The sexless society
Gender is perceived
to be something socially constructed.
This means that boys
become boys because we socialize them
to be just that, and the same goes for girls.
Because this is considered to be a question of socialisation
has put our youngest children in focus.
We are now
outside the pre-school Egalia.
They have stopped using pronouns
like ‘he’ or ‘she’.
I can really state that we who work here
are only thinking children.
We never mention boys or girls.
Or put such expectation on the kids.
That is very comfortable.
Sometimes I get the question of how many boys or girls
we have here, but I have no idea.
We are not interested in that distinction.
What room is this?
Imagination room.
What do you mean with counteract
gender roles?
To raise awareness of the educators.
We don’t target the kids, but those that work with the kids.
That they will not interfere
and encourage old stereotypical gender roles.
Just because of old habits.
We need to be conscious of what we say and do.
We have expectations.
If you say that you are going to the doctor, I will think that it is a ‘he’.
We will refer to the doctor as a ‘he’.
Or if we need to call the police:
We could say that ‘he’ will be here soon.
We are so used to this, so we don’t even think about it.
We need to make ourselves conscious about it.
To create new expectations.
To not limit the children.
So they can develop without limits.
If we look at it critically,
Sara Skyttedal said
during the election against Gustav Fridolin,
that this is gender nonsense.
This is an attack against boys rather then
liberating women’s opportunities.
Same with Dr. Eberhard who wote an article
claiming that you are trying to
make girls out of boys.
Do you have any response to that criticism?
We are working with the social and cultural gender.
We don’t touch the biological gender.
We don’t try to change that.
We don’t make any surgery here.
It’s just cultural and social.
If you look at it historically, gender roles always changes.
It’s part of the develepment of life.
We have never
wanted to
change someones gender.
We don’t limit anyones gender.
We have never seen
that any of our kids have been unsure
of what they are.
Unless they have had the expectation of being a girl,
but felt as a boy.
Have you had any of those here?
Yes. I have seen many of those.
I worked many years and we have always had that.
Kids that are not sure.
How have you handled that as a teacher?
I have always
tried to put the kids needs first.
Except with parents or the
societal expectations.
I know that you will get a better self esteem,
if you are alowed to be whole as a person.
If you try to change what
we feel that we are,
then we will loose our self esteem.
That will lead to sickness
and other troubles.
A classic stereotypical
picture is that
boys dresses up as princessess.
How dose that work at your pre-school?
That is so stereotypical.
To even think like that. We get that question often.
“Can boys have dresses here?”
Of course they can, just like girls can have dresses.
We can also observe history.
It was not that long ago when
women weren’t allowed to wear pants.
That would be ridiculous today.
It wasn’t a long time ago.
100 years ago, women couldnt wear pants.
We need to understand the context,
and relate it to
what it really is.
But I think that our critics confuse biology with culture.
That’s why they get scared and aggressive,
and critical to our work.
We think that those that really wins on our work
is the boys.
We don’t do anything with the sex you are born with,
the sexuality you have.
We only work with the expectations of being human.
We got different expectations
and prejudice
not only against gender but also against
etnicity. We are very fast to judge people.
Those are gypsies, they are like that.
And those are laplanders, they work like that.
Poor people feel like that, and so forth.
We think we know, even if we don’t.
We put expectation on people that they don’t want.
We don’t want that either.
That is what we work with.
We just open up for people to do more things
in different contexts
Sometimes I’m a strong person, and sometimes small, scared and weak.
I want to be able to be both.
And I think that goes for you as well.
you could sum it up with the fact that you
want to eliminate cultural expectations.
To open up for a wider
living space.
We got some books
with familys that have different
partners, different family constellation.
We got books with kids
That likes different things
like boys that plays with barbies.
Or boys that likes dresses.
Books about the family, how to create a family in different ways.
The family book – How you get children,
in different ways.
There are many ways to get a family.
There could be an egg and a sperm.
That’s one way to get a family.
There are also other ways to get babies.
With help from the hospital.
It is like a fact book.
It is not fiction.
We are part of the educational system, and we are very proud of that.
That’s unique in the World.
Because we see,
I used to work within the school and then I returned to the pre-school
because it is with the youngest kids
you can do the most.
