hello everyone it’s your girl Cherry here
and today we are at I think…
week four of the Robinhood
challenge! if you’re not familiar with
the Robin Hood challenge it is basically
depositing $200 to my Robinhood
portfolio for dividend investing, which is
investing in stocks that pay you
dividends. And I’ve been doing this for
almost a month now. this is my 4th
week doing this this is so so so
exciting because ever since I’ve done
the Robinhood challenge it’s like
seriously a miracle because I had been
losing a lot of money from just blindly
investing and mindlessly investing
and going for really volatile stocks but
ever since I’ve done the Robinhood
challenge ever since I started with
dividend investing my returns just
kept going up, up and up and so let’s
take a look at my portfolio so you know
what I’m talking about so this is my
portfolio to date I’m at eleven thousand
nine hundred and fourteen dollars and
six cents and I am already up by fifty
dollars today and that is 0.42 percent
and by the week I am up by one hundred
and fifty dollars and eighty three cents
and that is 1.28%
and by the month I am up by seven
hundred and twenty nine dollars and
twenty three cents which is 6.52% tand honestly I don’t
know why there’s like a dip over here
September 16th I think it’s a glitch
because I don’t remember seeing any dip
during that time and then here’s the three
month this is seven hundred sixty nine
dollars and fourteen cents up by six
point nine percent and this is just for
the past three months and by the year I
am up by $1238.91 and
this is almost 11.61% and
all-time all-time chart I am still down but
is the gap is getting smaller and
smaller I’m getting closer to breaking
even it is because I was losing around
three thousand dollars over here
December 17th because of
other really volatile investments so I
was down by like $3000 over here so right
now I’m only down by less than a
thousand, $928.05, down by seven
point two three percent compared to my
lowest point which is twenty four point
six two percent so this is definitely an
improvement from a huge loss I took in
December of 2018 so after looking at my
portfolio I am really happy that I have
three free stocks that I’m going to open
right here on camera I’m not gonna make
the rookie mistake of claiming the stock
without being on camera all right free
stocks so thank you so much for using my
link so first we have Moses M let’s
claim this free stock and then choose
the middle one scratch to reveal oh so
exciting oh General Electric
I already have the stock so it’s going
to be added to my portfolio this is nine
point three six dollars General Electric
just make some I guess electric well
what can I say
electronics and then let’s go to XiuJuan okay
let’s click this let’s choose the right
one right on and then start scrubbing
this is TROX (Tronox)
I think I already have this one this
seems like a pretty uh pretty popular
one this is nine dollars and fifty seven
cents so almost ten bucks I got this
last week also in my last free stock and
then there is also Barbara Barbara s
thank you so much for using my link
let’s see let’s choose a left one this
time I don’t think that makes a
oh I have Ford nice Ford is also around
ten bucks nine point two eight dollars
so that concludes our free stocks and
then let’s go to my portfolio yay so
with these included my portfolio
now at eleven thousand nine hundred and
forty two dollars and twenty five cents
and so let’s take a look at my history
so here’s my history with a bunch of
dividend let’s start with the beginning
of this week so on the 15th I deposit
two hundred dollars because this is part
of the Robinhood challenge and let’s
take a look at the first dividend I got
this week which is from Estée Lauder it
paid me forty three cents on September
16th and then there’s also STAG stag
industrial I paid me forty eight cents
and I have 4 shares of it so it is
about twelve cents per share and then
there is also APLE Apple Hospitality
Reit and it is ten cents each so is
twenty cents in total and then there is
also MAIN okay this is the first stock
that I bought this week Main Street
Capital again a real estate stock and it
also pays really good dividend and I
bought it at a limit by of forty three
dollars and twenty six cents and let’s
take a look at Main Street Capital the
current market price is at forty three
dollars and forty nine cents and then my
average cost is $43.30 so I am a winning
by thirty-eight cents my total return
and then you can see here is the
expected EPS the faded green and the
actual EPS which is the solid green and
hopefully I get paid dividends for this
I’m kind of confused about this one
because for the dividend yield it shows
me nothing so I’m not even sure if I’m
going to be paid dividend for this stock
but this is a pretty well-known at
dividend stock so I’m not sure if it’s
just Robinhood or like what is going on
because it just shows me like a “-” over
