I received 1 etherium but there is a fee so we just got 0.98 etherium.
But it’s okay, as this application is free
and of no charge.
Do you want to earn some money online?
If yes, click on the subscribe button and click on the bell as well so you will be notified
of videos that we can earn money.
Hello I am going to share to you today how to earn money using a cellphone and taking pictures
So I will be sharing this app and it’s called
So theres an app for this one on Android
as well as for IOS
If you can see here we have 2662 points total
and you can market it.
Every point you make uploading pictures or
bookmark you can earn shotcoins and you can
convert into etherium,
paypal starbucks gift card and whatsoever.
There you can see that in Market.
And in Market, there is 1 etherium and you
can get it in you reach 2400 shot coins.
Here on starbucks giftcard you can get it
360 starbucks giftcard , There’s also 650
amazon gift card and paypal $100 and $250
to my paypal.
So you can use etherium or paypal cuz we want
it in cash right?
And there is google play and appstore.
Shoparound there’s epic bbq and wine that
you can buy.
We can earn shotpoints if we upload pictures
and we upvote of pictures of others.
You have to edit first your profile and send
to your profile and from then you can start.
Number 1 tip is to always open your location services.
So what we’re gonna do here in the middle
there’s a camera.
Okay for example like this….
So it automatically started because every
3 seconds it automatically starts but you
can cancel it of course.
So here you just put upvote, and bookmark
Okay, then post.
There so everytime they upvote you and bookmark
you, you will be given shopcoins.
I’m just still at Level 3 and every level that you go up they will give you shotcoins.
So ways of earnings here is to upload pictures, so you have to vote the pictures of others and you bookmark
then when you post your upvotes and comments and bookmarks you will get points.
So here are your friends, and you can accept them all, if you know them or if you’re super friendly
So here at the heart there you can see the notification if who are the ones who are leveling up in your referrals.
There this is how you upvote and bookmark the pictures of others…
So you click on one of the pictures and wait for it to load
Okay, you just have to click here and here…
There…. you will have points now. Upvote, bookmark, upvote bookmark. There just do it repeatedly.
And here will go your My Performance Today.
Here all of your activity to their application. For example, upvotes you get they are the votes that you
get when people upvotes you or the ones looking at your pictures.
Downvotes, it’s like dislike, bookmarks the ones who bookmark you, your votes, upvotes, there.
Your votes are the ones that your the one who voted.
Shots you commented, there, everytime you comment the pictures of others,
they will give you coins and to others miscellaneous
Okay…. So here’s how you do it.
Just upload and upload, then upvote and upvote and bookmark and bookmark,
you will get shopcoins for every level up in your account
I gain 2662 coins, there, let’s try to see if we can receive payouts coming from them.
So here will click Market….
So there’s one etherium, you will get that, 2400 and now I have 2600, and paypal, 1500 or 3200
So I want to try 1 etherium so that it can go directly to my coins.ph right?
Okay, let’s click it, your etherium wallet
And there, we got the SMS code that came from Whatsaround.
So let’s put it……. so okay, done, lets try to buy
Okay, they said …. this operation cannot be done. please double check your etherium wallet.
Ok, I’m sure about this. Success! your request has been received.
So there we’ll just have to wait if it will go into our coins.ph
Now my coins has lessened to 24 because I used it to buy 1 etherium
So let’s check how much right now is 1 etherium
convert….. okay 1 etherium is converted as 9948.86 pesos
So there, will just wait till we get it at coins.ph so we can know if whatsaround is really paying.
Hello and welcome back, and here we’ll see if there has been already a payout here in our Whatsaround application.
So we can see here that we requested 1 etherium last night
and let’s check coins.ph etherium if the withdrawal had gone through.
And there 1 etherium but there is a fee, so we got 0.98 etherium.
But it’s okay, this application is free and we don’t have any spending whatsoever.
So there it is guys, so how to earn here at whatsaround, upload and upload, just vote and vote, bookmarks and bookmarks and you just comment and comment.
Thank you all for watching, and if this video helped, give a thumbs up, and subscribe to our youtube channel, and you can share this video to help others.
Thank you and this is my review and proof of payment in our whatsaround application.
This is Aiza Mercado and have a great day.