am so
the reality is that something happened to me recently in my business and in my
life there disrupted what was happening I was at home one day and I spoke to my
wife and she asked me one simple question she said how do you feel and I
responded I’m overwhelmed without even thinking my wife said to me
Elias it’s time for you to change your confession the words that come out of
your mouth I was so angry how could she say this is
my wife she should be very happy from your darling I’m so sorry
oh no no no I was so angry that she wasn’t helpful like that though I turned
on my heels and I just stormed out of the house and I went to my next meeting
well he can hardly blame me because when you think about this this has happened
since my birth where was I born in the country called Libya maybe some of
you’ve heard of Libya now if I wasn’t sitting here with a suit but you saw
this man Colonel Muammar Gadhafi or as we like to call him Uncle Mo what would
you think of me would you think of me as potentially another terrorist well
the honest truth is I’m not a terrorist but when I was growing up there were
acts of terrorism every day being played on me let me explain my father used to
call me an idiot now please hear me right my father was a
good man but he only did the best that he could do with the information that he
had the imprint from his father and his father’s father so as we were in this
environment where we were living there my father called me an idiot all the
time allegedly at the age of maybe four or five years old my mother said I went
up to her and said mum can I have a knife so I can stab my dad in the back
and kill him I can’t tell if this is a true story or a planted memory but every
time my mother could share the story she would tell people and tell people and
tell people how do you think that affected the relationship between myself
and my father oh I’m not very good in fact I couldn’t find any place that
could be further away than New Zealand if I went any further I’d fall off the
edge of world as I left living in England to go
to New Zealand but now I’m a New Zealand citizen and I sit here today as evidence
to you that whatever has happened in your past it’s just a reflection of
where you are now but what can happen in the future is completely different let
me explain a little bit about me when I came to New Zealand I wasn’t a superstar
but I did become a general manager for a car leasing company with a portfolio of
a hundred and sixty million dollars I was the president of a political party
that contested the 2008 general election and I was a senior consultant in the IT
telecommunications sector where literally we had twenty four customers
who build 450 million dollars every year today I stand in front of you as the
president of the global speakers Federation a billion dollar industry
that has a reach in excess of 53,000 people worldwide that conservatively
you’re influencing today at least 50 million households every year through
the presentations you give the training you deliver or the books that you author now I want to go back and think about
when I was in the corporate world when I was a senior consultant I’m gonna put up
this simple statistic 80% can anybody tell me what 80% stands for what do you
think this stands for 80% 20% was very good what other ideas
do we have 80% of what victory another very good guess well let me explain what
the 80% means in the projects are we delivered people would pay millions of
dollars ten times ten or twenty million dollars to make a change in their
company and that change had a business case to either reduce the cost or to
increase the revenue but 80% if not more of these projects never delivered the
return on investment and the reason for that was because of what I call
corporate terrorists what is a corporate aerosol we can think of terrorism in
terms of September 11 but let me explain corporate terrorists before we go about
September 11 in corporate terrorists these are the people in the business
that are not engaged either disengaged or actively disengaged now if you’re in
a boat and you’re rowing those who are disengaged row in the opposite direction
from you those who are actively disengaged are spending their time
drilling holes in the hull trying to sink your boat this is how people
operate in the corporate businesses around us but on September 11 2001 I
just come back from a trip to Munich and on the way I was in my parents house in
Wimbledon and London about to go on a flight to Chicago and I realized that
there was one wardrobe malfunction on this ordinary Tuesday I had failed to
pack a tie and I was about to travel business class now this was 2001 when
you were expect to look the part for business class so I
went from Wimbledon to Heathrow and the first thing I looked for at the airport
was Thai Rak to find a tire to put on they called us from the lounge to go to
United you a 9:00 to 9:00 and we continued on a very uneventful flight
until after we finished lunch and I was sitting there with my laptop making some
notes I don’t know if it was the look of panic from the crew or the horrible
sound that I heard which I later found out was the sound of dumping fuel from
the aeroplane the captain came on and he said ladies and gentlemen captain
Ballard said ladies and gentlemen let me reassure you first of all there’s
nothing wrong with the aeroplane however there has been a major incident in
America and FAA have shut down the airspace we have to divert to gander
Newfoundland we were one of 38 aeroplanes disruption from terrorism
disrupted our lives here’s a short video that we have about
what was happening that day which were found from USA Today September 11th 2001 My partner and i
were finishing a vacation in Europe and the plane also haven’t dropped elevation
really quickly and then made a turn to the right it looked like I was sudden we
were fine to the North Pole how crazy is that
all of a sudden the captain came on and he said due to a terrorist attack in the
United States we’ll be landing in gander Newfoundland the off about an hour so I
got a call from the manager saying we’re expecting some planes to land in Gander
looks like that the interface is gonna be shut down because there was a
parachute pack on United States this was a tiny town population 9,000 and once
those 38 planes of landed the end of the 6,500 stranded passengers nearly