here at Main Street capital is a
Business Development Company it does
debt and equity financing solutions to
lower middle market companies so again
in the real estate industry a lot of
dividend paying stocks are in the real
estate industry and then let’s take a
look out my next purchase is TPR
tapestry i love the stock this is a
dividend paying stock currently it’s
pretty low I want to say the price is
pretty low and
this is the parent company of Kate
Spade and Stuart Weitzman all these I
want to say kind of middle market
a middle market semi luxury brands and
then Stuart Weitzman it makes shoes Kate
Spade makes clothes shoes handbags just
really cute and girly things and I
currently have 12 shares of this
currently my average cost is $29 and 89
cents and then my equity is $301.92. I’m
having a loss of fifteen point eight
four percent but I’m not too too worried
about this because I do enjoy all their
products all the brands underneath this
parent company and I believe in the
long-term growth of this company and
they also pay pretty handsome dividends
so I’m not too worried about the
temporary loss so let’s look at next is
O which is Realty income which is kind
of an OG dividend stock and I have
purchased this at $73 let’s take a look
at O so this is a Realty Income current
market price of seventy five dollars and
seventy seven cents and then we can see
the average cost is seventy four dollars
and forty-five cents this is the average
cost of the shares I owned I have five
shares of this my equity is three
hundred and seventy eight dollars and 85
cents and then you can see my total
return is six dollars and sixty two
cents pretty good dividend payout also
you can see that the actual EPS is
consistently beating the expected EPS
which is the faded green and then you
can see just me trying to dollar average
my way down at first I bought it at
seventy two dollars and eighty cents
which I think is the lowest price and
then somehow I did not fill my limited
buys because the price kept going up and
so I kind of panicked. market bought this
one which is seventy five dollars and
sixty eight cents and then I did another
limit buy around the same time at
seventy-five dollars and 46 cents and
then seventy-five dollars and
twenty-nine cents and seventy three
dollars today so this is me trying to
dollar average my way down and then
after Realty Income let’s look at the
this dividend this dividend is from
Yum China which is a restaurant
holding company it paid me twelve cents
and then I only have one share of this
my average class is pretty low it’s at
thirty-eight dollars and sixty-five
cents I bought this a while ago my total
return is seven dollars and 85 cents
which is up by twenty point three one
percent which is pretty good and it’s
been paying me pretty consistent dividend
twelve cents ten cents ever since
September of 2018 and then I bought this
in June of 2018 so that is Yum China
and then also GE General Electric and
then this is the free stock that I just
got let’s take a look at this I already
have five shares of this my average cost
is $13.17 because I did buy this at like
a relatively high price and then let’s
look at the description American
multinational corporation I can’t even
pronounce this word called conglomerate
okay I’m not gonna butcher this but I’m
General Electric does electronics and
here are all the dividends that were
paid out and 2018 I was paid pretty handsome
dividend but it I guess they got cut or
something pretty sure it got cut yeah I
got cut big-time and so yeah I got
another free General Electric which is
pretty handsome and then here is per
share one cent per share and then four
cent four shares and you can see
the trend
I remember the trend is pretty bad yeah
it kept going down so if you ask me
whether or not I want to buy the stock
with my own money right now probably not
because this overall trend is just not
very hopeful but again General Electric
is a pretty it’s been here for a while
and it’s a pretty big corporation so to
each their own I just wouldn’t do it
with my current investing
strategy with dividend investing and
looking at the historical performances
it is definitely not a very safe bet if
I were to invest with my own money but
of course free stock is always good
and then let’s take a look at Tapestry so Tapestry I again bought
several TPR today on the
seventeenth twenty five point five
dollars twenty five point four four
twenty five dollars I am trying to dollar
average my weight down and I also
deposited an extra oh I deposit $100 no
oh no this was a while ago I deposit of
fifty dollars to buy more at Tapestry and
here is yeah here’s the past 30 days and
then you can see that I am trying to
sell a couple stocks Tapestry I’m
trying to buy and then this is the
Arotech which I am trying to sell
because honestly I don’t know why I have
to stock and I have three shares of this
at $3.74 and then I am losing almost 5
losing by 40% this is not paying me any
