Hey Guys, this is Blinks, And Here’s how
you play Riki Riki is an agility-based melee ganker. His
Q is an AoE Silencing Smoke that causes enemies to miss. His W is a blink that does damage
to a target enemy. His E is a passive that gives him bonus damage when attacking enemies
from behind, and his Ultimate is a passive that grants him permanent invisibility when
not attacking. Riki can be an incredibly effective ganker,
but is largely useless prior to level 6. Do not gank prior to level 6, and focus on farming
your wand and power treads. Once you hit 6, start heading to different lanes to help your
teammates with ganks. Your goal is to get your diffusal blade as fast as possible, as
it will make your ganks incredibly powerful. Once you have your diffusal blade, don’t
forget to use its purge ability when ganking, its movement speed reduction is very powerful
and can allow you to get an extra 4-5 hits in on a fleeing enemy, usually allowing you
to kill them. You can also use purge yourself if you are dusted to remove the dust and allow
you to stealth without the enemy seeing you. Unless you are incredibly fed, do not initiate
teamfights, try to stay out of the main action, and focus on picking off enemy supports rather
than going toe-to-toe with the enemy carry. If you ever get in trouble, remember that
you can use your blink to blink to friendly units or heroes to get away from enemies,
and that your smoke is an excellent way to disable an auto-attacker as it will cause
them to miss 80% of the time. When leveling Ricki, Put one point into each
skill, and then Prioritize R>W>E>Q. As far as items go, grab the starting items
and then get a wand, poor mans shield, treads, and a diffusal blade. If you get a first blood
or an early kill, skip the poor-mans shield. End game, a manta style is a very strong item
because your illusions get your passive backstab bonus. Other options include BKB, Deadalus,
Butterfly, Abyssal Blade, and Heart. As always, click the link in the description if you want
to use this guide in-game.