The first 6 years are of utterly importance
that lays the foundation of what kind of human being you will be.
When do you start with the kids here? At one year.
So you start from year one. Up to six years?
Yes, or when they start school.
Five sometimes, five or six.
Yea, what can one say?
There were some things that were a bit strange.
What I think stood out most was the children’s books.
But it is hard for me to say how this will affect the children.
What I can say is that the children I saw
playing around seemed to have fun.
We are now heading to Uppsala University
to meet a docent that have
researched on the kids from Egalia pre-school.
We are now heading to Uppsala University
to meet docent Fawcett.
She have researched the children from the pre-school Egalia.
She concluded
that the kids are less prejudice then
the kids from the control group, a pre-school
that didn’t have this gender education.
It will be intersting to hear what she has to say
about the research.
Not everyone within the research community agrees with Fawcett.
David Eberhard is a psychiatrists.
He has made himself a name within the debate of gender implementation.
He has just released his new book
The big sex experiment
Which is about how children are affected in this society.
This research that
says you have less prejudice
about who gets to play with whom
Gender stereotyped toys and stuff like that.
This is
This means that we are affected by our environment
and no one has said that we are not affected by our environment
It would be extremely strange if Egalia did not affect the children
Then whether it is good or bad.
Is it good to cheer on Malmö?
Or is it good to cheer on Djurgarden?
It is an ideological question
It is not a matter of what is right or wrong
This is what I mean by this type of study.
Obviously, someone who is forced
to play with the opposite sex throughout their upbringing in the pre-school
will find it more natural
to play with the opposite sex
Is it good or bad?
It might be good.
But it may be so
that it doesn’t matter.
What does it matter?
Or maybe it’s bad.
We don’t know.
Maybe the kids, the boys,
don’t feel so good about this.
If we look at it
how it goes for boys
in school.
It is possible that it has to do with boys
always underperforming girls in school.
Or maybe they don’t like this.
But the adult world requires it.
And then you feel worse.
So it is not easy to answer such a question.
By just claiming that they choose less gender stereotype.
Of course they do.
If you
indoctrinates that people should like
some clothing, then they will dress in that garment.
We are not vacuum.
We are not robots.
We are influenced by our surroundings.
The question is for whose sake are you doing this?
Do they do it for the sake of the children or do they do it for their own sake?
I claim that they do it for their own sake.
Many of the gender theorists have the opinion
that we
become insocialized to our gender roles.
That gender role is that boys should play with boys,
and girls should play with girls.
It is a socialization that takes place from the family.
It is an incredibly strange thought.
Most families consist of a woman and a man.
Playing with each other.
It’s incredible to imagine
that the man and woman would socialize
that it is better that boys play with boys and that girls play with girls.
I don’t believe in that at all.
Everything speaks to it rather
is not a problem with who you want to play with.
Boy or girl doesn’t matter.
It is the boys themselves who choose to play with boys.
And it is the girls themselves who choose to play with girls.
I don’t see that being a problem.
What is free about being indoctrinated the other way?
Whatever we do, we are always part of a cultural context.
If the cultural context is that boys play with boys.
It is pervasive in all cultures,
including Egalia.
It is because of biology.
Is that more problematic
that we have a cultural context that forces boys to play with girls.
You should be able to play with whomever you want.
Do you want to play with boys, play with boys, or if you want to play with girls.
We certainly all agree when it comes to that.
The problem is I don’t like brainwashing.
I don’t like ideologically driven
perceptions of the adult world that should be forced on the children.
It goes without saying that we all force something on our children.
We all do.
But if you want to eliminate cultural influence, ignore the ideology.
Let children be children.
And then we see what happens.
If I would let my 8 kids attend a gender neutral pre-school,
Now it is that all preschools have some kind of
gender neutral policy.
Personally, I think it is not problematic that boys are boys.
I think it is problematic that you think it is problematic.
Something that both Eberhard and Fawcett pointed out was that
all preschools today have more or less a gender perspective to the children.
And it may sound good on the surface that children are individuals
who should not be limited by cultural expectations
– where a girl or boy’s choice in life should not be decided
by traditional gender patterns.