dividend I don’t know why I have this
honestly it’s like one of those mystery
stocks at I have no idea why I bought
so that’s Arotech and then there is
also Tilray
another stock that i am really hoping to
sell hoping to sell at a relatively good
price because my average cost is like
super high and I am down by 78% seventy
almost 79% this is so bad I lost like
221 dollars and 49 cents just from this
one stock and just from two shares also
and then there is also GEVO which is
also another mystery stock that I don’t
know I bought which I’m trying to sell
because I’m trying to I guess reallocate
my investments more in dividend
investing and less in like random stocks
that I just bought because I did not
know what I was doing and so this is
GEVO and you can see my average cost is
ten dollars and forty cents overall I’m
losing sixty-eight point five seven
percent by 42 dollars and 81 cents so
this is pretty bad honestly down by
sixty almost 69 percent and then you can
see the EPS is consistently in the
negatives I don’t know why about this I
don’t know what what’s going on in my
head when I bought this and then you can
also see Baozun which is also another
stock that I bought because of the hype
and I think currently I mean I’m not
losing by that that much compared to the
other ones
I am losing eighteen dollars which is
fifteen point eight eight percent my
average cost is fifty six dollars and
seventy six cents and then you can see
this overall trip overall trend doesn’t
look that bad but I I just don’t know
enough about this company to keep
holding on to this and it is also not
dividend so it goes against my dividend
investing strategy and here is the yeah
but here’s the EPS chart and then
there’s also Alibaba I’m just too
heavily invested in Alibaba and it is
also not paying me any dividend the
stock itself is doing pretty good upward
trend for for all the times it’s upward
trending and then my average cost is 175
dollars and 76 cents and that I have
10 shares of this my total return is
31 dollars and 63 cents positive return
up by 1.8% but I just feel like I’m too
heavily invested in this I have almost
like eighteen hundred dollars in just
one stock and I just don’t see the point
I’d rather use this money to invest in
something that gives me dividends
instead of just like heavily invested in
just one stock so that is just my
current investing strategy and then
there is also jingdong JD.com this I’m
also trying to sell I think I only have
like yeah I only have one share of this
trying to sell it at my break-even point
because there’s a lot of things about
the CEO that I don’t like the Jingdong
CEO was accused of like rape and some
not very glamorous things and I know you
shouldn’t really judge a stock by the
CEO but if I personally just don’t want
to hold on to this and it it was
actually beating the actual EPS is
actually beating that expected EPS but I
just don’t feel like holding the stock
and it also did not pay me any dividend
there’s all Sina. Sina is the parent
company of Weibo. Xin Lang. and then
I think I lost a lot I don’t know why
I have five shares of this but total, in total I lost thirty two point seven
percent and that is one hundred and
eight dollars and forty four cents and
here are the one five-year chart one
year chart three month one month one
week and one day and so I’m pretty
heavily invested in this because I think
at the time I just really enjoy using
Weibo which is one of their products but
in the long
run since it’s also not paying me any
dividend I don’t really see why I should
hold on to like all five shares I’m
trying to slowly sell-off my my shares
my first purchase of this was in 2018
and it’s already long term capital gain
if I were to gain anything so I am not
worried about selling off this and I did
try to dollar average my way down from
$89 to $38 but it’s still not enough
because my average cost is still too
high and I am still losing money and
then there is also JOB which is
something that I have no idea why I
bought GEE group it’s like going to
it’s really sad I have three shares of
this I lost seventy seven point three
nine percent which is only like six
bucks but still like this is pretty bad
just look at how the stock plummets
plummets plummets plummets and plummets
almost at every date range five-year
mark one year mark 3-month mark one
month mark and one week mark that should
be a RAP but yeah it’s all going
downhill it’s like a slippery slope and
can’t believe this stock was once at
like what $18.00 I can’t even see it
it’s so hard to see but yeah kind of sad
I don’t know why I bought into this it’s
negative EPS it’s not making money and I
don’t even know why I bought this and
about three shares like what was I
and it’s like staffing solutions
honestly I don’t even know why I
invested in this it’s like one of those
mysteries stocks again and then is there
anything else JOB and then there is
also my PSEC dividend which is coming