doubling their population and I have to admit I’ve never heard that place before
but essentially it’s a small island province in Canada on the northeast tip
of North America the question is what were they going to do with us and all of
a sudden we’re looking to our Airport and here comes 7,000 people it’s okay
we it was just came up gave up their time their food their homes and
everything we knew on the way together I hate the whole
town Connie came together even just getting prepared for when they all
landed to welcome them to our home people of candor they’ve been cooking
all day and they’ve taken the time to set television because they knew that’s
what we wanted to see with the images of what was going on they serve telephones
and there are people that make calls over 30 different countries and they
said don’t worry about paying us any money just make the call
doesn’t matter where your problem car you are it doesn’t matter what religion
you are doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you are is people and you
need to help you help them I was a little bit nervous you know
being a gay couple in a foreign country we small town but we were treat treated
like everybody else we don’t became like one big family when the last plane lifts
standard and we were at the airport talking to the passengers when we saw
the tears of joy and the small conversation we were
that was something that I’ll never forget and has changed my life
our people responded and that they that’s something that I’ll always
remember disruption it takes leadership to
counter disruption to counterterrorism corporate or otherwise in fact rudy
giuliani who was voted by Time magazine as the
person of the year showed some real leadership
he was very visible he was very empathetic standing in the shoes of the
people from New York Fire Department who had to deal with this and created a
vision for how New York could rebuild and carry on despite the situation so I
want to take some ideas to say to you when you’re dealing with corporate
terrorists either within your business or within your clients business how do
you help and there are four states when you look at corporate terrorism let me
explain these states for you quite quickly the very first state is what I
call dysfunctional this is when people are not cooperating with you they’re
trying to sabotage you they’re trying to stab you in the back make the project
fail there is some disharmony in there and if you don’t take care when you’re
in this state the jars are go to the second set which is called separation
this is where you’re good people in your company start early because of the poor
morale in the company your customers lose faith with you and you now start to
lose money if you do not stop this you will get into what we call
administration which leads to liquidation or the finish of your
company you have to get into your third state which we call partnership this is
when you start to introduce trust as a business currency you start to look and
understand the culture of the company and how to engage those who are
disengaged until you come to the fourth state which is the meeting of the minds
where you can now start to measure the
engagement and understand what motivates everybody because you now have the right
culture and trust in an organization to see this graphically
you go from dysfunction you’ve ready invested millions of dollars nothing’s
happening with a project you start to lose your good people and soon you’re an
administration until you can climb out and eventually come to the meeting of
the minds and that’s a state we want people to go but as a senior consultant
I used to think about this and I looked at it the wrong way because we look at
it from the aspect of the product the process or the people and we noticed the
people who are the problem but quite often we start with the product or the
process so the question is who are these corporate terrorists because they are
everywhere and what I want to show you is a mechanism of how to discover these
people so let’s look at aware of the problem lies and the problem we first
thought was are the operational level where it was the product the process the
people that was the trouble it’s not that we actually went to the second
level tactical because we now apply HR with the policy the truth is that the
issue starts at the sea level at the chief executive officer in his or her
team and we have to work with them to help them understand that it’s a
cultural change and we do that by introducing trust as a business currency
and that’s the most important thing for us in fact all of this is available in
my book liberating leadership potential I have a few copies of that available
here while I’m in Berlin but from the information we’ve developed an amazing
consulting methodology is producing some fantastic results and I’ve written a
white paper about how we address this in corporates now I don’t have the time to
explain this everybody here today but by show of hands
would like a copy of the white paper actually if you can Greg you do me a
favor can you just take a business card and give it to my colleague Greg and
send the business cards to one side please thank you and Greg will collect
those for me I’ll make sure you get that so let me again explain the solution is
in the conflict level and we really have to understand how to figure out this
conflict level at a later stage now when you look at what happens with corporate
terrorism the counter corporate terrorism approach that’s identified by
the EU is the conflict cycle so what we say is there’s four elements you start
off with an early warning system and then you look for conflict management
and from that you go into conflict prevention and then post conflict
resolution in fact the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says
the line between crime and terror have become blurred so how do we build trust
well let me look at this simple model of how to build trust
TR UST and the first thing in building trust and you have to think about this
even with your clients and your customers is to look at a transparency
how transparent are you with your communication with your clients and how
you work your way through this are you taking preventive action are you doing
anti radicalization these are things that we have to look at because you go
from transparency to a ring of steel who’s involved in your ring of steel do
