so hello people let’s even get these
Bank in view ah beautiful there you go so hello people my name is Glenn and today
well I have these two German banknotes the first one needs a a deutsche mark
banknote from 1977 well the actual date is not the day of issue it’s actually
the date that it was first printed if you have a look 10 – marks which is
equivalent to about 10 Australian dollars you can actually exchange these
at at the same D German Bundesbank still see Deutsche Bundesbank that’s he we she
did and zine deutsche mark 10 deutsche marks and he has i portrait
now this is by Lucas Cranach the elder we lived in between 1472 in 1553 in
german banknotes generally have the portrait she’s Eva of a painting or an
engraving and this is actually an oil color and the painting is actually
called a younger man now they’re not too sure who this person actually is but it
could be Elbe doer who was also another painter
engraver and theorist and your watermark is also at the same person but well Bank
nineties uncirculated in very good condition that’s why I’m wearing gloves
I should concede a serial number he’s pretty thin red pretty generic
nothing really worried to worry about it’s a security Fred and hmm if we look
on the other side he has a ship he has the coat of arms of Germany Deutsche
Bundesbank and it has the ship and this is
whoa whoa and it’s a shipping the German Navy was produced in 1958 now because
I’m not really interested in sailing ships I didn’t worry about reading the
article on it in Wikipedia but if you want to read it that is great so if you
have a close-up of the actual ship beautiful not bad it’s actually quite a
good image for a banknote as you can see has a lot of security features around
here the wavy lines are a security feature because at this time computer
printing did not really take off and would have been pretty hard to actually
for just a normal person to actually try and copy this but the counterfeiters
probably would have been quite easily so it’s actually quite a small banknote and
as you can see has a coffee lettering and I’d just never thought the lettering
and the Arabic no no go inside this one rentenmark which is installed I issued
before 1949 before they issued the deutsche mark so this was issued in 1937
and during World War two when Jeremy actually drew the coins of
one two and five the Reichsmark from circulation these would have been the
only banknotes in circulation so there is a two and a five and if is a bit
different I’ll show you later but the one and two rentenmark
would have been the only one and to rentenmark or rush marks in circulation
because I didn’t actually issue I wanted to rush McKnight and he has the wheat
Bale or whatever of the Renton bank and when they changed over from their
paper mark which is about and they change it for about 1 1 trillion to one
rentenmark the renter mark was the actual banknote that was guaranteed in
this case of fingers guaranteed by land allotments if someone could clear that
up for me that would be great could be being backed by gold but as you can see
it’s pretty generic banknote nothing really to celebrate nd we probably
indicator was backed by um areas of land German use the watermark as you can see
looks like stars squares and circles and it has nice security cred which is
pretty normal for period back then so a 10 – mark a one Linton MA and they’re
the only bank notes I have of Germany to show you today so I like to thank you
very much for watching and if you want to buy any German banknotes I’ll leave a
link down below so you can just browse through eBay as a base not that not that
dangerous I actually got these banknotes I hear you BAE so thank you very much
have a awesome banknote collecting time people