Hi, my name is Smallkiwi, and this is how
you play Phantom Assassin, or PA for short. PA is an agility based melee carry that has
great mobility and excels at ganking with massive burst damage potential. Her Stifling
Dagger is a single-target slow. Phantom Strike is
a teleport that grants bonus attack speed. Blur is a passive evade chance. And her Ultimate,
Coup de Grace, is a passive critical chance. PA should be played in safe lane, thats top
if you�re on Dire and bottom for Radiant andb should pair with a ranged support that
can control the lane and help you farm. Early game, you can use Stifling dagger to last
hit creeps or for extra harass on lane opponents. Remember that the mana cost on dagger reduces
as you level it, so use it sparingly until you have 2 or 3 points invested. PA is a hero that relies on chance, a single
coup de grace can make the difference between a succesful gank or your death, especially
early game. If you choose to gank, try to save Phantom Strike for a quick getaw ay,
incase you run out of luck. A better option in most cases is to focus on farming gold
and levels since PA can snowball out of control if left unchecked. Take advantage of Phantom
Strike to move around quickly when farming. Also note that blur will remove PA from the
enemy�s minimap when she is near enemy heroes, and If you notice that her blur effect has
activated, that means their are nearby enemies, so use it as an early warning alarm and get
to safety. Late game PA can be devastating to an entire
team – use Stifling Dagger to slow fleeing opponents and remember to use Phantom Strike
every time it comes off cooldown to maximize her attack speed. When leveling Phantom Assassin, put one point
into Phantom Strike at level 2, one point into Blur at level 4, and prioritize Coup
De Grace>Stifling Dagger>Phantom Strike>Blur, however, if the enemy team is stacked
with auto attackers then consider prioritizing blur over phantom strike. For Items start
out with 3 branches, atango, a salve and a Stout Shield. Get boots, a poor mans shield
and a wand if you�re able to stay in lane and farm easily, then focus on getting a battle
fury as soon as possible. Next build phase boots, and a BKB, then consider a helm of
the dominator, satanic, abyssal blade, MKB or an assault cuirass. Thanks for watching this quick guide for DotA
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