you have a group of people that you can go to on a regular basis who will build
up and support you we’ve had situations in the past where we’ve had with Gordon
Gecko in Wall Street making silos of individual areas to strip out what they
can get now we have to go from the silo to the cooperation and this is something
as speakers in your own business you have to think how do we cooperate and
collaborate to make a bigger pie so if you look at all of these there’s a risk
and you have to understand that risk and when you look at this here are some of
the top 10 issues the number one issue is brand and reputation cybercrime is
consistently rising and we also have the retention of our top talent these are
risks you have to understand let me explain a little bit about the risk of
your brand in 2015 Harris poll came out with this our Q which is the reputation
quo show and there are two companies who had a very interesting experience within
a couple of years of each other the first company you probably heard as a
company called Samsung and in 2015 Samsung were number three on this rating
and at number five was Johnson & Johnson who he spoke about before now Samsung
some might remember had a very unfortunate situation in 2016 with the
Galaxy Note 7 who’s heard of that yeah what happened to them by the end of 2016
into 2017 well quite dramatic Samsung crashed down to number 49 but Johnson
and Johnson who already knew how to build trust went up one space into
number four cybersecurity becomes the next aspect of building trust what are
you doing on security and how are you helping your clients because when you
look at the figures behind security this is the frightening thing 80 billion
malicious scans a day and this is just from one ISP there are seven hundred and
eighty thousand records lost every day to hacking and 300,000 new malware is
every day being produced what is the cost will the cost to
business and cyber Security’s over six hundred billion dollars a year that’s
point eight percent of the global GDP this is what is being spent on again
cyber security banks spent three times as much as other institutions and
business emails now being compromised so five billion dollars a year since just
2015 in New Zealand as an example they’re becoming so sophisticated they
hack into your email for building companies and for real estate and they
say please we create a false ur invoice to a fake bank account please pay your
deposit fifty thousand euro a hundred thousand euro and people pay in good
faith because it looks so authentic but it’s all happening in terms of security
at the moment and finally what are you doing to track your corporate terrorism
plan and there’s many things that you can look at and you can look at the
aspects when you track it if you understand that the employee engagement
increases by twelve percent if you know that if you’re engaged and your clients
can be engaged then they will outperform their peers by 147 percent these are
things that you can help your clients with it costs two hundred and four
thousand euro to make the bad hire in a company in your expertise what can you
help and how can you help things so let’s pause a moment and let me
introduce you to my friend Charlie Charlie and I play golf and I went out
with Charlie one day we were there ready to play golf I went and I hit the first
ball and it went straight which for me was very unusual Charlie came behind me
and his ball went even straighter and further another twenty meters well on
the second tee I thought I’m going to make
sure and I hit a good shot and Charlie’s he hits falls over the big heart attack
when I got home that evening I spoke to my wife and I said hmm so how did it go
I said not so good on the second tee Charlie had a heart attack so that’s
awful was it yeah all afternoon who was hit the ball and dragged Charlie hit the
ball and dragged charlie now charlie doesn’t necessarily only have to be a
person I talked to you about Samsung and their product the Galaxy Note 7 the only
product we know that will spontaneously combust but what did Samsung do they did
not build trust they did not address the problems and the issues which were going
viral on social media what was the cost the cost was 19 billion dollars sixteen
point four billion euro of losses that they experienced when you look at this
they had a five billion dollar recall program their share price went down 33
percent as I said they ended up a sixteen point four billion euro loss so
what do you want to do you want to get trust as the end game and the question
is what can you do right now we’re being disrupted all the time we’ve been
disrupted by Ted and TEDx we’re being disrupted by LinkedIn and thought
leaders in there we’ve been disrupted by many different
areas where people are coming to us and taking away some of our business so
here’s something you can do you might want to write this down why not use your
or o a our what does that mean it means about ownership accountability and
responsibility this is what you can do in
your business what Samsung failed to do so let’s review what we’ve had so far
very simple the four stages if we do not get out of separation we can go and lose
our business we have to be aware that things if they don’t change for us might
mean that we don’t have any future and we got to get into partnership and then
meeting of the minds we realized that everything in the solution is the
conflict level about building trust with your clients and with other
organizations so the question is again what can you do now well I’ve mentioned
before use your or ownership accountability responsibility but that’s
not the only thing you can do let me explain five other small
components that you can add in because you can start with four elements and
again this is what the EU recommend in counterterrorism the first thing is to
prevent so look for early warning what’s happening with your clients what are you
doing that is stopping and disrupting your business how many times you go back
and ask them why did I not win that contract to be the key note supplier or
the trainer in your organization so if you go from prevent then you go in to
protect what are you doing to protect yourself you have mentors here at GSA
who are you going to for your coaching your mentoring and what are you doing
that actually allows you to have something different that’s there are you
