Hi everyone I hope you’re all well. So I
have been keeping half an eye on the
saga over the past few weeks and while I
could fess I have been a little bit more
focused on other things as I’m sort of
not a big fan and most of the movies I
see involve this
or this
I have been quietly observing the
mounting frustration of fans at the sort
of woke culture that appears to be
emanating out of Hollywood nowadays and
trust me I’m irritated by it too so what
happened here well Captain Marvel which
is the latest film in the MCU franchise
is supposed to be groundbreaking because
it’s the first one that has a female
superhero in the lead now that’s fine I
don’t care and I actually don’t
understand why female superheroes are
pushed as generally groundbreaking
nowadays Wonder Woman has done it all
before and so his Catwoman and you could
even count Charlie’s Angels in that
group I mean sure technically they
didn’t have superpowers but with the
stuff they do they might as well have
the problem arose when brie Larson who
plays Captain Marvel made some comments
about white men that drew some ire in an
interview with Marie Claire for which by
the way she had hand-picked a female
black reporter with cerebral palsy to
conduct the interview she stated about a
year ago I started paying attention to
what my press days look like and the
critics reviewing movies and noticed
that it appeared to be overwhelmingly
white male so I spoke to dr. Stacy Smith
at USC Annenberg inclusion initiative
who put together a study to confirm that
moving forward I decided to make sure my
press days were more inclusive so what
is this study well whine back to January
last year when brie explained her
reasoning at the crystal Awards. – earlier
this week USC Annenberg inclusive
initiative released findings that 67% of
the top critics reviewing the 100
highest-grossing movies in 2017 were
white males
less than a quarter were white women and
less than 10% were unrepresented men
only 2.5 percent of those top critics
were women of color.
– brie even posed a solution for
this horribly pressing global crisis. – but
if each of the top 100 films in a year
added 9 critics that
three underrepresented males three white
females three underrepresented females
and the average critic pool
would match the US population in just
five years. – but the comment that really
ticked off a lot of people was this. – I do
not need a 40 year old white dude to
tell me what didn’t work for him about a
wrinkle in time it wasn’t made for him I
want to know what that meant to women of
color to biracial women to teen women of
color to teens that are biracial. – now it is
hard to know where to start with this
trainwreck of a social justice speech
I do understand her wanting a variety of
people to view and review her movies but
she’s doing that usual white leftist
thing of assuming that all racial
minorities think the same which is
hugely racist and also asserting that
the opinion of white men no matter how
many years of experience they have in
film criticism or how skilled and
objective they are in their critique
should somehow be made secondary to
women racial minorities etc although she
did try to qualify her thinking with
this. – am I saying that I hate white dudes
no I’m not and I’m also saying I don’t
hate white dudes and for the third time
I don’t hate white dudes. – it’s the
equivalent of saying I’m not racist but
and of course the silliest thing about
it is that yes while people’s race and
gender etc may generate some varied life
experiences white men can have the same
opinion as black women black men can
have the same opinion as white women etc
she’s also ignoring the reasons that
most film critics seem to be white and
men which is firstly the usual trope of
women taking time off in their 30s to
have children and either not coming back
to the industry or coming back without
the years of experience to help them
climb the ranks as for there being less
people of color in film criticism well
that’s arguably a demographic issue on
average minorities in America come from
lower socioeconomic backgrounds and they
may not have had the chance to go to
college because they couldn’t put the
expense and a career in journalism
generally assumes having a college
degree so if Brie Larson really wanted to
see more people of color reviewing her
films or she should be advocating to
improve this situation especially in the
black community so that more minorities
actually have the facility to go into
these professions in the first place the
whole thing just ignores reality the
other thing about the study that BRE
mentioned in her speech is that its
methodology is a kind of shoddy as
pointed out by Allison Wilmore in a
surprisingly objective take for a
BuzzFeed journalist the study relies on
the online medium Rotten Tomatoes for
its data where anyone can submit a
review obviously there’s a need for a
consistent source of data but this means
the report emphasizes who gets listed on