Such as; when a girl wants to become an
mechanic in that regard, she can first meet a silent resistance from society,
where she has to go against the expected norm of what a girl wants to work with,
and then if she goes through that barrier
she must also overcome the masculine jargon
that exists within the incredibly male-dominated professional role.
A jargon that can be scary for a young girl to enter,
if she does not feel strong support from the community.
But it certainly does not seem to stay there –
rather it seems that it is precisely the norm-breaking that is in focus.
Making boys comfortable with feminization.
We will now meet a psychologist
who works with just young children and their parents.
My name is Harald Stare.
I am a psychologist in children and maternal health care.
My job is to meet future parents,
and parents
and their children.
What is the recurring problem when you work with kids in the society today?
The most common
problem between parents and children is where to draw the line.
What does that line mean?
It’s about norms.
What norms should the children live by, what is okay to do and not to do.
And the conflicts that arise when you set a limit on what is okay.
When talking about norms, does that also include traditional gender norms?
Yes, to a certain extent, I can see a trend in that regard.
What do we see there?
In general
there is a difference between boys and girls.
Often boys have more active
behaviors where they move across larger areas.
They are faster to violence.
Boys more often fall into what can be called “problem behavior”.
So energetic and conflict prone.
Yes, something like that.
How are these boys being treated by the society?
One big problem I see is that
many initiatives that boys take
to active play, maybe wrestling,
jumping, throwing things and so on.
These positive things are not encouraged.
I usually give this some focus.
Before a conflict arises, and before it becomes violent.
It is before that that one should work the most.
Then it is about seeing this boy who is very active
which initially takes very positive initiatives.
You have to encourage this wrestling, and energy emissions.
To test these limits before it becomes
problematic situations that many adults find difficult to deal with.
What can preschool staff think about to not problematize
what can be called classic boyish behavior?
It is to satisfy the classically boyish needs.
It’s about being more physical.
To test physical boundaries.
Maybe wrestling and that kind of stuff.
Is it a healthy environment if there are a lot of toddlers
at preschool who are fighting and arguing with each other?
Yes, exactly, the difference between going over this limit
What is a fight or developing physical wrestling.
That boundary is very close.
There you need
to be with your parents very much.
You need adults who are involved and regulate where the boundaries end.
As a child, however, it develops most when testing the limits.
To be right on the border and see when the child steps over.
So the adult can adjust the behaviour when crossed.
You need to know the limit to stay within the limit.
You as an adult needs to be present to show the boundaries.
When we were at preschool talking to the staff
One thing the staff pointed out
was that the boys were fighting much less at Egalia than at other preschools.
Isn’t that a good development, a good result?
No, I wouldn’t say that.
The only thing I see from my perspective is
that the boys do not learn conflict management.
To take conflicts and learn how to deal with them.
Learning how to de-escalate a conflict when things have gone too far.
So you can say that calm now at preschool Egalia
will risk
poor conflict management in the future for these boys?
I think so.
At the beginning of a child’s development,
many emotions have physical expressions.
You live out your anger
with your body.
You live out all your emotions more with your body.
Part of having control over their emotions
to learn to regulate them
is to get help physically.
You are a little physical when you are angry.
You can set boundaries with your body.
You learn how hard you can be.
you cry now, so you don’t have to cry later.
Exactly, you could say that.
when it comes to preschools that do not use
gender norms
that they do not categorize the children by boy or girl.
Here are all children,
and just address the kids by their first name.
Otherwise, they are just called children.
Boys and girls are different.
They are perhaps most the same when they are children.
If you compare with later.
But the difference will be bigger and bigger.
I argue that it is good to have some control over what it means to be a boy or girl.
At an early age.
So you know what to expect.
This is how it looks at Sweden’s preschools in a broad sense.
All preschools in Sweden are required by law to work against
“traditional gender stereotypes and traditional gender norms.”
The Egalia preschool is at the forefront and shows the way
to what we can expect in the everyday
municipal preschool, in the near future.
The preschool has also become part of the education system,
and as Lotta Rajalin pointed out, she is also the principal.
The reform to school has been made to achieve a result
and if the result fails,
the feminists will go even harder
and maybe even make preschool part of the school duty
to achieve their desired result to counter
the traditional gender norms,
and this is the basic problem –
because there is no goal to reach,
there is no measurable final destination.