in two days yeah and two days PSEC
it’s gonna pay me six sons and dividends
and I don’t know why it’s being so slow
and then PSEC is paying me six cents
for my one share. PSEC and I think
I bought two… no I only bought
one and this is kind of risky because
you can see that the EPS is actually
going downhill which is actually not a
very good sign but at least is to pay me
dividends so that is something and
there is also eBay. eBay is paying me 28 cents
for dividends and something is going on
with Robinhood (bro you had one job) okay
this is eBay and I will be paid 28 cents
in total for my two shares so that is 14
cents each and that is on the 19th and
there’s also FIS fidelity national
information so this is financial
services technology Fidelity the
platform where you have your 401k and
all that stuff
it’s been paying pretty handsome dividend I
bought it at a pretty low price and then
yeah it is currently at a twenty six
point eight percent return which is
twenty eight dollars and forty one cents
and then it is going to pay me
thirty-five cents in dividends which is
pretty handsome and then there is also
Nasdaq Nasdaq is paying me forty seven
cents for my one share and then this is
also a pretty good performing stock 23
percent which is nineteen dollars and 22
cents and I bought it at 83 dollars and
51 cents and let’s just look at the
description of this Nasdaq is a holding
company which engages in trading at
clearing exchange technology regulatory
securities listing information and
public and private companies services a
mouthful but I’m pretty sure a lot of
you know what Nasdaq is so this is
Nasdaq fun fun fun and then there’s also
Bank of America pay me 36 cents for my
two shares so that is 18 cents each and
then I am currently there is a three
percent growth one dollar and seventy
six cents for my two shares and then
there is also Tapestry paying me two point
seven dollars two dollars and seventy
cents handsome handsome paycheck and
currently I have more than eight I think
I have like eleven twelve I have twelve
shares of this and even though overall I
have a lot it is still paying me pre
handsome dividend all this time pretty
handsome dividend
and then there is also ADT the
securities company paying me for four
cents before my one share and then there
is also petroleum Occidental Petroleum
and it is paying me two dollars and 37
cents for my three shares and this is
super-handsome pay a forty five dollar
share price and then I am losing by like
7% a seven point four 3 percent losing
by ten bucks but the dividend payout is
pretty handsome just look at this and
EPS is slightly going down and then you
can see I’m trying to dollar average my
weight down but I am still losing money but
dividend payout is seriously pretty
handsome and then the last one is
General Electric dividend and then I
have 4 shares of this here is my General Electric. I am losing twenty eight point
nine two percent which is nineteen
dollars and four cents but here is the
dividend payout which is pretty
consistent they did do a dividend cut
over here after October but after that I
mean it’s still it’s still income it’s
still income I don’t think I’m gonna
sell General Electric anytime soon
either I’m probably going to hold it for
the long term so that is my week four of
dividend investing I really hope you
guys enjoy the transparency and me
sharing everything in my portfolio all
my gains and losses wins and losses
because because it does take some
courage to I guess be super transparent
with how much money I have in my
portfolio and how much money I’m making
or losing but I just want this to be
like a super transparent situation where
you can learn from where you can see
because honestly it’s so hard to learn
about personal finance without seeing
the results without seeing the numbers
like I know a lot of personal finance
people like personal finance youtubers
they talk about their portfolio but they
never show the actual numbers they only
talk about the allocation of their money
and honestly that is super vague I don’t
like that personally I do not appreciate
the lack of transparency for some of
these personal finance channels so that
is why
decided to share my entire portfolio
with entire transparency with all the
gains and losses that I am taking on at
each period of my investment time and I
recently watched Bruce Wang’s video
about how he is at a year-to-date 18%
growth in his Robinhood portfolio and I
really hope that one day I can also
reach 18 percent year-to-date growth
that is super awesome growth and by then
I also hope that I can break even and my
all-time charts and recover from my
crypto losses and super volatile
investment losses so I hope you guys
enjoy this video if you did please give
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you all thank you so much for watching
thank you so much for all your support
and I will see you in my next personal
finance video