What’s Up Welcome to my channel okey guys this time I will continue (Episode) about COINUT And I’ll tell you
how to list how And Make You Who wants
to try coinut website please register through
my refferal link because if you sign up
through refferal link it does not get any bonuses Bonus it’s pretty lo you will get 0.001 Litcoin when you do the registries using referral link it’s true I’m not lying if you do not believe
please register aja not using referral link that you guys do not get bonuses of 0.001 litecoin so you want to sign
up and get a bonus 0.001 litecoin please click the list link which I have provided
in the decryption below when you’ve clicked my referral link it automatically goes straight to the coinut website when you have entered
the coinut website that you just stay press start later when you hit start it will appear like this well, i can not press start
because i have tenlist so when you’ve hit start it’s here for his list way just enter your username
or create a username keep your input here e-mail address you make a password after you fill these three columns here you masikan
your phone number keep the phone number active continue to recapthca fill in the image here input here keep press get SMS code when you’ve got the
sms code you received in the phone number
you input here later told to enter the code that you received through the sms when you already enter
the code in the sms later you press sing up or list and then you will get an email and that email is a verification email so you guys really get the registration so also for the way
his cheat should be so you just spread it out or you share it
to your friends to your qualrga make a list you can get a bonus too so its a cheat way its like that guys so here for how to cheat it uses tuyul account or tumbal account I remind you I try to go in first I try to login first yes guys okey, here I’ve managed
to login you can see it I will go to the withdrawal
history or withdrawal history after that I will press funds and here, after I entered
the withdrawal home i will try press btc
and i will replace into LTC
(Litecoin) and here you can see it This is history of withdrawal or my withdrawal history his status has been confirmed I did the witdrawal
of 0.002 Litecoin because on this website there
is a withdrawal fee of 0.0001 Litecoin for the minimum amount of Withdrawal on the website this coinut is probably 0.002 litecoons and here the statement was in
confirmation I did withdrawal it dated 14-12-2017 I did it around 8:00 pm I received it at 12.30 it takes several hours okey, i will try withdarawal first My proof is I’m going to ViP bitcoin (Bitcoin account) in the previous bitcoin vip
account there is no notification well here you can see it already
have notification yes guys I will try to press I will try to see here you can just look the litecoin that goes into my
litecoit wallet is 0.002 litecoons well this one the entry was on 14 December this one you can see and I will love to see again on the website coinut this one I do withdrawal the 14th this too the total is the same you can just look at 0.002 Litecoin and the one I received was the same this coinut website has been proven to pay I try to do withdrawal again on coinut website whether I will receive another payment I try to refresh first I will stay withdrawal, so if you want
to do withdrawal you press this one then press fund and after entering the withdrawal page this one you change to litecoin well like this I will first msukan address litecoin me here this is my litecoin address I will check first
whether it is correct his litecoin address okay, that’s right and I will copy the amount of litecoin I have collected
or obtained from the coinut website I will paste or I input here so the above is your litcoin address and below is the number of litecoin you want and here is the cost to withdraw After that I have filled all of
it I will press submit like this, after that there
is a description like this I will try to press okay here withdrawal I have succeeded there are indeed pieces you can just see me doing withdrawal for 0.0036 litecoin and me net receipt of 0.0034 litecoin and here already there are
notifications also you can see it here I have to confirm via e-mail because on the coinut website when doing withdrawal it should confirm withdrawal you guys like this I will try to open his e-mail this is confirmation to withdraw so i just hit this one this is the process the withdrawal verification process here it is there is information that verification
withdrawal was successful i will go back to coinut okay, here still no
information like this yes please confirm via e-mail so i will try first whether later the status will change and I will continue when
I have received payment okay guys, here withdrawal status I
have been confirmed you can see it which was previously pending and should be
in verification via e-mail that I have verification and status of his
pending menjdi already in verification and i will check on bitcoin vip whether there is already verification or announce
that there is incoming digital currency
or incoming litcoins okay we wait nah here before
there is no notification vip bitcoin now there is 1 notification I will try to open and see also here you can see litecoin that I received or
received was 0.00349 litecoin this is the date of entry date
15 December 2017 now the 15th of December also so this is total withdrawal me in coinut
of 0.00349 litecoin I have received and the proof I do withdrawal diwebsite coinut here you can just look
at this top status 0.00349 litecoin and I have received okay guys so coinut
website till now still really proved to pay
and for how to play relying on referral links this one you can
read for each member we pay you 0.001 litecoin and your
raffarel also get 0.001 litecoinl so here get together 0.001 litecoin if you sign up through refferal link okay guys if you want
to try the website coinut please click the link list that I have
provided in the decryption under ya guys okay guys so many of my make
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