There is only escalation to achieve even more equality.
Men and women are different,
and we will make different choices here in life.
We will never experience gender equality in their opinion
where one will measure the outcome of how many men and women work in different fields,
unless we as a society
start to apply a tyrannical coercion
to what the gender composition looks like in the workplace.
And it will happen with a lot of suffering when people
are forced into workplaces they don’t really want to be at.
And then the question is
if it will stay there,
why not take social, cultural
and ethnic “equality” into consideration as well?
The preschool today intends to socialize this outcome.
And A school duty would be easy to introduce
as an extension of the fact that preschool has already become part of the education system.
And as of last fall, the last year of preschool is also mandatory.
But it is not primary education that they are engaged in,
Education is fact-oriented
and not oriented towards norm-breaking and norm-making.
and as Principal Lotta Rajalin pointed out why she chose
to go back to preschool is because:
“It is with the youngest that one can do the most with.”
It is not education intended –
it is the creation of the new citizen .
It is therefore about influence and not education.
The state must ensure that
the right values ​​and how one perceives one’s surroundings
are given to the children through the preschool,
because they do not trust that the right values ​​
can be ensured in their own home. That the Swedish families share the importance
of breaking the traditional norms
One of the more important parts of this exaggerated feminization
is to unmasculinate the man, at a very early age.
This is not only a problem in Sweden,
but it has been a common development throughout the West,
and one person who has taken the fight against this
with great success is the psychology professor
Jordan B. Peterson from Canada.
He has written the global best-seller:
12 life rules,
which is partly about reviving a traditional masculine trait
with responsibility for both himself and others.
And in Sweden, this counter-reaction is instead represented
by the attack on the masculine by my good friend Marcus Follin
with whom I train on a regular basis.
Follin runs a successful YouTube channel
and has nearly 100,000 followers.
It is training and lifestyle with a focus on a lost masculinity in a feminized society.
We should hear from him why he thinks he has had such a big impact among young men:
How come so many young men are following you?
First and foremost, it’s all about training.
My channel was first focused on strength training.
There was some martial arts and sports in general.
But focus on strength and physique.
Young men are interested in such things.
Masculine things like violence and strength.
Violence as in martial arts.
Since then, it has become more philosophy.
A little more politics, current topics and more.
Trying to cover quite broadly
I try to give young men positive guidance.
Get them to do things, exercise and eat well.
But also guidance on not doing other things.
Like watching porn, smoking, drinking and drugs.
There is a lifestyle focus in what you do?
What I call the glorious pill
This means that you start your journey.
You might be a 17 year old guy
discovering my channel
who take the glorious pill
It might mean that he starts reading and taking care of himself.
Studying harder in school.
Avoid much else.
Bad things that society offers.
It can be anything from drugs to
being weak.
Classical values in a modern world.
Do you see a vacuum in everyday society?
That men can’t get an outlet for this in everyday life?
Yes, especially in Sweden.
It is found in other countries, especially in Eastern Europe
There they still have a different culture
but in the West, things are pretty feminized.
There are not so many male role models.
Talking about classic timeless masculine values.
Like taking responsibility
Take care of yourself and take care of others.
There is a vacuum in the community, especially for young guys.
It is a sacred duty
to give them guidance.
What they get from school is that they should be kind and soft.
It’s not wrong to be nice and soft, but
one must also be able to be strong to be kind.
Otherwise, you are only submissive.
Why do we see a feminization of young men in Sweden today?
On the one hand, popular culture and school.
Now it’s been 10 years since I went to high school.
It was pretty bad then,
it is worse now with the feminization process.
Traditional masculine values have been demonized for quite some time.
Ever since the cultural marxist’s long march through the institutions.
40-50 years.
What is the danger of unmaskulizing young men?
One consequence
there will be a gap
between men and women.
Evolutionarily, women have
been created to find men attractive
with masculine values.
Unless these men exist because they have been feminized
then women will not be attracted to them.
It will create broken families.
Poor growing up for children.
That is why we need good men, good women and good families.
The family is what builds a nation and civilization.
That’s why it doesn’t just work with moms to take care of everything.