using a mastermind as a matter of interest who here is part of a
mastermind so just look around you the number of hands that are up those who
have the hands up I can guarantee are probably more likely to have good or
better stronger businesses and those who operate by themselves so what are you
going to do to find somebody who can mentor you and mastermind with you you
have to look and pursue and and all those opportunities what are you
doing to look at social media let me explain how social media is starting to
affect us did you know that here in Berlin
there’s over 300,000 CCTV cameras in operation today every day when you’re
walking around sometimes even in the lift people can see you even though you
don’t think they’re watching a number of years ago I was speaking in Connecticut
in America and our keynote speaker who opened the conference explained that two
weeks before the conference he was the CEO of a billion-dollar corporation that
supplied food and beverage in the sports industry in Canada but he was in a
private hotel in the lifts by himself and he had a friend’s dog which he
started to pull on the chain and kick by himself in a lift unfortunately there
was a camera and somebody saw this within one hour it was viral and by the
next day he had to step down from his position and he had to pay $100,000 to
animal welfare if you don’t think people are watching you think again 1984 I
think George Orwell big brother finally look at a respond what are you doing
that produces more opportunity for you that will disrupt the market because if
you have just one keynote for example is that going to be enough or do you have
some more products that you can produce which will help you to go and that’s
another step with your clients often we look at this and we say to ourselves
and I was asked this question when I joined National Speakers Association in
New Zealand are you a consultant that speaks or are you a speaker that
consults let me ask that again are you a
consultant that speaks or a speaker that consults I would encourage you to become
a speak of that consult because you can speak and take an audience and you can
find the two or three people in that audience who you can go back into and
say what is the problem that we can help you with with all these products that we
have online programs our book our training maybe it’s an affiliation with
another member of GSA or of PSA uki or in Holland who are you working with or
even from New Zealand that can work together with you because this is about
adding value to your client a question I would ask you is what is the cost of the
problem that you solve if you’re just solving a hundred euro problem why do
you expect to check for ten thousand euro are you solving a million euro problem
because when you do that for your clients they will pay you much much more
to come in and sort the problem so here we go just about to finish you’ll be
happy five things for you to consider in your business the five A’s and these
five A’s are an avoidance strategy sorry for the size of the screen what are you
avoiding out there and for the avoid we’re talking about again the social
media what are you doing online offline because the two are now the same how many stories you hear of somebody
whose reputation and brand has been destroyed by something that they thought
was not being recorded the second thing is to automate what can you automate in
your business what tools are available for you to work smarter whether its
buffer app or whether it’s Infusionsoft or whether it’s East speakers because as
members of GSA you get free basic membership with a speakers for your
profile as a speaker are using tools to work smarter not just harder
are you aligning have you got partnerships that are going to be
important for you and people you can mastermind with if you can find people
who can help you think there’s a great old Jewish proverb that says as iron
sharpens iron so does the countenance of a good friend in other words if you talk
with somebody else you can become sharper because of what they know after
that you might want to amalgamate if you have many many many many products let me
ask you and encourage you to niche into one small area where you’re one
centimeter wide but one kilometer deep and you’re known as the counter
corporate terrorist person or you’re known for your individual area of
expertise because people pay for the expertise that solves the million euro
problem much better than somebody who can just come and make you laugh and by
the way it’s good to laugh and finally I would encourage you to acquire this is a
business and you have to remember there’s part of your business you don’t
have to go out and sell are you making those phone calls are you picking up the
phone and speaking somebody in fact a number of years ago they did big
research and they said what is the killer app for a smartphone and in the
telecommunications sector that I came from we spent years and tens of millions
of dollars making this research and eventually they found the killer app for
cell phones anybody want to know voice you speak to people and people want to
connect with people if you can connect again with your clients use the phone
make a personal connection in fact if you think of four G’s that you have in
your business what’s going to help you to grow what’s going to help you to get
what’s going to help you to create gold and what’s going to help you to get by
at the end of the day spend most of your time on how you can get and grow your
business 80% of your time is either sending out proposals making phone calls
creating your new keynote or having coffee with somebody that you can just
say hello how much does a coffee cost here in Berlin or in Germany three euro
how much is a average speaking opportunity in in in Germany it’s how
much would the average be five thousand euro is a good return on investment
three euro for a coffee because you are remembered by your client well as I come
to finish my time with you we’ve been here for half an hour maybe 40 minutes I
want to take you back to something that I said at the beginning and this is the
most important thing as you wonder and you’re overwhelmed with how much I have
to do in this disruptive industry let me go to the wise words from a very
wise woman my wife because everything starts when you change your confession
thank you very much