My name is Maria and in this video, I want
to show you how you can earn at least 5 dollars
every 3-4 minutes of your time.
Moreover, you will learn how to do it throughout
the entire day without registration and any
We are going to make money using a bug I accidentally
discovered at an online store btcgamenetwork.com
. Nobody except me has found it yet.
Look at the 2012 presentation yourself.
At the 53-second time mark, the developer
demonstrates the payment process on his website.
Take a closer look at his promo code.
It says “btcgamenetwork 2012”, and it gives
him a 30% discount.
Now, let us visit this “btcgamenetwork.com”
website and take a look at three popular games.
As you can see, the discount is only 10%.
By clicking on one of these games, we will
get a message that the “btcgamenetwork 2019”
code is applied.
Now, pay attention to the address bar of my
web-browser: it has the same discount code.
However, what is going to happen if we swap
“btcgamenetwork 2019” to “btcgamenetwork 2012”
(i.e. enter the code from the presentation)?
Let us type it in the address bar and press
Yes, you have guessed it right.
The website’s administrators forgot to remove
this btcgamenetwork2012 discount code!
Using it, we are able to buy a game for about
34 dollars.
Nevertheless, you are watching this video
because you want to make some money.
As some of you might have already noticed,
the website not only sells videogames but
also buys keys for real money.
So, we just bought the “Rage 2” game for about
42 dollars.
Now we are going to sell it right here for
about 48 dollars.
Experienced users can close this video right
now and start earning money.
However, I recommend novice people to keep
on watching.
I am going to show the whole payment process,
as well as money withdrawal to my wallet.
You can transfer your profits to your Bitcoin
Let us get down to business!
After applying the “btcgamenetwork 2012”
discount code, we can enter our e-mail address
here and click “Next”.
Open your Bitcoin wallet where you have 43
dollars to buy the game.
If you have never used this payment system
before, do not worry: you can easily create
a new wallet within a minute.
No telephone number required!
As for account replenishment and Bitcoin purchasing,
you can find all the needed information on
the internet.
I will leave a couple of links in the description
for you: read them to learn all you need to
know about buying Bitcoins.
However, let us get back to the game purchasing.
If you have 43 dollars on your Bitcoin wallet,
go to the “Send” tab.
On this page, enter the wallet address received
from the “btcgamenetwork.com” website.
Enter the games cost in the “including transaction
fees” tab to send the exact amount.
Finally, click the “Send” button to complete
the transaction.
After sending the money, return to the “btcgamenetwork.com”
website and wait until the transaction is
As soon as it happens, you will get a game
We have got it!
Now, check the history of the latest sales
and purchases at the website.
It says that I bought the game.
However, as you can see, the website claims
that the price was 60 dollars, not 42.
Therefore, administrators should not notice
this mistake in the near future.
They will not cancel the discount any soon
— do not even worry about it.
Now, let me show you how you can sell it.
Enter the received key and click the “Check”
The website says that this activation key
belongs to the “RAGE 2” game and you can
sell it for 48 dollars.
Enter your bitcoin receiving address, so the
service will automatically send you 48 dollars.
As soon as the system detects your bitcoin
address, click the “Sell” button.
“btcgamenetwork.com” makes instant payments,
so let us check our Bitcoin wallet right now.
So, taking all the fees into consideration,
we made about 5 dollars in a matter of several
Before finishing this video, I want to tell
you something.
I highly recommend you to use a new Bitcoin
address each time you buy and sell a game.
The more careful you are, the more chances
that we will be able to use this 30% discount
code in the future.
That is all I wanted to say!
Good luck and goodbye.