Fathers must exist, and they have a place in the nation
and the family that cannot be replaced
either moms or a feminized man.
In Denmark, you call a shovel a shovel, but here
we have let the extreme
we have let the extreme groups, the left
who have built up the media.
It got crazier and crazier.
A lost masculinity, of course, affects not only men
but also the relationship and interaction between the sexes.
Lennart Matikainen is a relationship coach and old TV4 profile.
And is there anyone who can explain how this gender confusion affects us, it is he.
I generally believe that when it comes to children,
they should accept that they are born as boys and girls.
But at the same time also teach the children about
the uniqueness of the sex.
And how to build bridges between the sexes.
Finding their development opportunities.
For now they try to make guys into girls.
It’s bad to be a boy.
When I listened to conversations at playgrounds in Stockholm
then I hear how moms
very often tell their boys
not to take that much space.
To make room for the sister.
Already there, they begin to push down.
We must show that we are
equal and equal to human beings.
But we must also accept the gender and the strength
in maintaining their gender identity.
What is the effect of a society that tries to educate boys as girls?
It will be a development
I know that girls as they get older
also want this masculine man who court them.
Men that can make them feel safe.
Where he is also a patron.
We have it in us historically.
The woman does not have the physical capacity,
unless she goes to a lot of self-defense courses.
The effect will be
that the women will seek themselves away from those men.
They have believed that it will be perfect when we become the same.
It doesn’t work that way, our differences attracts.
Then we can create synergy
and there give a development, but we destroy the development potential.
That you have learned
about the white man.
The white man becomes very negative with feminists
That he is less worth and dangerous,
and must be pressed down.
But what is in addition to the white man?
Then you have to look for something else, but what?
They get lost in what to look for.
What a relationship should be about.
A path that will make you alone.
Why did we end up on this road?
With a feminized policy that is to permeate the whole of society.
It is extreme forces from the left that have been given control of the media.
Decide what should be seen and heard.
In its tracks, it has become a madman effect.
Distorted images of everything are created.
There is no common sense.
We should all be the same.
This has been going on for a very long time.
We do not allow the unique human development.
Controlling insecure people is very easy.
They are shaped into strange models.
If you get lost, you are easily controlled.
Therefore, they distort people.
They create useful idiots.
Officially from the preschool Egalia, they say they work with individuals
and the only thing they want to do is remove cultural barriers.
Thus, the social expectation of how a girl or boy should behave.
It should be up to the individual how it should behave.
It sounds pretty reasonable, but why is the outcome like this?
I think they only go halfway.
Of course we should be unique individuals.
But still, we are not learning to become strong individuals.
But we are getting soft because we lack framework.
It is external learning, I get grades if I answer correctly.
There will be uncertainty
when I get to be a unique individual
and I have heard from many from the school
that I should do things my way.
If it is an issue
then I try to describe it from my experience.
But I have been misunderstood when I present this.
So you get double messages all the time.
You are free to develop, only you do it this way.
You can say what you want, only you say what I think.
It is the double signals that you get.
There is no freedom.
The preschool Egalia has removed the traditional children’s books
and replaced them with new books.
With titles like Kalle with the dress,
and then the Family Book that goes through
various family constellations of gay families.
Which also goes into sexual education.
with illustrations.
Visualizes intercourse.
It’s totally insane.
This is nothing we should implement in children.
The first four years are the most sensitive to learning.
These pictures are not suitable for children.
It’s purely pornographic.
They’ll take this in later.
After they become more mature.
Then you can talk about it.
A school must generally show a smorgasbord of
so they can develop their self-esteem,
and their own ability to think.
This is a total brainwashing
of toddlers.
I think this is terrible.
I have many parents who have said that they can no longer keep their children there.
For my child comes home with ideas that we have not given them.
It is totally foreign to us.
Parents need to be brave and revolt against things like this.
For children should not be indoctrinated into these strange ideas.
Like blurring out their own sex,
already as a four year old.
Such things must not happen.
When we see such sexless pre-schools as Egalia.
Is this the reason the relationship between the sexes does not sync with each other?
Yes, definitely.
This is the most dangerous experiment you can do.
Children are most receptive for the first four years.
What you put in there will determine how they behave in the future.