Rotten Tomatoes as the problem and not
the deeper issue with making sustainably
diverse criticism which is who gets paid
full-time part-time or freelance to
write it the report actually concludes
with a call to Rotten Tomatoes to
address the problem in criticism not the
outlets that employ people criticism
doesn’t come from Rotten Tomatoes Rotten
Tomatoes doesn’t pay critics it’s an
extremely imperfect index if you want
criticism as an industry to be more
diverse then attention should be
directed toward how to make paid jobs go
to underrepresented critics needless to
say there was a bit of an online outcry
about these comments so much so that
Brie’s words got somewhat distorted with
people asserting that she’d said Captain
Marvel was not made for white men now
while she didn’t explicitly say that I
can understand how people drew the
inference thousands of people jumped on
to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to post
negative reviews before the movie was *It was not reviews but people clicking ‘not interested’*
even released to the point where Rotten
Tomatoes actually removed the option to
leave reviews before a film had opened
of course this was put down to angry *It was not reviews but people clicking ‘not interested’*
misogynistic racist white men being
annoyed that a superhero for once wasn’t
a white male but that’s just not the
case I think the reason that people were
just so frustrated about this was that
one brie Larson was able to get up there
and openly denounced a segment of the
population and not only just get away
with it but be applauded for it and two
people are sick of it they are so sick
of white men being the scapegoats of
society particularly when the propaganda
is coming from the star of a movie of a
franchise which has many many many white
male fans so as per what usually happens
situations and online boycott campaign
began in the form of the Alita challenge
-hi Marvel Poso here y’all remember me
guys it’s time we had a chat we are sick
and tired of you and your parent company
Disney cramming your
SJW bull crap down our throats we’re
gonna stop giving money to people who
hate us we’re gonna stop giving money to
you until you start leaving the politics
at the door that’s why we’re launching
and it’s already been launched on social
media the hashtag Alita challenge this
Friday March 8th go see Alita go see a
real movie with a great female lead.
– however despite all of this so-called
controversy and calls to boycott Captain
Marvel has done just fine at the box
in fact it raked in four hundred and
fifty five million dollars on its
opening weekend Elite a challenge and
negative commentary be damned and that’s
because and now this is a bitter black
pill for people to swallow this kind of
franchise is big enough to withstand
that kind of boycott in fact the
producers were probably thrilled with
all the negative attention because it
made the movie even more visible to the
general public and since most people
actually really don’t care about the
culture wars that much all they saw was
the name captain marvel everywhere and
it simply reminded them to buy their
the same thing happened with Nike after
the Colin Kaepernick incident not only
did it not lose millions of dollars in
sales its stock actually went up saying
with Gillette since that a very
irritating commercial which caused quite
a lot of people to call for a boycott it
has reported zero negative impact on
sales in its second quarter report most
people don’t care and these companies
are so huge and powerful that it’s like
throwing stones at bulletproof glass so
if you are genuinely angered by
something that a large company has done
be it Nike or Disney or anything else
and want to send them a message by
hitting them in the wallet which is
where it hurts the worst thing you can
do is make noisy calls to boycott on the
Internet you are only giving them free
press you cannot speak out publicly
about these things while also having an
effect on sales unfortunately you need
to choose if you’d rather speak out
about it and don’t really mind whether
the company tanks or not then do so but
if your goal is to truly hit the company
where it’s critical then sadly your best
bet is not to say anything on the
internet and just quietly and offline
encourage your family and friends to
boycott you cannot do both and while I
know this is a little weird coming from
me since I continually talk about these
I commentate for a living so I’m kind of
stuck I have to make the choice to raise
awareness rather than hit sales if I
wanted to if I didn’t talk about these
kinds of things well I wouldn’t be doing
my job if a company is small enough
calls to boycott will have their
intended effect but Disney and Marvel
are sadly powerful enough to well and
truly withstand this kind of stuff so if
you want to have an effect
well stealth is unfortunately key if you
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