so we have here a dixie narco soda
machine and this is this one was made in
1987 now and it I noticed last weekend
that it was not getting cold any longer
so guess what either the compressor is
going or we got a freon leak somewhere
and I yes I did say free on because this
bugger uses r12 which is no longer
available and technically I’m not even
really supposed to I can’t really buy it
other than extremely expensive without
so I went searching what alternatives do
I have well there was an option there
two options one using something that
really wasn’t designed for refer to be
used as the refrigerant how which was
using those Duster cans that you get to
like clean off your computer keyboard or
the electronics and stuff like that that
uses what is called 1/5 2a and is a
refrigerant operates at a lower pressure
even and it can be a little more a
little more energy efficient than our 12
or or even r134a which do not put r134a
in a system that was not designed for it
so don’t go putting our 134a to recharge
a r12 machine
another option is 12a so I got myself a
can of frosty coal
what is frosty core well in actuality it
is a mix of propane and isobutane yes
flammable if you think about it once
even r12 which is considered non
flammable is mixed with the the oil on
the compressor if you hit a
high-pressure leak spraying out guess
what that is flammable
with all that atomized oil same with
r134a or r410a all of them once you
atomized the oil in with the refrigerant
it is then flammable well this is a soda
machine don’t really have to worry too
much about that and considering that
this calls for twelve point five ounces
of our 12 there is not much in this
thing so hooked up my gauge ferto first
I had to find where the leak was well at
some point in the last 2003
it’s the 2019 so 32 years sometime in
the last 32 years somebody at some point
serviced this machine
and installed
a service port because this does not
have a service port you could have used
a lion tap or someone soldered in
braised in a service port well ended up
the service port valve was what was
leaking the end since because I just
bought this machine a month ago I never
checked to see if the little brass cap
like when on the end of that service
port was tightened either that’s kind of
like a double you know double safety
measurement so I replaced the the was a
Schroder a Schrader valve I can never
pronounce it right
being gas and vacuum test in the system
everything held everything was perfect
yes I do have a vacuum pump and then I
proceeded to fill with 12 a
and this thing is working absolutely
phenomenal we are holding now it should
be right around 30 psi
like blinding em looks like a man about
29 right now and it’s
holding a solid 29
for oh I don’t know jeez almost an hour
now I got the door opens I’m watching it
all the coils are cold down the
evaporator and the condenser
everything’s hot everything’s exactly
how it should be I am very impressed and
another nice thing is you use about half
as much of 12a compared to r12
so this system called for what was it
eight point eight point five ounces of
our 12 well when you use 12a I only
needed about three ounces actually ended
up being about three I used about four
maybe slightly more than four I put four
ounces in that used the kitchen the 12
ounce food scale from the kitchen and
which is fairly accurate I’ve used it
for shipping and for the last Oh 15
years and it’s it’s digital very
accurate because I compared it to the
post offices scales and first I put in
about 4 ounces and then I ever so
slightly well 4 ounces gave me about 20
20 psi on the low side while running
so then after running down it should be
about 30 while running on the low side
and so put in so I just slowly added
tiny tiny bits which was about a half
ounce more
to bring it up to almost 30 and since
it’s been running for an hour no problem
I think it’s about time to to disconnect
the gauges and everything and I’m gonna
close off can tap
I’m also polar I’m also going to install
a digital thermostat real cool because a
thermostats I’ve replaced the 33
different thermostats and they’re just
not not shutting off and turning on at
the right time I said screw it I’m going
digital who’s 18 18 lousy bucks and
that’s what I got free all I hope you
learn a little something I’m gonna link
you guys to frosty cool and because it
operates at a lower head pressure it
actually runs more efficient so instead
of instead of drawing about 800 watts
I’ve only drawn 523
an empty system will draw less then
in a properly charged system
and I was playing around doing a little
power factor correction to power factor
was only about forty four point four I
brought it up to ninety five or a point
ninety ninety five percent or point 95
with some capacitors just playing around
and it also started so much smoother so
that is it it’s happened to close it
good night everybody I’ll link it to the
frosty cool and I’ll link it to what
else well I linked it to oh yeah how
about a line tap a side tap for tapping
into a system that doesn’t have a
service port and let’s see what else why
I like you guys too well conversion
chart and I’ll link you guys to a
digital thermostat guys are interested
fuck you later