They destroy the ability for the children to create their own identity.
Equalizing everyone removes the opportunity to create synergy.
It destroys the development between couples.
We will in the end only get a mud pool.
What is the relationship between the man and the woman if you look into the future, say 10 years
I really hope
that we can see through this twisted feminist gender
swamp pedagogy.
I still want to believe that the majority of the Swedish people
think it’s crap.
But people can also be fooled because these voices are so strong.
Media publishes it, and they talk so much about it.
And they also implement it in school.
But I still think people are starting to get a little tired and angry at this.
It’s like blowing up a balloon,
The rubber cover is what is visible
but people’s will and longing will blow that up.
I really think that in 10 years
we have forgotten the crazy feminists.
And realized that we want to live our relationships to be happy.
Indoctrinating our preschoolers into the belief that everyone is equal
and that only cultural and social expectations stand in the way
of female liberation
are at the expense of taking into account the biological differences
that exist between the sexes.
The biological differences mean that different life choices come with different consequences.
The attraction of men and women to each other differs on a fundamental level,
with different aspects that create a common consensus.
A woman who chooses to pursue a career in her youth,
through a university degree and then succeeds in her chosen field,
will, like the man, become successful.
The hard work will pay off.
Obtain status.
Good economy,
and able to provide material wealth.
As they then get older and it’s time to start thinking about family.
Then the man and the woman have different conditions.
Women are attracted to men who have succeeded,
and who can clearly show
that he has the conditions necessary to take care of a family.
Men are instead attracted to other things,
and are not as attracted to the status or assets of women.
He is attracted by attributes that signal fertility
as he looks for a partner to form a family with.
Youth and beauty are more important elements than material values.
The result of their life choices
is that the man has become more attractive
and has better conditions for forming a family.
As the woman nears the end of her biological window,
and her choice to focus on career has also not
helped to increase her attractiveness
to a man choosing her as wife and mother for his future child.
We will meet someone who has left the feminism.
To hear how this environment, which she describes as a sect
where gender differences are denied,
has affected her and many others within the feminist movement.
How come you became a feminist?
My older sister came home
and introduced the idea that women
have it worse and men are better off because they are men.
Historically, women have been worse off, and that is bad.
I really thought men and women were just a social construct.
I read all the books, Judith Butler, Gender trouble, there is no gender.
Everyone is born completely neutral.
But society pushes guys to become one way and women in another way.
Equality is good, but we have already achieved that.
As a woman in Sweden you can study whatever you want.
You can work wherever you want, you can stay wherever you want.
It is equality and we can have that.
Swedish women have always been strong.
But feminism goes way too far.
It’s an extreme version of equality,
which is just completely irrational, and dangerous.
If you were to give any advice to the younger generation of women
who are heading into feminism, what would you say to them?
It must be really hard to be young today, because this feminism is so pronounced.
But I would recommend getting a long-term relationship and how to do it.
Have children before you turn 25.
You can always study later.
You can study at university until you are 55.
There is no rush.
But, it is urgent to have children.
Many of my friends could not have children later when they tried.
Infertility is very common.
It is a great sadness and bitterness.
You can never reverse it.
If you want children, get it now.
It is not negative, it is positive to have children.
They claim that if you have children, your life is over.
It is not so, it is the opposite.
It is an incredible happiness.
Don’t miss it.
Don’t let propaganda stop you from raising a family.
A society that indoctrinates its citizens
based on wishful thinking
will have its consequences.
We are given answers to how
we as citizens should live our lives
and how we should relate to each other, and if this is taken too far,
many human fates are at risk of ending in individual tragedies.
Having done this documentary where we let
different sides talk about
the practical execution and
about its social effects,
I can only state that a
certain critical attitude is preferred.
These children
will grow up and carry the community on to their children,
and what we say to them and what we teach them
will matter.
So, in conclusion, I just want to encourage parents
to take into account what has been discussed in the program.
To take an active part in the lives of your children
even when you leave them for the day to preschool or school,
that you take responsibility for the environment in which your children are forced to be.
And dare to talk to your children’s preschool educators and teachers,
because it is ultimately your children and their well-being.
Thanks from us from Palaestra media,
we will see you in the next documentary.