Hello my name is SmallKiwi and this is how
you play Disruptor. Disruptor is an intelligence based ranged
nuker and support. His Q is a single target AOE nuke DOT, his W, a single target CC that
teleports enemies back in time, His E is an aoe immobilizing fence, and his Ultimate is
a silencing AOE DOT. When laning, Disruptor is best paired with
a carry or strong nuker as this will make the most of his skills. Disruptor should make
use of his strong Q to harass and use both his E and W to setup easy kills for his allies.
His E requires just over a second to set up, so using it effectively means you must predict
where opponents will run. Remember that both his E and W can be used defensively if you
or a teammate is in a dangerous situation. Also remember when laning that you are a support
and must avoid taking kills from your team’s carry if at all possible. Disruptors Ultimate can be powerful if used
on more than one opponent trapped within the fence. Try to combo the ultimate as soon as
E has been cast and directly over top of the location to maximize damage. His Q can be
cast to further increase the damage dealt on multiple opponents. Skilled disruptor players can combo the long
range on W to bring enemies back to the fight and then trap them, making him an excellent
partner for the team’s carry. For skills, maximize your Q first, and put
a point in E at level 2 and a point in W at level 4. Pick up the recommended items to
start, including the courier unless a teammate is buying it. The core of your build will
be Arcane Boots and a Mekanism. Consider either a Force Staff or a Veil of Discord later in
the game, and if you’re rich enough you could buy a bloodstone lategame.